Still the strong silent type.

Our friends over at GoNintendo got word from one of their site members about the contents of the September issue of Nintendo Power,ย and it contains some doozies about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!

As we do not yet have the September 2010 issue ourselves, we cannot confirm its contents at this time, so please take the following with a grain of salt until we can confirm.

Read on for the revelations!

Here is the full list of revelations from the September issue of Nintendo Power.

  • Princess Zelda, in one form or another (though not as the personification of the Skyward Sword), will be making an appearance. And one should hope so! The blasted series is named after her, after all.
  • The Zelda team has “no comment” about Ganon, which pretty much means the evil red-haired and/or pig-faced jerk will also be making appearance. If he wasn’t in the title, they would surely feel more free to say so. But if his appearance is meant to be a surprise, “no comment” is exactly what one would expect them to say, don’t you think?
  • The new Beetle item will possibly be used for racing challenges. As if we didn’t see that one coming.
  • Voice acting is a no-go, and probably will always so remain as they said that voice acting “doesn’t fit with the series.”
  • Miyamoto hasn’t upended the tea table. . . yet! There’s still time, however, as they have at least six more months of development ahead of them. But this may be the first time Mr. Miyamoto has gotten exactly what he wanted the first time around and didn’t have to force them to start from scratch on one thing or another.

Again, as we do not yet have the September 2010 issue of Nintendo Power ourselves, we cannot confirm these fascinating items, but we’ll let you know as soon as we can confirm the information.

Rumors or not, we’d still like to hear what you think about all this! Are you glad that Zelda is returning? Looking forward to using the Beetle in racing challenges? Angry/overjoyed there will never be voice acting in Zelda?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: GoNintendo
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  • Janus

    If this is true, I am totally unsurprised by the voice acting. Not happy, either, but it's pretty much what I expected.
    Nice to see Zelda herself confirmed.

    • Ashmic

      i really wanted voice acting 2

    • Paffe

      I think voice acting would ruin Zelda!

      • Misa

        i agree voice acting is just a bad idea

        • SecretMan

          i agreed, it will ruin Zelda. I can give a example: Mario is a cool game and Super Mario Sunshine were a hit, but like many i think that the voiceacting ruin a little part of the game. That's just my opinion.

          • Nick

            zelda and mario are completely different (when it comes to voice acting). zelda features characters that look semi-real and would utilize voice acting similar to titles like final fantasy or dragon quest viii (which is a great game due in part to incredible voice acting). i don't see how voice acting wouldn't fit. it would only enhance the experience

          • Keimori

            Agreed, after all every character but Link has dialogue, so I don't see how it'd hurt. Like the talking in dragon age origins, all characters but yours talks in spoken dialogue, so if they hired good voice actors, so long as Links’ silent, why would it hurt the series?
            Hell I think there should just be the option to turn it on/off and voila! Everyone’s happy.

      • I was worried that I was the only one that thought voice acting in any Zelda game would be a bad idea. What's wrong with reading? I like having my own idea of the characters' voices anyway! Besides, they go "OOHH!!!" and make other weird grunting noises! XD

    • Mark

      I dont want true voice acting, but i wouldnt mind some indistinguishable murmers (ala Midna) when the characters are speaking. It would make the conversations more engaging for sure

      • what I think that they should do is that they should be speaking hylain, and then they translate it into english subtitles! That would make it so everyone could figure out the pronunciations of all the words in Hylain!

    • LuX

      My view on voice acting is that Link should never speak, but all the other characters should speak Hylian like Midna, I am assuming of course she was speaking Hylian. This way we don't get awkward and goofy voice acting aprticually in our english translations, but we still get emotive tones to couple with the emotive facial expressions, therefore this (And I hate to quote Hannah Mon-freakin'-tanna) means we get the best of both worlds where voice acting is concerned, and also I feel would have a slightly unique element to the game. I mean one more unique element can't hurt lol.

  • Ashmic

    even tho we all knew zelda'd be in it, shes getting annoying, at least OTHER princesses do stuff, in TP all she did was pout and stand there, it's noble at first but boring, i want a princess peach, only not as funny, serious but actually DOES something …………….somewhat.

    ganon, idk, he was REALLY cool in that original zelda manga you posted a few weeks back, he was more than a pig that can talk, MAKE IT COOL NINTENDO!

    the beetle races, now i know im not gonna be able to beat this game, I suck at any races.

    tho this is unconfirmed, it sounds possible, none of its farfetched

    • kkk

      1. i agree i was playing TP the other day and i was like, do you know how to do anything other then appear a cutscene and then you basically kill youself?
      2.the best part about the beetle and how you might have to race with them is that it isnt normal controls it tilting the wiimote. Yayyyyy.
      ….btw that was sarasm

      • Ashmic

        hahaha yeah i can't steer with the mote to save my butt, i had to spend hours to beat they super mario galaxy levels, when you balance on that star ball, and when you have to fly that bird T-T

    • Chad

      I don't know what you're talking about peach. She has sat in her tower in almost every game I have played and she's always getting kidnapped by Bowser. Zelda on the other hand has been a relatively active Princess in the games as of late. There will be a couple of games she will not be able to act in because of certain circumstances. Seriously though Peach does nothing when I got Super Smash Bros. Melee I was surprised she was even in there because she doesn't do ANYTHING in her games. I found this good article a while ago that you should look.

