Wait a minute... Dragon Ball Z?

While not at all Zelda-related, we just had to share with you this magical mural. Created and painted by students at Columbus College of Art & Design, the mural was created by twelve students to advertise their first Town Hall Meeting where students can voice their questions and concerns.

The mural took the twelve artists eight days to create, and stands at an impressive 16 feet tall by 38 feet wide, with every pixel perfectly and accurately captured!

As amazing as this is, it certainly does leave a certain Zelda news correspondent wondering where the classic Zelda mural is…

For more images of this fantastic mural, click the jump!

"...but our professor is in another lecture hall."

That Koopa Troopa is about to bite your butt!

Soon she'll be INVINCIBLE!

Source: nbc4i
  • Sakura chan

    wow that´s cool! 😀

  • can we get some original ZU content already like a decent article – the videos, podcasts and news updates are really uninteresting

    • X x7

      This is what they've always done, just get used to it. Articles are somewhat treats.

    • ChainofTermina

      Aha! there it is! the second I saw this post, I thought "yup. someone is definitely gonna bitch and whine about how this isn't directly related to zelda" but hey, you went the extra mile and complained about how ZU doesn't have amazing, ground breaking, brand spanking new Skyward Sword news every single damn day too! way to go!

      • It's called constructive criticism. Considering ZU is "the largest Zelda fansite" I expect more than just updates informing me about other website's, person's or artist's happenings. Am I not allowed to be dissatisfied? I come to ZU to find stuff I can't find anywhere else, and as of late, I feel ZU is not delivering. This is my opinion and I wanted ZU to know. If you don't like it, go ahead an give me the thumbs down and write a whiny reply – you're just a whiny as I.

        And as far as ZU's SS coverage, I commend them for their amazing coverage of the new game, but let's be honest, it's just a convenient recap of coverage of the game from all over the web – not original content.

        • I'm not arguing with you, but ZU typically likes to spread the articles out over a suitable period where the fans can read and comment on them. Yes, they do like to recap things on SS when either there aren't enough Zelda happenings to put up as news or just to remind everyone what things have been thus covered. Still…Nintendo hasn't or won't release more info on Skyward Sword, so a recap is all they can do to content the fans hungry for that.

        • ChainofTermina

          if there's new stuff to say, they'll say it. the reason they haven't been reporting on the kind of news you want is because there IS none.

          and as the "biggest Zelda fansite" doesn't that give them the right to do some other stuff besides zelda news? I think it does.

          and actually, I didn't thumbs down you. in all honesty, I forgot.

          • I think you're taking my original comment a bit out of context.

            I'm not looking for a specific kind news, as you implied, I'm just a little bored with all the "go over here and check out this article we didn't write."

            As far as ZU covering things other than Zelda, I never criticized this and couldn't care less. I only brought up them being the biggest site to suggest that maybe they ought to be doing more than essentially reblogging others – my concern is lack of original content not the subject matter.

          • ChainofTermina

            oh, okay I think I get what your saying now. sorry for berating you.

        • Our last article went out a few days ago. http://www.zeldauniverse.net/articles/new-content
          Our last post containing "original content" related to Skyward Sword was published on September 1st.

          I'm sorry that you're not satisfied with the amount of articles that we're putting out. I assure you that our top priority is posting things that our readers will enjoy. I appreciate your criticism and I'll pass it along.

          I'm sure you'll be happy to know that there are *at least* three articles in the works right now, one of which is basically complete and is very, very related to Skyward Sword. I hope you'll keep an eye out for that, and enjoy it when it's posted.

          • Very cool. Thank you for the update. I apologize for clogging up the comments, but after being called out I felt the need to defend my comment.

            Again, thanks for the update about articles. I look forward to them.

          • lifesavers2

            The fact that you said very twice makes me think it's big.
            But then again, that's probably what you meant to do.

  • Wow, this is extremely imaginative. It's like Super Mario Bros put in the original game. It's so cool that the first Mario can influence people even today.

    Also, I just remembered the contest should be soon. Best luck to all!

  • lifesavers2

    I <3 Mario.
    I just bought the first on Virtual Console.

    Well, I don't think a guy should say <3

  • bgschoolcraft

    Haha, I didn't expect you guys to post about this! 😀
    My girlfriend attends CCAD with the intention of majoring in interior design and I'll be there next year for graphic design. I love when my favorite websites post about local things. 🙂

  • Chris

    I go to school right across the street from there, i have to check it out the next time i down there

  • starbolt

    that is aswome and do you think that they will make another?

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  • The mural took the twelve artists eight days to create, and stands at an impressive 16 feet tall by 38 feet wide, with every pixel perfectly and accurately captured!