Let your Sims live in luxury at glamorous Hyrule Castle!

If you are both a Zelda fan and an avid The Sims 3 player, this is custom built for you!

Candlelight82 at Mod The Sims has just released the Hyrule Castle (Ocarina of Time version) lot he created to add to your The Sims 3 world. It is astoundingly faithful to the one found in Ocarina of Time, complete with the secret entrance you must use to enter in the original game. Here is the listing, much like one you’d find in a realty listing:

Parking lot 1x (stable), Moat (Pool), Dungeon, Wine-cellar, bedroom 2x double, 4x single, main hallway, throne room, kitchen 2x, dining room 2x, bar, living room, Links training room, library, painting room, plants room, arboretum, bath 8x, relax areas in- and outside

Sounds entirely complete to me!

More images and details after the jump!

Just don't let any orange haired desert nomads in!

This lot was originally created as a piece of the still-in-development fan-created Hyrule World for the game. Alas, the Hyrule World project is taking longer than expected with no recent updates, so Candlelight82 chose to release the Hyrule Castle lot early, today.

If you play The Sims 3 and wish to get your hands on this surprising addition, visit the page for it here.

And if you would like to view the entire Hyrule World project, visit that page here.

Source: Mod The Sims
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  • Khao

    Woah! This looks impressive! But judging on the placement of the courtyard makes it seem like Ganondorf and the king were actually having a meeting in a parking lot. Unless they completely twisted the part of the courtyard where Link first meets Zelda.

  • Meralia

    Wow, that's amazing! I may want Sims 3 just for this…

  • Ashmic

    DUDE im playin sims and was looking for sims zelda stuff, but too bad i like sims2 better so im playing that,

    hey if yuou look up zelda on mod the sims it has several LoZ twilight princess statues, like that helix one in front of the castle

  • Matt

    I don’t care how inacurate it is.
    Its awesome, plain and simple.

  • A lot of it is not official, the only parts of the castle we can see that were really in the game were the courtyard where zelda was, where the soldiers tread, and the secret entrance. I don't think it really makes sense that the kings throne room would be on the upper left most side of the castle though…
    overall, its really good though.

    • You know where the throne room is in the game, remember when you look through the window with zelda?

      • i know that is just doesn't seem right for the throne room to be on the upper left side of the castle, and in a 2 foot hallway. I always thought It was in the center of the castle.

  • Thareous33

    Everything listed is exactly as I remember it, except for one thing…where is the Temple of Time? This all looks awesome, but I think it is not complete without the ToT. Still it looks very fun and playable.

    • Chainoftermina

      ToT isn't really that close to the Castle, not close enough that we would see it n a picture zoomed into the castle this close anyway.

  • Jack

    I bought the Sims 3 yesterday, but I need to update the video card on my computer before I can play it, and therefore, before I can play in the castle. *glares at computer*

  • Chainoftermina

    I too noticed that Ganon and the King must have been meeting in a 3 foot wide hallway. there's probably a lot more to the castle than this, but it is pretty neat that its very accurate to the areas that we saw in the game. maybe if someone took this and added on more sections of castle…..

  • Lewys

    it actually makes you think about the shape of the castle in game, since you can see how wide it is from the outside, yet after travelling through the courtyards (which seem wider than the castle anyway) you then look through a window into the throne room?

    what I'm saying is, the shape of the castle in the actual game is inconsistent.

  • ApocolypticMuffin

    I might have to download this onto my sister's computer! lol

  • Gar

    If I wasn't so infuriated with TS3 for being so buggy then I might be trying this now, but my saves keep getting corrupted :-/

    • If you have an old computer with low RAM its probably why its buggy.

  • Majora16

    THIS IS AMAZING. What a coincidence though. Just a couple days ago I reinstalled the Sims 1 and got readdicted to it.. after so many years. I have 2 & 3 and I want to play them SOOO badly but my graphics card is too old. All I'm asking for for my birthday is a new graphics card. This castle is amazing and combines my 2 fav games: Zelda and t he Sims! 😀

  • Amber


  • lifesavers2

    Well well, Ill just have to buy TS3 now. But since my computer has low RAM and a fail graphics card so ill just have to *ahem* "borrow" my moms computer.

    I was watching Dual survival and it was the Louisiana Swamp one and I wanted him to find my house but then I noticed that that wasnt going to happen. =)

  • must……get……3….D……S…!!!!!!!

  • can't wait to see Hyrule castle

  • maybe I should make the sim more like Zelda……

  • Wise_keaton

    WHYYYYYEEEEE does this have to be for The Sims 3!? D;
    Being a bit of a Sims addict myself, I frequent Mod The Sims. There's some fantastic Zelda-themed downloads for the Sims 2 that are definitely worth looking into, if you play the game. A full download of Twilight Princess Zelda, that's dazzlingly accurate, and A beautifully done Midna Sim, too, and lots of accessories from various games, like the Goron's Bracelet, and Links sword and shield from Twilight Princess, and numerous character outfits, the stained glass windows of the sages form Wind Waker, A Career track, in which you become the Gerudo King or the Hero of Time, a bed with Minish Cap comforter and pillows. Mod The Sims is a fantastic site. :3 But seeing that castle, I might have to go out and buy the Sims 3. *cries* But I have no money!

  • LoverOfLegend

    Darn! I want Sims 3 badly on my computer (it can't run it, its 8 years old) and this only makes me want it more! DANGIT!

  • Casey Jaye Lucas

    Omggggggg im going to make a custom world and try my best to replicate hyrule lol