Why worry?

At the Nintendo Conference 2010 we learned nearly everything there is to know about the Nintendo 3DS, including its WiFi connectivity, the Virtual Console, pricing, release date, and near-launch game lineup.

With all that in mind, the Australian gaming site Vooks put together an article from three different perspectives (each a Vooks writer) about “the good, the bad, and the worrisome” details regarding the 3DS.

Hit the jump for more on this, along with our own list!

Vooks lauded the 3DS for its impressive hardware, its even more impressive game lineup, the Virtual Console, transferable DSiWare, and backwards compatibility.

All roses, right? Not so. They found fault in the 3DS’s design, saying that the placement of the D-Pad would render playing games that utilize it (especially in the backwards compatible New Super Mario Bros. and the like) rather uncomfortable. All three writers also railed against the colors. Not satisfied with the classy black or lovely blue, they demanded more options. Perhaps it’s just our old timer’s mindset, but in our day, the Nintendo Entertainment System came in one color: grey. And we liked it.

As for the things that they found “worrisome”, the North American (and European) price made the list, since we still do not know what it will be.

As for our own list, we’ll keep it short and sweet:

The Good
Game lineup. Ocarina of Time 3DS? Yes, please.

The Bad
Battery life. Iwata confirmed that the battery life will be worse than the DS. If they expect us to leave it in sleep mode for the StreetPass feature (wherein your DS transfers information to all nearby DSs), how will that be affected by an already admittedly limited battery life?

The Worrisome
The Price. I have to side with Vooks on this one. While we still haven’t heard the exact North American and European prices, Nintendo did reveal that it will release in Japan for about the equivalent of $300. Comparatively, the DS cost the equivalent of $203 when it released in Japan. Here the DS released at $150. The Wii, on the other hand, released for about $300 in Japan, selling in the US for $250. It would then be reasonable to assume that the 3DS will sell for $250 in the US. Ouch.

Have a look at the rest of their article for the details on what they approve/disapprove of regarding the 3DS details.

And give us your own lists of the good, bad, and worrisome details of the 3DS in the comments below!

Source: Vooks
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  • Adam

    Personally, I like the black color on game systems. As we all know, black goes with everything. I can hardly wait for GameStop to start reservations for this. It's gonna be huge!

    • bastian

      And it's slimming!

  • wolfsong

    Yeah, that D-pad is a little awkward. Although stuff like the Virtual console on Wii lets you use the Classic Controller's control stick in place of a D-pad, so maybe we'll see that on the 3DS, too. And Iwata said he realizes that a high price will hurt the 3DS' appeal, and they'll try to keep it around the price of the DS (to me that's code for "a little higher than the DSi price", but we'll see).

    Also you can buy DSiware games on 3DS? Good move, Nintendo. 😀

  • Zorexea

    I'm goning to wait a few months until new colors come out….or a 3DS XL or Lite or i comes out.

    • mrnjlw1090

      Why would a 3DS XL come out? The screen is already as big as it can be for a hand-held device. Any bigger, and the price starts to go up. I don't own a DS XL but I am assuming that the screen sizes are the same for the 3DS, if not a little bigger.

      • Maridia

        actually the screen is smaller, because a 3D screen and a touch screen are not compatible that well that was anounced at E3. My concern is it durable? The most common thing for the DS series is being broken at the hinges where ti allows you to close it. Is it heavy or light weight. or is it longer and smaller? Nintendo didn't answer these wll enough. =(

    • jetfirexx

      a lite wont come out, if they make one, for a year at least. an xl would not come out either

    • zoraluigi

      Pssshhh… forget those choies, I'm waiting for the 3DSi XL Lite Advanced (3DSiXLLA for short).

      But in all seriousness, I might get it when it comes out. Maybe.

  • Z-MAN7

    Hope they can improve the battery life a little before the release.

  • matt17

    they might make a 3ds lite. Ima wait for that. then they're add a better battery.
    they always release a first model

  • Violet

    What's wrong with that blue anyway? Its lovely.

    • ChainofTermina

      yeah I like it too.

  • sabby64

    I like the colors 🙂 That blue looks awesome. The control pad does look awkward though, and I hope the joystick is better then the useless PSP one. 😛 The battery life shouldn't be an issue since they'll release battery packs and stuff for it anyways, but the price… I might have to wait for this one.

  • humulos

    Um, your list is awful. Sorry. The battery life should be worrisome, since we don't know specifics and they are probably saying battery life with screen on brightest on wireless on will be bad. The price is in no way worrisome and should have been completely expected. We will be getting what we pay for. 250 is also VERY optimistic, considering mobile phones with this kind of power go for 500+. I will be expecting to pay the full 300 for this device. There is also a lot more good that you are not including, a remake of a 12 year old game should NEVER be the strongest point. And the worst thing of the system? How about the abysmal resolution? I can see almost every pixel in Metal Gear Solid! That is not because it lacks power, it because the screen is a measly 400 pixels wide. Just saying.

    • Violet

      Its a handheld. Does resolution REALLY matter? I mean, really? As long as it looks good on the small screen its fine.