      • Ashmic

        in Tp she puts up no fight to protect her kingdom, the guards flat out suck, and she stays in the castle afterwards, makes no attempt to do anything LOL peach does a HELL of alot more, hell, in paper mario she leaves her room while guards are around, zelda stays in a room and is monitored, look this is a 2 sided fight, im not gonna fight

        • nathan

          explain ocarina of time plz? she not only comes to aid you, but she does so knowing that ganon is hard at work to find her. peach on the other hand sits around writing letters about cakes that dont even exist.

          • Ashmic

            i already said im nt gonna fight about it okay?

          • Dave.

            Ah. but….oh no she bakes it AFTER you rescue her….stupid slut trying to get you to eat some muffin rather than cake.

        • I disagree Ashmic, she did put up a fight at first, which is why number one, we see her with sword in hand, and number two, her guards/soldiers attacked and tried to put up a fight against Zant's forces, but they were no match since Zant's forces were not only enhanced by his power, but also Ganondorf's (plus, I'm sorry, but they sucked hardcore. In OoT the guards and soldiers looked fit and well trained. TP's just seemed poorly trained, unorganized, and out of shape. Guess that's what peacetime will do to you…).

          Zelda even states that her forces were overwhelmed by Zant's sudden attack, and rather risk seeing her people suffer and die at the hands of a tyrant like Zant in a massacre, she decides to sacrifice herself and her freedom to protect her people (which is probably why they were so ignorant about the events going on in TP even after they were free of Twilight, although I still find it hard to believe they can be so narrow-minded when their own freaking CASTLE is encased in a impenetrable DIAMOND PRISON! Sorry Nintendo, that's just laziness and bad storytelling from my view).

          Do I agree with her choice? Not fully, but I can see why she chose to surrender: she put her subjects first, which is what a wise, good leader would do. She even sacrifices herself to save Midna without hardly a second thought. For that she has my respect in TP. The other games she wasn't fully in power and was often a hostage of Ganon/Ganondorf, so of course she couldn't do too much there either.

          Princess Peach, yes, had an more active role in Paper Mario, but other than that I mostly just see her getting herself kidnapped constantly and that's about it. Maybe that's a bit narrow-minded of me to say, but it's just what I've seen so far. I call it as I see it, not looking for a fight here. If you disagree, that's totally fine, I really don't care.

        • Raichu

          Well, how would you react when you're told "If you fight we kill ALL your people, if you give in, they will live" especially when he has this drones that completely overpower my soldiers? I would give up the fight, for the sake of my people living, if only as spirits, they still live. In the end, at least she and midna attempted to help link and Zelda was super helpful by reviving Midna with her power.

          At least she did something in her own way, Peach really doesn;t do much.

          • Ashmic

            everyone has they;re own opinion, if im gonna get blasted because of mine theres no point in leaving comments, so im not gonna

          • Dave.

            ACTUALLY I believe it was something like, "If you surrender I will let you and your people live." "If not you all die."

    • collussuxx

      GET. OUT.

    • Shadow Darkman

      To everyone saying Zelda don't do nothing, I offer two words.


      Play that game and then we'll talk about Zelda's laziness.

      • ThatOneGuy

        I couldn't possibly agree more!

      • Master Blade

        Phew, I thought people forgot about that game, even though its the most recent Zelda game to come out!

        • I haven't played Spirit Tracks, so I kind of forgot about Zelda's more active role there. Also if you think about it, she did help you and teach you songs as Sheik in OoT. Hell, she even opened doors for you as you both were escaping Ganon's collapsing tower, AND held Ganon in place so Link could deliver the finishing blow.

  • freedom410

    I'd be surprised if the Zelda games never got voice acting. Metroid used to be the same way – in fact, with almost no dialogue of any sort. Metroid Prime 3 got voice acting for some characters, and now the new Metroid Other M has voice acting for Samus – unthinkable 3 years ago.

    No comment on Gannon might not necessarily mean he's in the game. After all, it'd be far more of a surprise if he weren't the final boss (he's been in pretty much all the main games since the original). I'm frankly hoping for a new, original boss. However, the Zelda series seems to like the trifecta of Link, Zelda, and Gannon.

    In terms of real surprises, I'm wondering if Dark Link will make an appearance. He was beautifully rendered in the TP cutscene, but we didn't get to fight him.

    • Mr. M

      YES! Dark Link, Please! I love dark link, and i hope he is in SS. If he is, it would be cool if it was like king bublin from TP; you fight him a lot and he comes back for more.

    • Shadow Darkman

      "No comment on Gannon might not necessarily mean he's in the game."

      "However, the Zelda series seems to like the trifecta of Link, Zelda, and Gannon."

      You are GANNON-BANNED.

  • Siaarn

    I'm kinda hoping Miyamoto will be like "..You know what, this isn't working, let's rework a whole bunch of things", 'cause so far this is the first Zelda game I haven't been excited about XD; Maybe it's the graphics, maybe it's the controls, I don't know, it doesn't feel Zelda-y to me… Maybe it's the reveal, too, when they revealed Twilight Princess, it was EPIC, seeing that trailer and hearing the crowd cheer was amazing, they were so casual about it this time around. Man.. Nintendo has made me hate the word "casual".

