"And my blue friend is all 'HEY! Listen!'. . ."

We’ve certainly heard a great many covers of pieces of music from the Zelda series, but it isn’t every day you hear a brand new song not based on any pre-existing melody, but merely inspired by the game.

In this rare instance,  Baltimore student Mike Perrie (who goes by the moniker “somethinglikemusic” on YouTube) posted a song entitled “PAUSE.” which he wrote about his favorite game: Ocarina of Time.

Straddling the line between humorous and earnest, the song good natured-ly ribs the game for its bits of illogical silliness (the technologically impossible Hookshot) and unabashedly sings the game’s praises.

Listen to and watch the song after the jump!

Source: somethinglikemusic
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