If he loves Zelda so much, why doesn't he just marry it?

While it’s true that just last month we brought you a news story about an interview Warren Spector gave where he professed his love for all things Nintendo and specifically Zelda, these new quotes from this brand new interview are simply too good to pass up.

This time around, Warren Spector (creator of Epic Mickey and Deus Ex) sat down with Industry Gamers to discus the forthcoming Epic Mickey. When asked why it was a Wii exclusive, Mr. Spector explained that the game had started out with intentions of going multiplatform, but the core gameplay of using a paintbrush worked best as gestural, so they decided to abandon all other platforms and focus on the Wii.

To read more on Mr. Spector’s love for Nintendo, as well as Zelda being his favorite game series, hit the jump!

It turns out Nintendo’s culture strongly influenced his decision as well, which he made clear by saying:

“Do you really want to be the guy who tries to convince people who want to be Master Chief or a thug in Grand Theft Auto – do you want to say, ‘you should be Mickey Mouse for a while’ or do you want to go to guys who love Mario or Sonic? It kind of made sense on every level.”

He followed that up by singing the praises of Nintendo and Zelda:

“I have been a Nintendo junkie forever, and my favorite games on the planet are the Zelda games.  The opportunity to make a game on a Nintendo platform that honors those games and those genres [is incredible].”

So for a guy who clearly loves his Nintendo, what did Warren Spector have to say about the Nintendo 3DS? He loves it. He called it “phenomenal! A magical little device!” and went on to say:

“It is the coolest thing I have seen at E3 ever in any category.  It’s unbelievable.  It literally changed the way I think about the world.  I’ve always been a believer that until we get rid of glasses, 3D is going to be dicey at best.  And they got rid of the glasses.  And the little genius thing of it is, there’s a little slider that adjusts the parallax, the distance between the layers basically.  Which means that everybody can adjust the 3D so that it’s perfect for their eyes.”

Source: Industry Gamers
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  • Scrivs

    I think his comment about the 3DS has confirmed my purchase. Having 3D without the use of glasses is amazing and it sounds like Nintendo succeeded in doing it right.

    • Lyra

      Don't tell me you didn't know that already… It's been one of the first things that were confirmed about the 3DS.

  • Lach Menel

    Of corse Zelda is the best game! What else has the hero whereing a floppy, green hat! Now, how am I to make the kinds at my school to stop making fun of our beloved game seires…?

    • Joko tree

      Answering your question SSB SSBM SSBB all have a hero in a green hat.And that character is LINK.

      • Joko tree

        Answering your question a mental hospital.

  • No other franchise has allowed me the freedom I undergo when playing Zelda. It really feels like I'm Link, even in the first Legend of Zelda. Nintendo has come up with a formula in gameplay experience that should be inseparable for the rest of the series' duration (I hope it lasts forever!). And I still have this experience as I play through the platform games again. It hasn't changed a whit for me; I still love them and probably always will. I don't blame Warren Spector for claiming these to be his favorite games!

  • Goro

    Just– Just let him a make a Zelda game, Nintendo. He deserves a chance at it.

    • bastian

      It would certainly be interesting to see what he'd come up with? I'd prefer it to be a handheld sidestory first, though.

      • Goro

        Would it really matter? The 3DS already looks better than the Wii and it can handle better graphics than the Wii; at least according to most 3rd party developers. So I really don't see the point if he made a Zelda game on Wii or 3DS, it would still look remarkable.

        • bastian

          I wasn't thinking of the graphics, I was thinking of the story. The handhelds are usually not part of the Triforce Saga. I would prefer him to try his hand at one of the non-Triforce games first.

          • Joko tree

            Capcom did TMC that is well what I think is an important game in the timeline.But they also did the oracle games before that and they were importanish.

          • bastian

            It depends on what your definition of "importantish" is… They certainly weren't part of the Triforce Saga.

          • Joko tree

            Yeah but they did have amazing plots that changed the Zelda games like Nayru, Din and Farore being normal characters and oracles but also having the names of the GGs.And that Ganondorf can come back to life through sacrifice even if he only comes back physicly not mentaly.I know TP had that whole Ganondorf didn't touch the Triforce thing and you are right, it isn't part of the Triforce Saga but it did make little interusting changes to the Zelda series and thats what I call importantish.

          • Joko tree

            Sorry the oracle games and the MC are not part of the Triforce Saga but TP is.

          • Joko tree

            I'm just pointing out my mistake on the last comment.

  • Ashmic

    Robin williams likes zelda too, he named his daughter after zelda, not kidding ;]
    i thought that was neat!

    • TrustMe101

      Dude, that's cool! I never knew that!

      • Ashmic

        :] isn't it?

    • ChainofTermina

      r-really? Robin Williams's daughter is named Zelda? that's so cool! it's a really unique and interesting name, yet it still actually sounds like a name, unlike all the other celebrities' kids' names.

      hmmm…….Zelda Williams……………huh…..

      • Ashmic

        it is :] its actually used alot(the name)

        • Yep, Zelda Rae Williams, according to IMDB. She's had a total of nine TV appearances and, as an aside, has hair cropped shorter than even Keira Knightley, of Pirates of the Carribean fame And, to you Ash, I guess the name is used a lot, because in her description on IMDB, it actually mentions that she's "named after the Legend of Zelda." Though I'm presume that's where you got it from.

          • Ashmic

            no wikipedia, lol XD

          • Joko tree

            I bet nobody but me would name their son Link or Ganondorf or name their daughter Midna. PS If I have a daughter I will name her Midna because it is a cool, sweet name.

          • Ashmic

            i would name my kid ganon, but i want to spare him the torture ya know, (i love ganondorf lol)

            and midna is cool but everyone, EVERYONE misspells it minda lol and it gets tiring

          • Margar

            Robin Williams plays D&D with his kids 🙂

  • Zaros

    what i really love about zelda is that its enjoyable and -lasts- now all videogames last 5hrs.

    And something that not 1 other game in the world has like zelda is the magical feeling about it. Sure, you can throw in loads of spells and stuff like that but zelda, overall, has a feeling that words can not describe.

    we need better words, lets make one up -Zeldish-

    • Goron Alex

      Zelda games, the best! I cry when I have to get off, and 10!

    • Joko tree

      To me Zeldish sounds like an awesome word; but it sounds like a cattering term for someting that is unique.Maybe its because Zelda is unique.

  • Labrynian Rebel

    I'll wait for the 3DS lite, Skyward Sword should keep me busy next year XD

  • LoZymugglegater

    He is a beast.'Nuff said.

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