    I hope I'm suprised by this game the same way I was with Wind Waker.

    • TheyCallMeTim?

      Agreed :l

    • Charlie

      I'm totally agreed, is very wierd but I'm also not exited with the game :S

    • Hero of time

      You hoped that and now they confirmed that Skyward Sword is only 1/2 complete! Now that could mean 51-99%, but I would say around 60%.

  • keiferm

    i don't see how Ganon can appear. This takes place before OoT, which is known to be when Ganon was a full grown adult still wanting to get The Triforce, so if he did appear, it would be a young version via cameo.

    • Chad

      A Cameo appearance is unlikely because it would likely cause there to be at least three Links at the same time in OoT because Skyward sword is before Minish cap and Minish cap is before OoT. So if a young Ganon were to appear then he would mess up the timeline

      • Raichu

        Well, the "before minish cap" is entirely a fan-based theory, not an established canon. At most, I think they'd try to avoid having trouble with OOT, but that's it.

        • Chad

          Nintendo did say that MC came before Oot and SS is the earliest game created yet so I just put my facts together.

          • Actually, we don't know that it is the "earliest game" just that it is earlier than OoT. It COULD be after TMC but before OoT. Or it could be before TMC. We don't know for certain.

          • Raichu

            Ah really? My mistake then. I was aware of their quotes on SS being before OOT, but that's all. Can you link me to the article that says Minish is before OOT O:?

          • Shadow Darkman

            Same here. When was it confirmed that TMC also preceded OoT? All we have is that Ganon/Ganondorf didn't appear. Not good enough for me.

    • Ashmic

      Ganon the demon thats what they're saying, ganon-dorf is a "human" so to speak, you're talking about him

  • TaffyPool

    I’m sticking. By the outline I wrote for the DSi contest: we see Zelda, but only at the end, recently born to the Queen of the Hylians.

    • David

      That would be soooooo cool. And your comment also made me giggle in a really weird way! I can a imagine the blood everywhere… but thats not gonna happen. Maybe the Queen will name her after Link's sister/mother/dead childhood friend/other!

  • Alex

    If Ganon were to appear, it would be no surprise to me.

  • Misa

    It's good that they aren't using voice acting becasue it would be wierd … and plus what if the voice doesn't fit the character?

    • Keimori

      Then the guy that cast the voiceactors would lose his job. XP

      • Shadow Darkman

        Indeed. They would need the VAs to fit the character. PLEASE PUT VOICE-ACTING IN THIS GAME, OR THE NEXT ONE!!

    • You do realize they use VAs for the grunts right? They would just use them :/

    • TrustMe

      I agree. I like to imagine how the characters' voices sound like. And with the text, you can understand what they're saying instead of thinking, "What did they say? I couldn't hear." Plus, I think that voice acting messed up Super Mario Sunshine a bit, so I prefer the text more than voice acting.

  • Thareous

    Bastian, you took the words right of my head! The Legend of Zelda series wouldn’t be LoZ without it’s namesake founder. I am delighted to know that she was there at the beginning. I would like a new villain, but wouldn’t be quite the same without Ganon. And races? Bleurgh, these are so hard! But hopefully you can beat the game without beating them. 8P

  • Cipher

    im actually happy about the lack of voice acting, i think the dialouge suits the series as it is now and ganon… man i hope he's NOT in the game, i know he's the main villain and the holder of the triforce of power from OoT onwards but he is just getting boring, he just seems so repetative and i no longer get the feeling of triumph when i beat him cause i know he'll be back later

  • What they think 'fits' or 'doesn't fit' is -always- changing. They had previously decided that Adult Link would be presented in a gritty, dark, realistic style, and Young Link would be toony. Clearly that decision was not something set in stone.

    And I'm glad. No artist should pin down their boundaries like that, there should always be room for creativity and new ways to express Zelda.

  • Stormy

    i think the only reason a lot of people dont want voice acting is because the developers have downcasted it themselves, (also that other games have been scarred by terrible voice acting) so even if it did have voice acting, and even if it was amazing and brilliant, fans would still criticize it because they don't change their opinions easily. (not everyone, but you get what i mean. TWW, anyone?) I personally get kind of tired of watching mouths moving on the screen with dramatic music, and hearing nothing coming out of their mouths. Its kind of disapointing if you ask me. I'm not deaf, but im certainly not blind, either. (though i might be if these walls of text we have to read in these games continue.) As for ganon, i think the main villian will be the evil "NotZant" and will be destroyed at the end, only to be replaced by ganon in his typical guise.

    • Cipher

      I have to agree with you on the point that voice acting would be better in circumstances like dramatic scenes but when you talk to npcs in towns and places like that i kinda like just having written text, i suppose they could mix it up and do both. Thinking about it now I think they should at least give voice acting a go in one game and if it doesn't work out they can always go back to the current way of doing things.

      • Stormy

        yeah i agree with you its just that i had a friend who doesnt like to read, and thus missed all the important clues and such, so i had to walk him through twilight princess every step of the way, because he skipped the endless walls of text that all the npcs gave. Also the fact that whenever there is a person speaking in the game, their mouth is moving, but there is nothing else going on except silence, and that sucks all the drama out of it.

