Why worry?

At the Nintendo Conference 2010 we learned nearly everything there is to know about the Nintendo 3DS, including its WiFi connectivity, the Virtual Console, pricing, release date, and near-launch game lineup.

With all that in mind, the Australian gaming site Vooks put together an article from three different perspectives (each a Vooks writer) about “the good, the bad, and the worrisome” details regarding the 3DS.

Hit the jump for more on this, along with our own list!

Vooks lauded the 3DS for its impressive hardware, its even more impressive game lineup, the Virtual Console, transferable DSiWare, and backwards compatibility.

All roses, right? Not so. They found fault in the 3DS’s design, saying that the placement of the D-Pad would render playing games that utilize it (especially in the backwards compatible New Super Mario Bros. and the like) rather uncomfortable. All three writers also railed against the colors. Not satisfied with the classy black or lovely blue, they demanded more options. Perhaps it’s just our old timer’s mindset, but in our day, the Nintendo Entertainment System came in one color: grey. And we liked it.

As for the things that they found “worrisome”, the North American (and European) price made the list, since we still do not know what it will be.

As for our own list, we’ll keep it short and sweet:

The Good
Game lineup. Ocarina of Time 3DS? Yes, please.

The Bad
Battery life. Iwata confirmed that the battery life will be worse than the DS. If they expect us to leave it in sleep mode for the StreetPass feature (wherein your DS transfers information to all nearby DSs), how will that be affected by an already admittedly limited battery life?

The Worrisome
The Price. I have to side with Vooks on this one. While we still haven’t heard the exact North American and European prices, Nintendo did reveal that it will release in Japan for about the equivalent of $300. Comparatively, the DS cost the equivalent of $203 when it released in Japan. Here the DS released at $150. The Wii, on the other hand, released for about $300 in Japan, selling in the US for $250. It would then be reasonable to assume that the 3DS will sell for $250 in the US. Ouch.

Have a look at the rest of their article for the details on what they approve/disapprove of regarding the 3DS details.

And give us your own lists of the good, bad, and worrisome details of the 3DS in the comments below!

Source: Vooks
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