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The voting period of the 2010 Summer Awards has begun!

The Zelda Universe awards have been a long running tradition, dating all the way back to 2003! They are held twice a year, both in summer and winter, and generate a great deal of activity on our forums. The awards begin with a Suggestion Thread, where members can suggest awards to be added or removed from the list. Once the list of awards to be won has been finalized, Nomination Threads are created, in which members can nominate their fellow forum-goers for awards that they are deserving of.

After awards have been suggested and nominations have been submitted, the voting can begin – and it has! Head on over to the Voting Threads to help your favorite forum members win awards such as Coolest Member, Music Aficionado, Best Screenname and countless others!

And if most of your ZU time is devoted to the main site rather than the forums, don’t worry – there are awards for you as well! Be sure to cast your vote for Best Site Staff and Best of the ZUBC.

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