        • Vaati6009

          I really don't understand why fans think voice acting would be a terrible thing for the franchise. I think it would be great! Having endless walls of texts even in the cutscenes can be repetitive and monotonous for me and I bet at least a good amount of fans may agree with me on this. I don't mind if you have to read text while talking to random NPCs, but for cutscenes, having to read through text can suck out the impact of it. And with Link having no spoken dialogue, that's also getting kind of repetitive. I don't mind it at times, but I really wish that sometimes he could actually have an opportunity to speak.

  • Cipher

    Am I the only one who would like to see Link and Zelda at completely different ages? like having the older Link in this game alongside a child Zelda, I just think it would be an interesting change

  • Chad

    I just hope that they are making it longer than previous games with 8 Dungeons. The 8 Dungeons thing is getting annoying and this new style with less dungeons (Spirit Tracks, Minish cap, and several others I can't name off the top of my head except for Majora's mask because the four Dungeons were so long that they equaled about 8 dungeons) is even worse. Plus this Spirit Tracks thing where you do the same thing over and over and over is getting old. Here's an example
    STEP 1: Find Rail Map in Tower
    STEP 2: Drive train to Sanctuary
    STEP 3: Play song with Lokomos
    STEP 4: Drive train on newly appeared tracks to temple
    STEP 5: Defeat temple
    (once you have finished these steps start over again until you finish all four measly dungeons)
    Do we really need to have the same thing over and over again add some more Mandatory side quests to the Mix (such as the zora prince being taken to Kakoriko village and the quest to regain Llia's memory) and get rid of the 5 step method. Another problem is the 3 dungeons and then a turning point. Don't get me wrong I love turning points but where they're placed is a big problem. In most zelda games you go through the steps of finding the three items (usually things having to do with courage wisdom and Power) then you have the turning point and then 5 more dungeons and guess what you finished the game. Nintendo should either have several turning points or switch things up mix the game up a little more.
    They need to add more effort to making the game longer which means more dungeons, plus on the same hand make puzzles more complicated which will add even more time to the game, more mandatory sidequests, Switch the games turning points up and above all get rid of the 5 step method. If you obey these steps then you have a drastic improvement to the already great series it is.

    • Chad

      Note: I don't hat any of the games I listed I was just using them because they were on the top of my head

      • twilit mask of time

        spirit tracks had 5 dungeons, and side quests that were necessary. Like fighting the eye thing in the tunnel, helping the gorons, making the underwater tracks appear in the ocean area. There are definate variations, but I agree it is pretty formulaic, but almost every game I ever play is.

    • HylianHero

      … Her name's Ilia.. Not Llia. That's an "I" ("eye") in the front of her name not an "L"

  • I sure hope that Ganon(/dorf) DOESN'T appear in the game… for one it wouldn't make sense, and for another, I think he just needs a break.

    • Keimori

      I hear he has a lovely Vacation home on the graet bay, maybe he should go soak up some rays. XP

  • TVT

    'Dorf wouldn't make sense, but hopefully we'll get some good backstory on Ganon, the beast/demon king/evil thing along with the Master Sword. It really wouldn't make sense if we didn't get something like that, since we're talking the origin story of the sword that's been the specific antimatter of Ganon since LttP.

    No voice acting sounds lame, but it's nothing really necessary. Hopefully they'll have DLC for it at some point.

    • Jin

      It would make absolute sense. When will people learn that the Master Sword was created to fight ALL EVIL, not just Ganondorf.

  • No voice acting is an idiot move in this day and age. Nintendo area massive company and have more than enough resources to provide it. This has nothing to do with it “not fitting” Zelda, and everything to do with Nintendo pinching pennies, as they do with everything. That Koji Kondo has to kick and scream to get a live orchestra for a multi-million-selling game should tell you all you need regarding that issue.

    • I have to say that I disagree. Hiring voice talent isn't that expensive in the long run and I highly doubt the money has anything to do with it. I suspect it is all about the cheese-factor. ๐Ÿ˜›

      I have played quite a few games with voice acting, and I have yet to play one that didn't have at least ONE character that made me cringe out of the sheer awfulness of the acting. It ruins the experience. Meticulously hiring the BEST voice actors and meticulously getting the best possible line readings from them would be extremely difficult. Now take into consideration that they'd have to do the same again and again for each localization. In languages they do not themselves speak. It would be impossible to maintain100% non-cringe-worthy voice acting.

      Mario games have voice acting, but obviously to a very small degree as there isn't a whole lot of dialogue in Mario titles. Zelda, on the other hand, had a great deal of dialogue.

      Besides, we are supposed to never read/hear Link speak because WE are Link, and to hear a character say something that we would not ourselves say would shatter that precept.

      • kingmizar64

        I agree with eribaar. I think to say that voice-acting in a game will only serve to ruin the experience is a bit short-sighted. I mean in this day and age we have been proven time and time again that masterfully handled voice actors create immersive gaming experiences. There are many games that handle voice acting terrifically, such as Final Fantasy XII, Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption.

        Yes, it is difficult to ensure that voice-acting remains consistently accurate with the original vision of the creators throughout localization. However, if other gaming companies other that Nintendo can do it flawlessly, like Square-Enix, then why can't Nintendo?

        Surely a company that currently holds the videogame market dominance in the United States can handle adding voice acting to one of their most popular and enduring franchises.

