It took a bunch of debate and thought (okay, not really), but we’ve decided to, for the foreseeable future, remove all ads from the top area of the temple. Why? Because we want to use that space for something much more useful – featured content.

So, from now, on, you can look up there to find our most important recent posts and media. Anytime something of awesome importance arises, we’ll most likely make a banner for it up top; you can see these banners on both the main site and our forums. We’ll rotate up to five featured items at a time, so if you’ve been ignoring that upper area due to the ads that used to be present there, stop that right now and have a good look at our most important posts and pages!

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  • Huzzah indeed!

  • ChainofDoom

    so, where is the "everything u need to know about skyward sword" link now ?

  • LoZymugglegater

    Yes,much better!I agree with sugar,"huzzah indeed!"

  • Gerudude

    But….adds are income…right??

    • Jason Rappaport

      We have other ads; people mostly just ignored the one at the top anyway, so it didn't make much money.

  • hyRULE-S

    but could you make that look more like it fits into the temple theme? right now its just kinda… weird..looking, for lack of better word. at least the ad fit in and looked nice

    • I agree with you on how the ad un-befits the temple theme, but it will just take some getting used to. I found the original banner on SS bothersome at first. All I had to do, though, was just scroll straight down to the main item I wanted to view and it works fine for me now.

    • I personally don't think that any of them clash too terribly, but if they didn't stand out and blended in completely with the temple theme, they wouldn't get your attention, now would they? 😛

  • genius

    SMART. Finally. This is one of many changes this site needs to be optimal.