As we previously reported, Symphonic Legends broadcasted live from Germany yesterday with an astonishing complete Zelda symphony arranged by the very talented Jonne Valtonen. And it was fantastic!

What? You missed it? Well, you’re in luck: it has already started appearing on YouTube, thanks to wonderful YouTube member KajunW.

The Zelda suite, entitled The Legend of Zelda: Symphonic Poem, is based upon the composistions of maestro Koji Kondo and Toru Minegishi and arranged into five movements by Jonne Valtonen. The movements are:

I. Hyrulian Child
II . Dark Lord
III . Princess of Destiny
IV. Battlefield
V. Hero of Time

All of this gorgeous symphonic Zelda music brings to mind the fact that Skyward Sword will feature live instruments and orchestral music, though it will likely differ from this classical style.

Hit to jump to see and hear these symphonic Hylian gems!

I. Hyrulian Child

II . Dark Lord

III . Princess of Destiny

IV. Battlefield

V. Hero of Time

Source: KajunW
  • majoras mask fan

    Hell ya first comment what if they ochatrated all the music in loz oot 3ds becose that would be awsome in my opionion share yours on this thout and also I hopy loz oot 3ds has all the ura zelda features

  • majoras mask fan

    I know I suck at spelling but I’m using a cell phe and I have big hands

  • koipen

    A finnish arranger? Now I feel proud…

  • The only better than this is seeing them appear on CD, which I can't wait until it does! Nonetheless, the orchestration and musical arrangement is remarkable. And though it might not happen, I really wonder if these will be used in Skyward Sword.

    • Joko tree

      It won't be used in Skyward Sword because the songs are from Ocarina of time and are named after events in Ocarina of time.And I don't think they will use it in Ocarina of time 3d.Plus I have typed Ocarina of time 4 times what the feng shui.

  • mrnjlw1090

    It's definitely different than the in-game music! It's amazing how they can take a song and add more to it making it sound even better.

  • koipen

    My favourite movements were the 4th and 5th. And I wasn't too thrille about the second. An extraordinary performance, and really a blessing to hear.

  • some of the songs really chill you to the bone!

  • Chris

    Does anyone know if they play Zelda's Lullaby in any of the parts?

    • Chad

      movement 3

  • Shadowknight1

    Meh. I love Zelda music. I love orchestral music. However, this is NOT a good combination of the two. Too much of a jumbled mess, tbh. The chorus on the Ganondorf Twilight Princess fight song was just a mistake. It was a fair attempt at a good orchestral Zelda concert, but it fell short of the mark IMO. I'll wait for ZREO's Twilight Symphony and the soundtrack for Skyward Sword, thanks.

    • melosfox

      While some of the orchestration was questionable, I think the choral parts were handled well. They added a dimension to the work that was badly needed.

      The difficulty with setting melodies is that melodies are difficult to develop and alter without some filigree. A lot of parts did seem jumbled, but I think it works for this suite.

  • Topaz Mutiny

    Heh, I find this rather good, and honestly I'm actually watching this on ZREO. I find it hilarious that I seem to have a better musical ear than the guy who wrote the commentary for this symphony.

    First off, it's not that bad. Admittedly, I thought some of the really deviated forms of Kokiri Forest were a bit odd, but the other themes were great. Oh, and he can't even recognize some of the themes and instead lists them off as unrecognizable or original crap. Part 4, at 6:40, ZREO doesn't even recognize the Ganondorf fight theme from OoT! I sure did! And while he commented on part 4, 3:45 that it sounded like Smash Bros. I totally agree. THAT should have been one of the Dark World remixes we got in Brawl. I'm all for laid back forms of a song, but it just didn't fit for the Dark World remix we got in Brawl (I swear to god it keeps reminding me of Bomberman 64).

    Overall, I thought Symphonic Legends was pretty good. Not great, but I'd definitely listen to it again.

  • Fuss-Budget

    Honestly, I thought it was pretty disappointing. They tried too hard making it epic that most of the suite ended up sounding nothing like Zelda. Most of the memorable songs from the games were shortened and altered in such a way that I couldn’t even tell it what I was listening to at first.

  • Hálfdanarson

    Amazing 🙂
    The music from Ocarina of Time, with that the Kokiri Forest theme was in particular fantastic 🙂

    Hope the music on Skyward Sword will be similar to this 🙂

  • HeikkiV

    This is simply awesome. I love it. <3

  • HeikkiV

    Just noticed you forgot the encore.