    • humulos

      Lol, I got 10 thumbs down XD

  • humulos

    How do I know anything like what? Everything that I stated is based off of pure facts that we have been given.
    -Fact: Wifi and Screen Brightness drain battery. Turn of Wireless using that switch on the side of the device and turn down brigthness to conserve battery.
    -Fact: Smart Phones such as the Palm Pre, Iphone, N900 and most Android handsets are so expensive because of their powerful processors, GPUs, gyroscopes, accelerometers, wireless capabilities etc. The DS has many of these attributes, but even more on the GPU, much more powerful than any phone. 3D screens also are not cheap. Thus people should not complain about having to shell out for something like this.
    -Fact: Ocarina of Time is 12 years old. There will be new games like Kid Icarus, Resident Evil, Paper Mario and Mario Kart. These should be more exciting since we haven't played them yet.
    -Fact: The 3DS Screen Resolution is 400 pixels wide. If you view many of the trailers we are given, you see pixels, especially outlining the models. This sucks when you are trying to go for high quality imagery.

    I have said nothing based on speculation, I have spoken entirely in fact. That is how I know

    • Bobby Emerald

      "-Fact: These should be more exciting since we haven't played them yet."
      That's an opinion, bruh.

      • humulos

        Not entirely. If a systems strongest point is bringing something old to the table in a new package, you might as well just get an N64 and play it the original way. If someone was to create a system that just played prettier versions of Old Nintendo games, it would completely bomb. There needs to be something new holding it up (plus I don't want my old games updated, they are fine the way they are) Nintendo is about progression, so the progressive points are wot need to be emphasized.

        • Bobby Emerald

          But this is more than just prettying up OoT (so I've heard).
          In any case, I'm more excited for OoT than any of the other games you've mentioned, since I'm most familiar with it and the series. I see where you're going with this, but I still think it's an opinion.

          • humulos

            Fair enough.

    • Scrivs


  • so, with the controls being a little uncomfortable and awkward..are they going to fix that or just leave it be? and if they do will that mean we will have to wait longer for us to get one?

  • also, I too am perfectly content with the color choices. i'm getting a black one. its looks really slick. though I am curious as to why they didn't make a White option..you know..cause that's the common color for the DS. but w/e.

    • LuX

      Well exactly thats the common colour for the DS this is a next gen console, the first in face of next gen systems. The DS is the handheld partner to the Wii, the 3DS is the handheld partner to Nintendo's next home console…

  • As for the price, $250-$300 is expected and accepted by most everyone. It is a more than fair if not charitable price for such an amazing machine with so many awesome functions.

  • Darkwargreymon

    that suc- BATTERY DIED

  • cuccos are after me

    you know what bugs me is every year they release a pokemon bundle pack of system plus game or other swag and I have the DS lite one for 4th gen and was hoping 5th gen would be a 3DS but they made it a Dsi set…
    maybe they will make a zelda pack (for once) for the 3DS

  • ShadowofLight

    Woa, we're talking about the key to The legend of Zelda here.

  • Regarding battery life, I don't have a problem. I'm sure I'm not the only one that uses portable consoles outside of their homes. xD
    Adding more to the battery life dilemma, It would be reasonable to deduce that, since the 3D option is optional, maybe it'll drain less battery life. THAT, and the (rumored) fact that, when someone turns the 3D option off, you can also experience better graphics.

  • I want to get the Black one! (once you get black, there’s no going back!)
    And I’m a little (okay a lot) worried about the battery life.. I mean the DS doesn’t last that long.. so how much less will the 3DS.. I might actually have to replace its battery!

  • Leon (triforceguy1)

    I think they'll probably release it for less than 250, probably at from 200 to 225, and I really hope they sort out the battery life, I think the first new console release outside japan is usually the second model.

    Also, nice touch with the witch above the logo

  • keimori

    so DSIware transferable? dose this mean the 3ds can download DSiware directly? or am i gonna have to buy a DSI?

  • Ben

    if the price is over $250, I'm not buying it.

  • smbmaster99

    They better come up with something good to fix up the battery life issue, like a wireless re-charger. I personally think that the DS' battery life was bad enough already >=[

  • LuX

    I don't understand, you say that $250 is 'ouch' but thats the same price as the Wii … And the 3DS is a better machine, what because it's smaller and is a handheld it should be cheaper? No, it's a technically better machine than the Wii, it has better hardware and far more features and even upgraded features from the Wii. Just like how an i-pod is better than your standard MP3/MP4 device, but is usually smaller.

  • CorvosKK

    I'm gonna be optimistic here and say $219.99 for the US? Probably not, but hey, it'd be nice. Gaming line-up is going to be amazing. I'll be broke come next summer. Colors I could care less about, I'm going with the system not it's color (although I will probably choose the black one). I wish the battery life was a little stronger, but hey, it's to be expected. No matter what though, I'm getting one. Haven't bought a DS since my silver brick, so it's about damn time I got a new one.

  • 1234567890

    @humulos – This is a ZELDA site. Of course the GOOD would be Oot 3D.

  • Chad

    I heard the battery life would be longer than the old DS with the #DS turned on I read it somewhere I try to find it!

    • Eddy

      would be awesome, but i don't see how, since the 3DS will be so much more powerful than its predecessors

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  • andrew

    250$ is too much? Ouch? What? How is that alot? I'm Confused.

  • Zelda fans0652

    you can get it faster……..but you need to pay more=,=

  • Beta than u

    Dudes u all just too sad abt this.. aspecially u humulos u fricking saddo!!!!!