        I don't think Nintendo's reluctance has anything to do with keeping to "Zelda tradition" (a series that founded itself in 87 by breaking game design traditions) as it has to do with Nintendo's "legacy of cutting corners and cashing in" IGN article:

        And if it's so difficult to translate spoken dialogue into more than just English and Japanese then they can simply add the options for subtitles. Which are easier and cheaper to create.

        And finally just because there is voice-acting does not mean Link has to speak. Look at the Half-life games. Gordon Freeman (the protagonist) never speaks while the other characters do. Or look at Metroid Prime 3 even.

        • freedom410

          Given the amount of effort that went into voice acting for Metroid: Other M, I suspect it might not simply be a matter of money. I think Nintendo realizes that much of it's market is in the big franchise games (Mario, Metroid, Zelda), and that there's a lot of value in nostalgia. In fact, with the New Super Mario Bros. and Metroid: Other M and Donkey Kong Returns, Nintendo is almost going back to 2-D games. As such, I think the no voice-acting rule for Zelda is part of an attempt to preserve that nostalgic feeling.

  • freedom410

    I changed my mind slightly about Gannon – I could see him as acceptable in SS if he has a cool story role. I’m thinking Darth Vader “I’m you’re father, Luke” type plot twists. It’d be awesome if SS had some plot twists that totally changed the way we see Link, Zelda, and Gannon’s triumvirate relationship. However, if Gannon is just the main villain at the end, that’s already old.

    As for Zelda – she is a feisty little princess. Remember, in OoT she helped Link with hints and such, albeit as Sheik. And in TP Gannon used her as a puppet, and then she shot arrows from your horse. And, in my humble opinion, she’s much hotter than Peach.

  • GenoKID

    I'm only surprised they wouldn't comment on Ganon. Which means he's almost sure to show up. If it's before OoT, this would appear impossible.

    But if Link can time travel, heck, if VERAN could time travel, Ganon could too.
    They just gotta make him more menacing, he's becoming Bowser. What I mean is he always loses/ dies and in TP he had no brilliant schemes. Remember OoT? How he used Link… twice?

    He needs to be worthy of the whole Triforce, not only power. I think if there is any reason he holds power, it's because it's his final goal, his desire.
    He shouldn't be a fool or a coward.

    • Dave.

      Yes, but the 1 scheme he did have in TP didn't fail THAT miserably.

      Step: 1 – Give a power hungry fool….power.
      Step: 2 – Give him the ability to change the world as he sees fit.
      Step: 3 – Use ocarina of time's technique of use one person to draw out another…Midna=Link. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scrivs

    Voice acting has the potential to completely RUIN any game in my opinion. Especially in a game series like Zelda, where the emphasis is not on the words that people speak, but their actions. Having no voice acting neither helps nor hurts any of the Zelda games, it's just how they are. Adding voice acting is like replacing Link with a new character.

  • Halloo

    There is one possible reason why Ganon wouldn't be in Skyward Sword. Aonuma has confirmed that it takes before OoT. In OoT Ganon seems to make his first appearance in OoT because Hyrule doesn't seem to know about his evil desires in the beginning.

    • That's not to say, however, that a century or more before OoT a different Gerudo man (one is born every hundred years or so) wrecked havoc one way or another. Perhaps even Ganondorf's father? And we get OoT Ganon's back story and some sympathy points when we discover what an awful father he'd had? And so he learns his evil ways from his father?

  • Elijah

    I hope they don't have any voice acting. I don't think Gannon will appear considering it's before OoT, but if they do, ok cool lets see what they do with him on this game. If Zelda appears that would be cool, what if she's the valuable friend he has to find? If she's not in the game, ok, again lets see what they do without her. All I'm saying is, they have been making every game in this series awesome, so I'm really excited on this game no matter how they do it. They always somehow made it work, so I'm really confident in them on this game.

    • Dave.

      They might go all Majoras Mask and make characters that OoT link meets in the future except in MM Link meets the skull kid who was in the woods that you teach the song to.

      They might make sidewuests about people like that old bloke with the blue dress, or Anju's mysterious allergy to Cuccoos which could be linked to a childhood experience or a relatives disease. Or you might find more out about the "Sages" relatives and you might have to help put Bongo Bongo into the shadow temple with Impa's mother/father or even childhood Impa!

      For all of you people out there thinking this game will be crap. Think of the possibilitys!

      You might even meet King Zoras wife.

      • Shadow Darkman

        "You might even meet King Zoras wife."

        We met her in TP. Her name's Rutela. The "King Zora" she mentions has been confirmed to be the same guy from OoT, meaning Ralis has a (possible step?)sister in Ruto.

  • Daniel

    Maybe they will have Vaati in this one ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Chad

      That's not very likely as most people think MC comes after SS

    • ZeldaFan

      That would be cool…MC was awesome!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SeriousKano

    It would be nice to have voice acting as an option to turn on or off to please everyone.
    I consider myself a quite conservative gamer, but a large gaming franchise with a story needs voice acting nowadays. You don't need that in a Mario game, but with a game like Zelda, it's a different issue.

  • Abodos

    I have a crazy theory that might make pre-Ocarina Ganon work:

    So, let's say that Ganon from the far future decides to go back in time to destroy the Master Sword before it was created. While we're on that train of thought, let's have BOTH Ganons go back in time (that is, child timeline Ganon and adult timeline Ganon) in order to double team. Then, in order to give Link an even harder time, they merge into one super-powerful entity, completely losing his mind in the process. Link barely manages to defeat this abomination, and Ganon's spirit eventually comes to be reincarnated as…

    …the original Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time.

