Nigel Sliva is yet another very skilled musician in the Legend of Zelda community. Not only does he take requests for video game remixes (more on that in a bit), he also makes the dang things for his own enjoyment!

You can download his tracks on his brand new fan music page. Although he is a fan of more than just The Legend of Zelda, he still gave us a few tracks to put up for him. It is a pleasure to have Nigel’s works on our site, further expanding our quickly growing fan music section. And, just as our last Fan Music Spotlight, we’ve asked Nigel Silva to tell you all a little bit about him:

Well, my name is Nigel Silva! I currently live in New Jersey from Argentinian parents. I’m 17 years old at the time of writing this (June 22, 2010) and I will be attending the New York Film Academy in the fall to study film making! I’ve been playing piano since the age of 4. Mostly classical stuff or the stuff your piano instructors, parents, and people at recitals would like to hear…until I found some sheets of Super Mario Bros. online one night. Ever since then I’ve been enjoying watching people sit together and nostalgia bomb over the songs I play! It’s a great feeling what music can do to you, especially if it’s from a video game!

I can take any request you throw at me, so request away! <3″

Y’hear that, everyone? Nigel Silva is happy to take your requests for more music! If you request a song here or to him via email (nigelxd [at] and he creates it, we’ll add that song to his fan music page – so request away! And, of course, all of Nigel’s current Zelda tracks can be found here on his fan music page.

To hear his non-zelda tracks, you can head on over to his Newgrounds page, and to hear his Super Mario tunes, go on down to Mario Mayhem. I hope you enjoy listening to Nigel’s music!