Who's the Old Man now?!

What would Link look like as an elderly warrior?

Thanks to freelance CG artist Damien Canderle, we now know!

His depiction of Link was his entry into Comicon’s Age of Legends contest wherein the artist needed to choose a heroic character and re-imagine that character in his/her old age.

Hit the jump for additional images of this fantastic rendering!

Source: ZBrushCentral
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  • beokugon10

    Just a little detail, isn't Link left handed? In the pictures it shows that he is right.

    • Triforce of the Gods

      In Skyward Sword and the Wii version of Twilight Princess, Link is right handed.

      • makarthekorokwarrior

        He became right handed in old age…

      • beokugon10

        Ah, alright. I never really checked TP.

        • Ashmic

          link is so awesome hes ambidextrous

  • Ryoni


  • Poe Black

    The greatest hero in the history of Hyrule, He's an old man now, but hasn't let that stop him. Don't laugh at him. In one of the most dangerous professions in the world, he has survived to be very, very old. Get the Point?

  • Awesome! I especially love the redesigned tunic.

  • Keith

    Link: Ganon, I'mma kill yo-*crack* OH MY ACHING BACK! Let's just settle this with chess!

    • Jackson

      Ganon: Heeehhh, You're right.

      3 Minutes later.

      Link: Knight to… What am I doing here again?

      • Joko tree

        Ganon:Remember the good ol' days when we used to play dead man's volley.


        Navi:Link don't be friendly with ganon kill him.

        Link:you're not my partner anymore fly off.

  • ChainofTermina

    he has got to be SO jealous of Saria and the Kokiri right about now…

  • Capt. Link

    impressive beard-mustache combo!

  • Link

    That is the coolest stinking thing I have seen all day… YEAH THAT IS AWESOME!!

    • Lach Menel

      Indeed=D Link… wait, LINK!? If that is what you are calling yourself on the internet person who gose by the name "Link"? Than you must be more insightful than that! Come on! You`re going by the name LINK, at lest act a little like your name sake and say something about your personal, and (If you might alow me to say so) Link-ish view! (In a Napoilian Dynamight voice) Gosh!

      Crap I just ranted….

      • Joko tree

        Oh my God (in a Janice voice)

  • honest

    Get this filth off my screen.

    • ???

      Fail on you!

      • CommenterPerson

        Well, at least he's honest! 😀

    • Get this honest filth off my screen!

      • QueenxLink

        LOL Nice!

      • QueenxLink

        THANK YOU.

    • QueenxLink

      Oops that "THANK YOU." Was meant to be up here. Sooo, THANK YOU.

      • QueenxLink

        wtc, now im just spaming.

    • william

      you are a a**

  • LoZymugglegater

    And link remains a total beast in his old age.

  • TingleIsGayForLink

    I want a game with old age link in it!

    • keiferm

      As long as he isnt playable. That'd be unfair having trained in swordsman ship for all your life, Good Example….Yoda.

      • Elf Link

        Awwww… He could appear in a special mission or side quest. You control him only during that quest and then "return to the past again"! Know what I mean?

  • Z-MAN7

    Time has ravaged his body, but his eyes burn with the soul of an immortal hero.

    • Chozo Knight

      That sounds like something from a SoulCalibur game

      • Joko tree

        Link was in SoulCalibur2

  • The gauntlets look sweet.

  • astinktothepast

    I would LOVE to be able to play as him as a video game

  • Loaf

    Still looking for navi?

    • Triforce of the Gods

      He will never find her! D:

      • ashmic

        why won't he i never got that?

        • Loaf

          He was looking for her at the beginning of MM and got distracted a little, then resumed at the end.

          • QueenxLink

            Yeah but he still never found her…

  • ILiekZelda

    The only old man that doesnt need a cane…….Also the only one that saves the world at the age of 70-80 armed, and looking so epic!

  • Violet

    Well, there was the Hero's Spirit…

  • Victor George

    The Legend of Zelda: The Elder Saga.

    • Darth Zrinen

      actualy, i think that would be a good name for it

  • Aeolus

    Hahaha! That looks crazy! But I picture Link settling down somewhere in a small village as some respected elder type person, like Orca in Wind Waker, but looking more like Oshus from Phantom Hourglass, haha. I also imagine him retiring the hat for some reason…

  • Ashmic

    when links that old ganon will be a pile of dust ( ;'( *sadness for dust-ganon*) but id love to see and old link, maybe telling his grandson link-2 of his adventure, i think that'd be cute, OR even let him be the hero! one last adventure for the hero of time! kinda link the whole old snake from metal gear solid (if im correct i never played the game)

    i think a mature, (even ancient) link would be a very nice twist,

    maybe thats just me.

    btw i would totally buy that like, action figure thing!

    • Ashmic


  • Taha Soysal

    This needs to be used in a game.

  • Ezlo

    Dude. That's some amazing art right there.

  • Darkstar

    This is the true Anceint Hero of Time!

  • Holy Crap, this is amazing, I imagine this either going to be Twilight Princess Link or Skyward Sword Link (Based on the Design), but it could possibly be Ocarina of Time Link. But this good stuff, nicely drawn, I can tell this had a lot of effort and time during the Picture Process.

  • Varo

    WHY DOES HE look like he is from fable 2…?

  • Merkku

    Nitpicking: there's a shoulder strap, but there doesn't appear to be a sheath on his back (so what is the strap for?), or on the belt either. Where does he carry the sword? And if the sheath would be on the shoulder strap, it's on his left shoulder -> he would grab the sword with his left hand like in the games, and in the pic it's in his right hand, as is the armor that I guess one would have on the not-shield-carrying arm. Does not compute.

    But nevermind that, the design pure awesome! 🙂

    I want that hoodie-tunic.

  • Joko tree

    He looks like a mixture of Gandalf and Link.Nintendo should make a new Zelda game that lets you play as a Link based on this old Link.

  • Sam

    I would've inturpet old Link in a different way (less Blizzardish), but I have to give much respect to Damien to a wonderful piece of art!

  • Chow


  • cukeman


  • malesha

    make a game with old Link yah!!!!

    Legend of Zelda: Dentures of Time…

  • QueenxLink

    NO! My precious Link! What have they done to you?! T.T

    • Joko tree

      He's still Link just Older.Remember he is, has and always will be the hero of time/winds/the Zelda series.

      • QueenxLink

        At least he's still young in the games… ♥

  • lolxd

    its awesome, but no offence he looks kinda short

  • SweetLie

    I always thought this would be epic. I want it to happen.

    • Elf Link

      Me too. He looks like a character from Fable!!!

  • Merkku

    Oh right, obiously… How silly of me 🙂

    • Joko tree

      Nah you're not silly.I just observe every little detail,because i'm a tree.

  • randomdude

    he carries his sword in his hand. all the time; he is used to the weight it gives and would loose balance and fall if he put the sword away.

  • Just imagining ALL the experience he holds now!

  • Joko tree

    This is a beautiful piece of art,oh crud I'm a woman.(Not realy I'm a dude,a very feminim dude)

    • QueenxLink

      Yeah, I've noticed.

  • Chozo Knight

    He looks like a cross between Link, Jesus, and Santa Clause… AWESOME.

    • QueenxLink

      LOL Oh my gosh!

  • junjoweed

    this, guys, is Link PRIME

  • Hola, me gustaria saber si hay algunas imagenes de referencia de este personaje?..?..

  • Retsim

    This is amazing… really…! O.O