    It would certainly be a crazy way to tie both timelines together, but what do you guys think?

    • Chad

      The only problem with that is if Ganon went back in time Zelda and the king would know about him and stop him which not only would stop ganon from traveling back in time it would erase many of the games from the timeline and i'm pretty sure Nintendo wouldn't want to do that

      • "As before, the resistance was able to send a lone warrior…a protector for John–*loud cough*–Link…it was just a question of which one would reach him first."

        -HAHAHAHA, I'm sorry, but that's the first thing I thought of. when I read your suggestion. =p

    • Errorjack

      That' is pretty stupid for 2 Ganons. I like the idea of 1 though.

      Why can't people accept, ONCE did you see a Zelda game where the Master Sword was in it and Ganon wasn't? None, which proves this WILL have Ganon!

      • TrustMe

        Having the Skyward Sword/Master Sword in this game never proved that Ganon will be in this one. I don't think the Master Sword was made specifically for Ganon because it's called the Blade of Evil's Bane. It was made just to banish any evil that came to Hyrule.

  • zeldafreak720

    Miyamoto already confirmed Ganon wont make a appearence

    • That's news to me. What interview was that?

      • Some people might make up things and say things like that. I dunno why people would do that though. But I mean if there is somewhere that said so I would think the ZU Team here would of told us. Otherwise I am thinking it has not really been confirmed by Miyamoto at all.

        • CWS

          hehe actually miyamoto has lied a lot when it comes to this game

  • ThatOneGuy

    Actually, if you don't count OoS and OoA (because Ganon technically wasn't the main villain in those games unless you played through them twice), there are actually more games without ganon(dorf) than with, so I wouldn't mind if he were to make another appearance. As for voice acting, I personally don't really want it in Zelda games, but if they made the voice acting optional, the people who want it could have it and those who don't could just turn it off.

  • JME

    Movies are meant for voice acting. Not video games. Certainly not in Zelda! I am pleased at this. I am excited to hear Princess Zelda will be in the game, but am not surprised since this game is before OOT. I hope we get alot of backstory on Ganon. IS MALLADUS actually Ganon by the wayy?? I know that’s off subject… Anyways, I do believe this game will outdo OOT and go down in history as the single best GAME CREATED of ALL TIME and I can’t wait!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ThatOneGuy

      I've been wondering the same thing about Malladus. They do look kind of similar in a way don't they? Except, Malladus isn't a pig, he's a…goat creature…thing. Anyways, I agree with you, so far this does look better than OoT in my opinion (though I still love OoT), and I can't wait for it.

  • I Want to Marry Link

    I must be oldschool or something, but I love the idea of no voice acting and I would be a little disappointed if Ganon didn't make an appearance. I kinda feel like Ganon, Link, and Zelda, are the Zelda games. I do not have a problem with some change, but a complete new format with a new main villian and no Zelda or whatever would throw off my grooove a little bit….

    However, I am not really liking the graphics in the trailer, honestly. I wish they would have stuck with the TP style.

    • Rin

      I so agree!! The graphics are crappy. Too cartoonish! I mean Link still has that look from TP but it's so cartoonish!!!!!!! And Link is pretty sexy, but alas, he belongs to Tetra and Zelda):

  • Jason

    Voice Acting will definitely ruin the game, atleast in America. As we all know, Japanese Voice Actors/Actresses are pretty damn dedicated to the characters they do unless due to extreme circumstances they would be replaced. However, if an American VA feels like they don't want to voice the character anymore, they just stop, and the character's voice is different all of a sudden in the middle of the series. It's pretty nerve-wrecking. I sure as hell don't want a different Link's voice actor for every Zelda game.

  • 209116032


  • eiyuu

    I would kind of like to see Ganon, just because this game seems to be trying to be "the ultimate Zelda game" type thing, and it just can't be that without Ganon hahaha. Thinking about the rumors that this game was supposed to be a remake of the original LoZ, and seeing what we've seen so far (pre-OoT, origin of Master Sword, etc) it somewhat makes sense in a way. It isn't that the game is actually LoZ remade, just that it is now taking on the role of the "first" game in the franchise, and adding many brand new elements that will most likely remain with the series from here on, such as orchestrated music and motion controls.

    And whoever compared Zelda to Peach needs to rethink the whole thing, lol. When has Peach ever done anything? (Mario Bros II doesn't count because the game was all some dream of Mario's and made no sense anyway, lol) And sense when has Zelda only sat in the last castle waiting to be saved? (except the first 2 games) Zelda usually has a huge role in the plot, and makes decisions throughout the game that could save or destroy Hyrule. In OoT she actually saved Princess Ruto didn't she? Anyway, Zelda isn't the typical "get captured and wait to be saved" princess, lol

    • David

      But Super Paper Marioooooooo…! Peach PWNS in that game!

      • Shadow Darkman

        Agreed, but let's extend that to Paper Mario proper, rather than just Super Paper Mario simply because she's playable again.

        Why? Because in both PM1 and PM:TT-YD she sneaks around the enemy base she's held at (Peachy Snake, anyone? ROFL) and assists Mario with what she learns or does.

