Let your Sims live in luxury at glamorous Hyrule Castle!

If you are both a Zelda fan and an avid The Sims 3 player, this is custom built for you!

Candlelight82 at Mod The Sims has just released the Hyrule Castle (Ocarina of Time version) lot he created to add to your The Sims 3 world. It is astoundingly faithful to the one found in Ocarina of Time, complete with the secret entrance you must use to enter in the original game. Here is the listing, much like one you’d find in a realty listing:

Parking lot 1x (stable), Moat (Pool), Dungeon, Wine-cellar, bedroom 2x double, 4x single, main hallway, throne room, kitchen 2x, dining room 2x, bar, living room, Links training room, library, painting room, plants room, arboretum, bath 8x, relax areas in- and outside

Sounds entirely complete to me!

More images and details after the jump!

Just don't let any orange haired desert nomads in!

This lot was originally created as a piece of the still-in-development fan-created Hyrule World for the game. Alas, the Hyrule World project is taking longer than expected with no recent updates, so Candlelight82 chose to release the Hyrule Castle lot early, today.

If you play The Sims 3 and wish to get your hands on this surprising addition, visit the page for it here.

And if you would like to view the entire Hyrule World project, visit that page here.

Source: Mod The Sims
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