This will put the Spring in your step!

We have all been speculating that Ocarina of Time 3DS would be one of the earlier games released. Some sites have even gone so far as to assume it will be a launch title.

Well, we finally have word from Nintendo themselves – sort of.

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Amongst a list of 3DS software to be released in “Spring 2011” in Japan, Ocarina of Time thankfully showed up. Unfortunately, the list was no more specific than that, leading some to believe that “Spring 2011” actually means on the launch date of the handheld; this has not yet been confirmed.

It should be clarified that this list only applies to Japan. The NA/European list shows all of the same games as “TBA.”

While we already suspected that Ocarina would be one of the early releases, it is nice to receive confirmation of this fact so early, especially when you take into consideration that it was less than five months ago that we were even made aware of this remake’s existence.

Stay tuned to ZU for further updates regarding Ocarina of Time 3DS once they become available.

Source: Nintendo World Report