  • Xenithar

    Meh I was kinda hoping there would be voice acting; that could have been one reason this game was in development for so long. And I HOPE Ganon isn't in this one! I'm rather sick of the same antagonist over and over and over and over…. :/ Get a bad guy that makes Ganon look like a sissy, that's what I'm hoping for.

  • Cam

    Yay Zelda!
    I'm hope for subtle hints of romance, but that's borderline fanfiction…
    Not sure about Ganon; just have to wait and see how they use him in the game, if he really is in it…
    I don't mind no voice acting, but I kinda liked the Midna's jumbled words.

  • TheMaverickk

    The most surprising assumption is the "Ganon" comment.

    I know the initial reaction for most is that it "must mean Ganon/Ganondorf" is in the game. In all truth though I am guessing that in reality they just don't want to give away anything right now.

    Confirming or denying Ganon/Ganondorfs appearance would give away enough to possibly tarnish any sort of surprise. I mean if they confirmed that he wasn't in it, people would immediately turn to other Zelda villains as being possible evils. In the end it is better for people not to be concerned, and just play the game when it comes.

  • My thoughts on Ganon bring in it are, what if the man Ganondorf was possessed by an evil spirit, Ganon, from birth. The spirit Ganon chose this baby Gerudo because he saw in the boy a future of power and significance. So thus the villain we’ve known for so long is so powerful and immortal because of this spirit. So while the man Ganondorf obviously couldn’t be born yet, perhaps the spirit who became the Chief of the Gerudos once had a different form. This Hero of Men destroyed him and his spirit roamed until he could possess Ganondorf.

    • Shadow Darkman

      That is… interesting, and highly plausible. I love it.

  • wayofthesheikah

    That was kind of similar to my own theory, Smoore. What if SS introduced us some great evil power that ravages Hyrule that Link has to defeat, and the only way it can be defeated is if the Skyward Sword is crafted into the Master Sword?

    What if, near the end of the game, we get a short teaser showing us this evil power, severely weakened, infusing itself inside a young Ganondorf? What if this evil power was actually Twinrova, the two witches supposedly rumored to be the birth mothers of Ganondorf?

    I don't know, there's so many routes the Zelda team can take with this, I'm excited to see what they choose to do in terms of story. I'm mostly neutral when it comes to Ganon/Ganondorf being in SS, but I think if he does at all, it should be maybe a cameo or allusion to OoT.

    Also for those of you angry that the Zelda team decided not to use voice acting again, there's a very good reason why they chose not to. Tell me, has anyone ever heard of a little old, shunned '90s system called CD-I? Yeah, I don't have anything more to say on that subject.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I'm just tired of Hyrule, Zelda and Ganondorf again, sure those 2 are awesome characters but I can deal without them for another main game, Majora's Mask did the series a wonderful justice by introducing so many new and refreshing elements, one of the most notable being a brand new land to explore

  • Fusion

    aslong as there isn’t any VA like Navi

  • Linkage

    Voice acting in a Zelda game? Heck no! I prefer the voices in my head any day of the week.

    • rick

      I agree

    • Not our fault you think you can imagine the voices when they've already had voices, just used for grunts only.

    • Shadow Darkman

      Just be careful, or you'll wind up with them addressing you in particular.

  • frank

    maybe this zelda will be put to sleep for a long time so Z2 Link can waker her up

  • Michael

    I really hope this game is MUCH better than Twilight Princess. When I first saw Twilight Princess, originally titled in a poster "The Legend of Zelda." I was very hyped. The pictures on the poster looked great, big bosses, Hyrule, and the graphics were stunning. But then it got worse. It took THREE years before I finally got the game, because of the release of the Wii. They had to redo a lot and make it too easy on the Gamecube version. No good puzzles, no challenging bosses that took 3 hours or more to beat (Wind Waker), very strange plot… TP was a good game, it was just too easy and strange. I mean really, when has Link ever snowboarded down a mountain with a yeti??? I like the creativity but I also like the dark and gritty part about the game. Not cartoonish how Skyward Sword is going to be.
    Now to the story part… If this is a PRE OoT, how is Link adult? Does he get the Master Sword and then put it back in the Temple of Time? Lose his memory in a coma, gets woken up by Navi (Beginning of OoT)? It doesn't connect. Unless Link has 40 or more twins, I don't see it working out. I love all Legend of Zelda games and I bet this one is going to be fun, I just see it having issues compared to great past games.

    • Shadow Darkman

      "If this is a PRE OoT, how is Link adult?"

      Different hero.

  • Mrdemonictaco

    That would be perfect if they did that.

  • Not surprised about the voice acting. Annoyed, but not surprised.

  • Shadowknight1

    In a way, I'm sorry that there won't be voice acting, but I'm also glad. We won't have inane voice actors like the voice actress who portrayed Vanille in Final Fantasy XIII or every single voice actor/actress in the Sonic games.

