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You might remember that back in July we celebrated the fake holiday known as “X-mas in July” by posting FreddeGedde’s Wind Waker Unplugged YouTube video (which had a Christmas theme).

Since then, the super talented Fredrik Larsson has recorded a lot of songs, both covers (including this awesome tv themes video) and originals (including his gorgeous song “The Wayfarer”).

His most recent, however, is a medley of covers of videogame themes with lyrics, including (obviously) two Zelda theme covers.

View the video and read an interview with FreddeGredde after the jump!

We sat down with FreddeGredde (virtually) and asked him some questions about Zelda, himself, and his music.

ZU: What prompted that intricate video of  you covering the theme from The Wind Waker?

FreddeGredde: Well, I chose the Wind Waker song(s) because I wanted to use both accordion and tin whistle, because I had recently gotten those instruments. And that Wind Waker song has two solo instruments, so it was a good match, so to speak.

ZU: You seem to be a Zelda fan; do you have a favorite Zelda game?

FreddeGredde: My favorite Zelda game is… either Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, or Wind Waker. OoT might be the best because it was the FIRST [that I played], and therefore gave the biggest impression. I mean, it was the first game of its kind, it was just SUPERIOR, as I saw it. Majora’s Mask improved some aspects, like having more detailed characters and a more alive universe. That all characters did different things at different times was amazing, as I saw it. So, when I played it I felt that it was better than OoT, even though it didn’t give the same first impression as OoT did.
Then we have Wind Waker, which stands up the best TODAY. The graphics are still nice, the music is on par with OoT, the controls are better, and it’s just… cozier. Still, it’s not the huge landmark that OoT was.
So in conclusion, I like all three almost equally. Most days I’d say that either OoT or WW is my favorite.

ZU: You’re currently recording an album of all original songs. How far along are you with that? Do you have a release date yet?

FreddeGredde: It’s hard to say how far along my album is, but I expect it to be finished this winter, if I work hard. Things take time, sadly.

ZU: Have you been paying attention to the Skyward Sword news? Are you looking forward to that game?

FreddeGredde: I haven’t thought much about Skyward Sword, but I was slightly disappointed with Twilight Princess because I had expected a revolution, like OoT, but honestly, it was just a more boring OoT in a new costume. Still a great game, but I felt “been there, done that” for the first time with a Zelda game. Phantom Hourglass was also a disappointment, because it didn’t feel new at all, except for the more limited and less interactive controls. It’s the first Zelda game I didn’t even finish, and I didn’t play Spirit Tracks at all.
Skyward Sword looks like.. Well, a mix between Twilight Princess and the DS games. There’s more focus on the controls this time, and other than that, it looks like TP with cel-shading.
But, if the story is fresh and we get something unexpected in the game, then I might love it.

Visit FreddeGredde’s site to keep up to date with his covers and original songs (and forthcoming album release).

View the video of his lyrical videogame theme covers below!

Source: FreddeGredde