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Some of you might remember us reporting on a collection of Zelda parody vignettes done in construction paper a couple months ago. Well, ericpowerup is at it again!

Back with another set of Zelda parodies done in construction paper, Eric pokes fun at everything from lazy Link in A Link to the Past to creepy Ruto’s crush in Ocarina of Time. There’s even an adorable cameo by everyone’s favorite “neighbor.”

All in all, it’s over three minutes of pure construction papery Zelda goodness. And we certainly hope ericpowerup brings us a third “Zelda on Paper” soon!

View the video after the jump!

Source: ericpowerup (tip by ChainOfTermina)
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  • zmanfriman

    First! I hadn't seen his works before. It's very good. ˆˆ/

  • NPC

    Meh, it was alright.

    • Victor Zeppelin

      it's awesome. not genius or anything incredibly eternal, but it's really nice and easy Zelda fun. why so cold? 🙂

  • Ferisan

    Haha, that was really cute x333 <3

  • ChainofTermina

    that zora baby kinda creeped me out.

    oh, dude, I know, it's like, "umm……hi Totoro…..?………WTF?" this was really funny.

  • Icy

    Hahaha! I love the ending "All sounds and music are belong to them". 😛

    Very good little cartoon there. =]


  • David

    Anybody else here recognize every sound effect and song? 😛

    • Hah, yeah. My favorite was when the gray owl did Goron groan. 8D

    • zoraluigi

      Yeah, I reconized them all. My favorite was definately LttP Lost Woods. Always liked that song.

  • twilian

    Ah, nothing better than waking up to Paper Zelda in the morning 😀

  • Epona500h

    Baby zora was a bit creepy. O.o But Totoro was awesome!! XD

  • Xenithar


  • All right, who the hay is Totoro? Just about everyone here knows who this is but me. It makes me feel left out… 8(

    • ChainofTermina

      Dude, okay, have you ever heard of the Movie "Spirited Away"? or how about "Howl's Moving Castle"? If you have, then know that the creator of these movies, Hayao Miyazaki, is like one of the greatest Anime Movie-makers of all time. He made a Movie called "My Neighbor Totoro", which is where the creature in this video comes from, and like a whole bunch of beyond awesome anime movies. most recent was "Ponyo" if you remember that. you MUST see his other movies, there like, ultimately incredible.

      • I'm afraid I've never heard of Hayao Miyazaki himself, but I am familiar with Ponyo–I haven't seen it yet, though I must say it piqued my interest. And I MIGHT have heard of Spirited Away, unless I'm getting that confused with Flushed Away. Other than I don't know anything about My Neighbor Totoro (who I thought ya'll were cross-refencing with Ruto {like Toto from MM}) or Howl's Moving Castle. But I do plan on checking these out sometime. I've always been interested in how different anime cartoons are from the modern trash television sponsors these days.

        • I forgot to mention that Totoro reminds me of the flying yak from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Gah, I wish I could remember his name! 🙂

        • ChainofTermina

          umm, I have no idea what Flushed Away is, but Spirited Away is about this girl who gets trapped in the Spirit World bath house and-that was a horrible way to describe it. Just go look into them they really awesome movies, although they are anime remember.

          • Well, I'm sure it's no worse than being pushed down a toilet drain by a hobo rat who's envious of your opulent life. That's pretty must the gist of Flushed Away–oh, and the mouse who got "Flushed Away" found himself in a sewer city, pretty much, and goes on a wild, hysterical adventure also worth checking out. But, yeah, I do understand how some anime movies can be.

          • ChainofTermina

            oh yeah, I think I remember that now. that was just some American kids movie, but the Miyazaki movies are for all ages. their plots can get so deep and developed and complex, it's awesome.

            oh, yeah, I guess Totoro and Appa do have similar, uh, body structures…..and fur.

          • Appa–yes, that's right, thank you. Anyhow my dad's home now so I can ask if about getting the Miyazaki movies on Netflix, maybe.

          • ChainofTermina

            I don't think you'll be able to get all of them at once, there's like almost ten of them. I t might be better to watch them on an anime-streaming website or something.

            and, uh, FYI, Appa's a bison, not a yak. XD

          • My bad… 🙁

          • ChainofTermina

            dude it's fine I'm just informing you. no biggie. 😉

          • I know; it was merely a joke.

            You know, scrolling down all these replies from the top makes the comments look like the tapering cone on a tornado.

  • Legender

    Totoro is so big and fluffy, who wouldn't give him a big hug?

  • What? The gray owl from the Paper Zelda vid? 8D

    That is funny. Thanks, J.franken–uh, person.

  • Phantom7

    What? I hardly even cracked a smile…

  • Luciano92

    Wow that was great! I liked it even more than the first one! I like the way this one included a Link to the Past stuff as well as Ocarina of Time. Let's Hope there's a Paper Zelda 3, I've enjoyed this series so far.

  • LoZymugglegater

    Hah hah,that Link disguised as a darknut thing was hilarious!Definitely way better than the first one,which was boring.

  • fantasysign

    LOL thats awesome. the zora love child was great.

  • mattj


  • linksgal

    oops…uh, nevermind *blush*

  • Lord_Santa


  • X x7

    Hey, I'm not Error too! That was a really funny video! This makes me think that they should make a WiiWare game of Paper Zelda!