Coming soon to a videogame store near you!

No, that’s the not the release date, you silly Zelda fan, you – that’s the date on which Nintendo will reveal the Japanese release date for the 3DS. And not just the release date, but the price as well!

According to Bloomberg, Nintendo PR manager Yasuhiro Minagawa revealed in a phone interview with them that they will make available the release date and price on September 29th.

Also, Bloomberg says that Nintendo plans to release the 3DS during this fiscal year. In Japan the fiscal year is from April 1 to March 31, so we could still have a bit of a wait. But that seems unlikely if at the end of September Nintendo is announcing a release date.

Keep your eyes on Zelda Universe on September 29th, as we will announce the release date here as soon as we are made privy to the knowledge.

Source: Bloomberg (via Andriasang tipped by Bolero of Fire)
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