  • #1 zelda fan

    thumbs up for no voice acting =) And i think ganon should be in skyward sword cuz…well…he's always in every big zelda game (big as in, not a zelda game for a hand-held.) And i think this voice-over crap would be a big waste of time and ruin zelda for all of us. But if ganon does return i'm really hoping that he's EXTREMELY difficult to beat, because he just wasn't that challenging in past zelda titles. Im also hoping for this new zelda to be longer than nintendo is saying it is, because i don't wanna play this zelda and beat it in a matter of like 3-4 weeks like i did with twilight princess [yes people…i'm just that good =) ] So yeah….thats pretty much it for my zelda hopes. And 1 more thing, all you other zelda fans out there who were bumbed out cuz of the graphics, (not gonna lie i was bumbed out too) that doesn't mean its not going to be a really fun and epic zelda, and Iwata (i think i spelt his name right) said they might update the graphics before its release next year, sooo…get pumped all you zelda fans. =)

  • ktulu333

    It appears that Nintendo is keeping with the same trends in the Zelda franchise and that's repetition. It sounds like it's going to be the same Zelda, with no real innovation of changes. Ganon will likely be in the game, which I hope to be completely true, but will likely find himself in the same disappointing role.

  • David

    How about he merely cameos in some kinda prophecy as the heir to the throne of evil or some other thing like that, just to give him a bit backstory. He may have only appeared PROPERLY in 6 games (not counting oracle cuz that was just a cameo in all fairness, but I am counting FS cuz I love MC) but I still think he should be long gone.

  • Yoh

    Well, in TP, Zelda DOES do something, she atleast shoots some “light arrows” on Ganon.

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  • ShadowHero31

    Seriously, Ganon does need a break. And I think i know one of the reasons Nintendo doesn't do voice acting. Because there is so much diolauge and it's released in a whole bunch of different countries, it would just take up to much time of the developement.

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  • zelda

    princess Zelda is the best character!! Zelda ftw

    • fewerwt


  • MrRakso

    i have a theory about ganon:
    i think that when ganon was young his father(or friend) had a plan to destroy hyrule then as a final boss you get ganondorf´s father and when you defeat him lil ganondorf say that he is gonna complete what his father did.

  • Kafei88

    Is Havok Going To Work On This One? Can't Wait For LoZ Ragdolls And Physics…

  • dan

    not having voice acting, and having disapointing graphics was a huge let down for me. nintendo used to be about quality over quantity, but they have changed this attitude with nintendo wii. i LOVE stylized graphics, but skyward sword isnt about style, it's about lower production time for artists with the excuse of stylized graphics. there is no reason why the graphics cant have style and still be of much higher quality then what they have showcased so far. lift up your game nintendo.

    ill always be a zelda fan, and as such, i want zelda to be back where it used to be – as the best rpg/game out there. not a game that my friends laugh at as i try to convince them its still good…. no voice acting… unbelievable. if change wasn't good then why dont they stick to the old nes graphics and see how far that takes them… they could argue it's about fun and style

  • Zelda4Evar!

    So wait, Princess Zelda is in Skyward Sword!?!? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Link

    lets hope that zelda is playable in like one dungeon or something ^^

  • ali

    I am not really excited about skyward sword, i dont like the graphics as much , it looks more cartoonish i guess. i really happy that zelda will be in the game and how there will be no voice acting in the game, that would ruin it for me. I want zelda to be in her original form and not the sword.i really really want epona to be in skyward sword! i love epona, i dont want her to get replaced with a train! they should have made epona into a pegasus. . i think this game will be boring and unlike the other zelda games which i will NOT like at all. i hope this will turn out to be better than what i'll think it is… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Klara

    No voice acting, fine with me. In TP it almost got to a point where Midna's voice acting was… creepy? Then again, Midna as a character wouldn't suit a "pretty" voice, don't you think?

    Also, im hoping that whatever assistant Link gets, He/she won't take all the screentime, like in TP. The final showdown with Ganondorf (before all the fighting) he was mostly talking to Midna and not Link, the true hero.

    Im thrilled that Zelda is in this game! I cant wait to see her design. I mean, Link got pants, i wonder how they design our princess?
    Same goes for Ganondorf, i want to see him, too!

  • Rin

    I think it’s totally awsome Princess Zelda will be in this game! I mean really the game is named after her and I do support Zelda+Link. I actually want Ganon to come back because it’s GANON!I mean will the Triforce even be mentioned into this game? Lately everyones forgotten about the Triforce. I think the beetle thing looks interesting and finally Link gets a whip! Finally I actually would like to see a Zelda voice enactment. I mean this series has been silent forever! We should give this series a voice(:

  • DarkLink

    In my opinion, I think voice acting would ruin the game. The silence of the characters just gives an epic vibe. And Ganon(dorf), he's getting kind of old, and he's been in so many games that you just don't get the same feeling of victory. Don't get me wrong, I still like Ganondorf, he just needs a break. As for the game overall, it's changed so much. How do you go from finding a Sacred Sword to defeat an evil wizard in the forest to driving a talking ship around the ocean? It's just changed so much it's not even Zelda-y anymore.

  • DarkLink

    In my opinion, I think voice acting would ruin the game. The silence of the characters just gives an epic vibe. And Ganon(dorf), he's getting kind of old, and he's been in so many games that you just don't get the same feeling of victory. Don't get me wrong, I still like Ganondorf, he just needs a break. As for the game overall, it's changed so much. How do you go from finding a Sacred Sword to defeat an evil wizard in the forest to defeat an evil wizard, to driving a talking ship around the ocean? It's just changed so much it's not even Zelda-y anymore.