  • animenatex

    Beautiful just wow. The only thing that would make this better would be being there in person.

  • Remedyshadow

    Beautifully done, Love it

  • Twilight Princess 99

    cool. this is why i'll never regret joining band and playing clarinet. i want to be play music like this some day!!

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Totally! Whatever gets you going in your music, hold on to it and chase your dreams. Music is such a beautiful thing to have in life, and Zelda really makes it easy to have a love for music. Do what you love for a living, and you never have to work a day in your life…. Well, figuratively, but life will be so much more enjoyable.^^

  • Twilight Princess 99

    oops. i fail. 🙂

  • Yoh

    I might add, That even though there is no video, if you want the high quality audio of it please visit… . Thanks.

  • Railyn

    2:50-4:55 in Hero of Time, I had chills it was so awesome!

  • EDracon

    I liked all of them except the first one. The first did a mistake many many arrangers make and don't realize, TOO MANY COUNTER MELODIES THAT DON'T FIT TOGETHER, because of that it sounded more like the orchestra was warming up their instruments and not really playing anything.. Other than that the rest of the songs were amazing

    • ZeldaGurl_

      I don't think it was a mistake. What many composers go for in the music is chaos, and the beginning definitely states that. When you are able to comprehend it, and apply it to the beginning of some Zelda games, you can really hear it in a whole new way.^^

      • EDracon

        the entire first song was like that. Chaos is ok every once in a while, but if an entire song is like that, it's a mistake. Also, repeating the beginning of a melody over and over again without continuing is cool at first, but gets annoying if done too often, the first song did it far to often.

  • mario_master

    the two best suites were legend of zelda and the mario one however the zelda one…. needs work it took me awhile before i regognized any songs especially zelda’s lullaby

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Oh, and this just makes me even more excited for Skyward Sword. When I first heard the news of a full Orchestration for it, I about had a heart attack from joy. And now that I've heard this done so wonderfully, I think I'm going to cry.^^

    • TrustMe

      Same here! I can't wait for the orchestrated music!!

  • Muskiok

    "I'm speechless" Yep, that's why I'm not going to try and say anything, which is odd considering how long-winded I can be when I'm projecting my opinion; but this was just too awesome for words.

  • John Charles

    Mmm, of all the arrengements I've heard this is the "worst" one. I mean for a symphony is good, but for a orchestrated version of the music of Zelda it kinda fails.

    The recognizable tunes are there but they are missing soul, they are not that inciting and the overall arrange of the music is something that is not "Zelda".

    I still prefer the Hyrule Symphony and the Video Games Live version over this, they really have that epic feeling that you feel while playing. And sadly they kinda screwed too the music from other games like Final Fantasy and Donkey Kong. It seems they tried to make something else of the already stablished music.

  • ian24089

    That was awesome! Now I'm really looking forward to Skyward Sword. I'm not too inpatient because of Kirby's Epic Yarn and Wii Party being released in October. I can't wait for SS. Of course the music won't sound like that but I'm looking forward to the new music. If the music sounded like that it would be weird for a video game.

  • No it wouldn't Ian! They should hire them for the job!

  • How do you make it where you can play these on Itunes?

    • Joshua

      You should be able to just drag the entire album right into iTunes in your Music Library. I just did it with no issues.

      • Hmm…every time I drag the entire album or even a single title into the Library, it shows up as a podcast, and when I try to play it, the file ends up missing. This is really no problem; I can wait for an album if I have to. But thanks for posting these.

        • Joshua

          I honestly don't know why you can't do it. When I drag the album to iTunes, it's being sorted under Music just fine.

  • Teengamer

    I loved it! I just can't understand why ZREO would constantly bag on them. :/

  • Joshua

    Ok, found their take on Super Mario Galaxy music.

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  • Joshua

    Sorry, can't embed.

  • Joko tree

    You are.Oh crap words can't explain how great you are.

  • Joko tree

    Could you send the songs to Zelda Universe.

  • ThereIsNoTry

    The choir near the end reminded me of Temple of Doom (which is a good thing)

  • TrustMe101

    AAAH! You are so awesome!

  • TrustMe101

    This is an amazing and insanely good orchestra! They caught the mood of Zelda almost perfectly. I especially love the Battlefield section.