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These days it’s all the rage to rail against ye ol’ The Legend of Zelda cartoon series for cheap jokes. However, to those of us who were young children and had only a total of two Zelda games with which to compare it, rather than something to be despised, the 15 minute Zelda cartoon was something to be looked forward to each Friday. It was a part of what made Zelda “Zelda” for us back then.

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THIS is the Triforce of Wisdom, Link!

For those being introduced the 1989 cartoon series after the fact, with more released Zelda games played and thus a more defined notion of what is “Zelda” the cartoon would certainly seem a cheap imitation. It is true that the cartoon committed many grave errors, with everything from poor animation, poor characterization, poor writing and everything in between–save the music, which was actually amazingly good! They even changed important, established aspects such as the Triforces of Wisdom and Power from golden triangular prisms to green and red tetrahedrons, respectively.

The original Epona?

That being said, Nintendodojo just posted an article on what they would like from a future hypothetical cartoon series using the 1989 show as model for what-not-to-do. And while their list makes a great deal of sense and certainly would make for a wonderful Zelda cartoon experience, they seem to be missing a key point: the 1989 cartoon was geared to very young children; the hypothetical show they are proposing is instead geared to an older audience. Many of the things they point to in the old series works for a show aimed at children of that young age bracket, and their suggestions for improvement would hinder such a program. A cartoon series built for young children is inherently vastly different than one designed for teens and preteens. It seems a bit silly comparing a hypothetical apple to a very real orange.

A legend better retold.

Regardless, with this in mind, it does make for a thought-provoking read. And if you are at all like me, it will lead you to daydreaming about your own ideal Zelda cartoon.

Complete with an Evil Jar or not.

Click here to read Nintendodojo‘s full article on the topic.

Source: Nintendodojo
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