Ancient golden power... for your PC!

Need an extra terabyte in the form of an external hard drive and want to show off your love for old school Zelda? The crafty guys over at 8BitMemory are offering up external hard drives built within re-purposed The Legend of Zelda NES classic cartridges. The price is a mere $179.99.

But perhaps you don’t need a full terabyte? They also offer 750 gigs for $149.99 and 500 GB for $129.99.

If for some reason you’d rather not get a Zelda one, they are also are happy to custom build you a similar external hard drive in the NES or SNES cartridge of your choice. Perusing their Etsy, we found a 500 GB hard drive within A Link to the Past cartridge. We didn’t see any N64 games, but if it should tickle your fancy, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to ask them to build you an Ocarina of Time external hard drive.

Visit their Etsy shop and have a look for yourself. They also fashion these cartridges into clocks!

Source: 8BitMemory