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That’s right, kids. Per their plan to reveal the release date, Nindendo held a conference about the much anticipated 3D handheld and said that Japan would be the first to recieve the 3DS on February 26th, priced at roughly the equivalent of $300. If you think that’s frighteningly expensive for a handheld console, don’t worry – it will likely be a bit less expensive in the US.

What about the rest of the world? Worry not, they answered that question as well. Not as specific as we might like, Nintendo would only say that the 3DS would launch in North America and Europe in March 2011.

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To get to the question everyone has been asking: what colors will the 3DS be available in at launch? Nintendo was eager to show off: Aqua Blue and Cosmic Black. The final design of the 3DS being promoted is almost exactly the same as the model shown at E3 earlier this year, the only difference being that the analog nub is no longer color-matched to the rest of the console.

Another fantastic tidbit about the 3DS is that it will have a version of the Virtual Console which will allow you to purchase and download classic Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games which will be playable in 3D! Super Mario Land was one of the titles shown off, and Link’s Awakening DX has also been confirmed as an upcoming title.

Miis will make their move to the handheld system with a Mii Studio of over 180 million Mii characters worldwide. You can even use the camera to take a photo of your face to use as the template for your Mii; the 3DS will, quite amazingly, automatically generate a Mii for you based on the photo.

Stay tuned to ZU for an article on what we learned about Ocarina of Time 3DS and new screen shots from it soon, as well as more information about the 3DS as it becomes available!

Source: Nintendo World Report
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