Run, you coward!

No, these are not your workplace managers sent to space (wouldn’t that be nice?). Instead, these are two videos of the boss battles from the Skyward Sword demo, courtesy of GameTrailers at GamesCom.

While they do not show us anything we haven’t really seen before, it’s still nice to get another perspective on these battles, if for nothing more than to giggle at how absolutely terrible the player is. We’ve seen others take on these bosses, and they seem to grasp the basic concept of slicing vertically when the claws are open horizontally. . . but I suppose not everyone can be so observant.

Regardless, have a view of these videos after the jump!

Source: GameTrailers
  • bgschoolcraft

    Hmmm… I've never noticed the heart flowers before. That's interesting and a tad different.

  • starwebs1

    The second video…. YOU COULDN'T SEE ANYTHING! GameTrailers should make another video of that one, this time being able to SEE. Because in THAT one, he beat it QUICKLY, and WE DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING EXCEPT HIS SHOULDER! AND A TEENY CORNER OF THE SCREEN! Ugh, GameTrailers, really?

    • PokeJosh

      Actually…put it in full screen. Most often gametrailers videos don't embed well on other sites, and part of the video is cut off. But if you put it into full screen, and then exit out, it usually fixes the problem.

    • They're not allowed to film the screen only.

  • keith

    That guy sucks man. But I like the fact that these monsters takes away heart pieces and not just a part of it.

  • I've figured out how to get the perspective right on the vids. You see, when you first try to watch them they show only a sliver of the screen and a good chunk of the player's shoulder. So, you have to click on the button with the arrow pointing to its top right corner and bring it to full screen. Then, if you don't want a full screen view, just hit the button again and it will go back to this page. And the perspective should be right.

  • twilian

    Looks like a lot of fun. I'm glad to see bosses that actually take out whole hearts of damage, it's a welcome challenge!

  • cuju

    Brutal! This guy thinks hes playing Twilight princess! Anyway, looking forward to playing this masterpiece!!!

  • Topaz Mutiny

    Haha, that second guy was fail. TP waggling doesn't work as well anymore.

    I also never noticed the heart flowers before. Those are cute! And you know what else? If you look closely at the vids, you can see hearts flying off of Link whenever he gets hit.

  • Shadowknight1

    Wow the guy playing that demo sucks. "Hey, i'm playing a wii game, i'll just wave my hand around like a jackass and win the game LOL! Wait wtf i'm dying? Oh noes! Fail! Haxorz!" I'm almost 90% positive that that's what's going through that guy's head. Maybe try backing off and analyzing your opponent rather than running in and swinging the sword wildly.

  • cuju

    This game looks way better than Twilight princess in term of visuals, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to frequently use all the items in the demo and, thats it…

  • TLoZmastr

    is that music of the game?

    • TLoZmastr

      (in the first video)

      • Brian


        • sarsgarrs

          II would be brutally disappointed if it were the music for the game

  • Ryan

    I like the purple blood that squirts out of the scorpion when his claws fall off

  • Link

    I love the dashing ability I also relay like how you see hearts fly out of Link when he get's hit and the fact that enemies do entire hearts of damage is pure awesome. The guy playing should know the farther and faster you swing the wii mote the more damage you do also it is a more realistic feeling to play full swing . I did it in twilight princess on my 2nd play through for fun. I relay want this game.

  • Dave

    The Stalfos boss looked more like a mini boss, even though it kicked that guys ass way more than the scorpion did. Clearley he didn't learn how to use the sheild beforehand.

  • Ferisan

    Wow, guy was really bad. He did play as if he was playing Twilight Princess, heehee. Man this game is going to be so fun, and challenging when you get used to the motion controls <3! man cant wait!

  • he started shaking the wiimote in the second video and I couldn't contain my laughter

  • fantasysign

    Well, I guess it makes the game more challenging when enemies can take away more damage, but in the beginning it's more likely Link will start out with three hearts. You'll die so easily!

    Oh and when Link runs does the meter only show when he runs his fastest or is it whenever he runs ever?

    • cuju

      You lose stamina when you run (holding down the a button, when climbing vines and when shaking loose of the scorpion and the waltlas.

  • Link0652

    I hate limit……I don't know why but it makes me feels like they're making Link a weakling but that's true that normal people will fall if doing these stuff for too long…..maybe the meter will run low so fast…hope the vine won't be too tall

    • Link0652

      but please!!!Link is a Hylian not 'normal people' and plus he's the hero of Hyrule!!!

  • cuju

    I love how now you aren't forced to do a combo you can just sing fast and hard. 0_o

    • cuju

      I meant swing, not sing

  • zanto

    it hurts my soul that someone who doesn't even understand that the game has 1:1 swordplay got to play this game before i did.

  • ThatOneGuy

    So does every single enemy in the game do a whole heart of damage or just these bosses? I like a challenging game, but I don't want to die too much. I guess it would be okay if they added better armor that you could get later though, or if only bosses/minibosses are like that.

  • Curly Q

    This… game… is gonna… KICK A**!!

  • EpicdDC

    My friend called this game a gimmick then proceeded to telle that it would be too easy and that it would suck if ganon/dorf was in it… I say this game will be awesome with new gameplay but maybe some familiarity with the storline formula. I can’t wait!!! Pre ordered already!!!!

  • mario_master

    hey people the stamina bar only appears lifting really big things or running they only thought that because the guy ran and jumped up the vines