Dun dun dun dun! "You found the Frozen Pizza!"

While we’ve seen videos in the past made to showcase just how absurd some of the traditions within the Zelda games would be in real life (breaking people’s pottery, holding items triumphantly above one’s head), it’s always nice to see another fresh look at the topic.

And now we have another, thanks to Norweigian YouTube comedy group PistolShrimps.

Perhaps you’ve seen their previous Zelda parody wherein Link makes a horrible mistake on the set of Twilight. No? Don’t worry, we’ll include that video as well. Or feel free to visit their channel to see their many fantastic parody videos. My personal (non-Zelda) favorite is “Harry Potter and the Magic of Puberty.”

Hit the jump to view the videos!

Source: PistolShrimmps (via The Daily What)
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