We’re honestly shocked at how fast the Bank of Hyrule has raised $100 for our next contest – it feels like just yesterday that we were giving away a DSi to one lucky winner on ZU. But, lo and behold, the Bank of Hyrule returns several weeks later!

Unfortunately, it came up so fast that we didn’t even have time to get together our monthly staff brainstorming session. So we have no idea what we want to give away yet, or how we want to do so! But then it came to us – why not have you guys tell us what we should give away? You, the wonderful people who have helped make this next contest possible.

We want your suggestions. We’ve got $100 to spare, and we wanna hold this contest sometime in the next month. Submit your giveaway idea in the comments, and we’ll put the best ones in a poll for everyone to vote on. So don’t be shy – the comments are open, suggest away!

Don’t forget to factor into your suggestions that we’ve got to cover international shipping costs, mind you, so the actual cost of the giveaway item shouldn’t be more than about $70. Also don’t forget that we can have multiple prizes for first place, second place, etc.!

(If someone in the comments has already suggested your idea, reply to their comment with “Seconded” to show your support – don’t suggest the same thing twice!)

  • DanLink

    Japanese Pokemon Black or White. Pre-order it for $59.90 +5.90 s&h at PlayAsia.com. (Black: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-9g-49-en-70-3… )(White: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-9g-49-en-70-3… )

    • DanLink

      on second thought, a $50 or more gamestop gift card is much better. so is 7500 wii points

  • zeldamaster2143

    a gift card to Gamestop so we can buy Zelda SS when it comes out, or something like that. but for sure a Gamestop gift card.

    • SECONDED: A GameStop gift card, but let's say $75, because shipping will cost like two dollars, if even.

      • Narugoddessofwisdom

        I third this idea.

        • Fourthéd, sire.

          • MegaLinkX

            Fifthed, heck yeah!

          • phantom


          • Nintenfan81

            I agree.

      • zeldamaster2143

        that's if you order online. there are a lot of GameStops out there.

    • Seconded! Can't go wrong with a giftcard. :]

    • DanLink


  • NotMida

    I say go retro. Give a person who hasn't had the chance to play Ocarina of Time and/or Majora's Mask an N64 and one or both of those games. They shouldn't cost too much, and they ROCK!

    • Chainoftermina

      I kinda like that idea, but how about a Gameboy, or a Gameboy Color, I've never played LA or either of the Oracle games, and I would like to.

    • DanLink

      how about wii points! so you can buy the n64 games on the wii shop channel

  • Janus

    Cody as an indentured servant.

    • Seconded!

      No, JK
      (No offense)
      How about seeing Cody smile?
      That oughta be worth 100 dollars? No?
      JK, again.

      • I very much enjoy this suggestion. Just imagine Cody doing videos about it!
        "Today he made me do his homework, which is really STUUUpid because it just makes him MORE stuuuuupid. *indecipherable mumble, mumble*

  • GuitarShank

    What about a Master Sword? $60 before shipping on trueswords.com

    Here: http://www.trueswords.com/deluxe-links-twilight-p

    • zerosperfectworld

      I like GuitarShanks idea and I also like NotMida's idea

    • Yeah, a master sword/ hylian shield from them would be great!

    • franky-du

      I have to go with the master sword

    • Zeldadudetp


    • indeed I third this idea

      • Thareous33

        Fourth!!! The Master Sword is thing I'd like most, aside from the GameStop gift card. Oh and if you go with the MS, please do add the Hylian Swird as well. This has to be my favorite contest so far(though I don't know what it will be…)! XD

        • MegaLinkX

          I also second the master sword idea… Anyone too young to have one shouldn't enter the contest…

        • I own both.

          Well worth it and winning them in a competition would be even cooler. If they do I'll abstain though ๐Ÿ˜›

    • ooccoowarrior

      I second this.

    • Chainoftermina


    • Oh well, actually…

      What is this now?


    • Marcus

      I agree! Master Sword replica it is:)

    • Kodaiaku


    • wildcat


    • Seconded! That'd be sweet!

    • STUFF2o

      DO IT! NUMBER'D!

    • SixMultipliedByNine

      Master Sword fo sho. If you can get a shield too even better. Maybe an atually carved Deku shield. The Hylian shield is overplayed.

  • Joseph

    Going retro is great but an n64 is not that retro I say a NES and the original Zelda.

  • Poe Black

    how about a 100 dollar check for college textbooks.

    • DanLink


  • Awsomeness

    How 'bout an ocarina? https://www.zeldasocarina.com/

  • TingleSmasher

    I say a gift card to Gamestop. That would be sweet…

  • TaffyPool

    A free game of choice for the 2nd runner-up (Me) in the last contest! Yes, that’s definitely the best choice.

    In lieu of that…I don’t know. Maybe another creative contest? Best drawing/blueprint for a new weapon?

  • mario_master

    i second that master sword idea it sounds sweet

  • The 10th Rider

    A Master Sword sounds sweet, otherwise a pre-order of Skyward Sword.

    • linkdude101

      Skyward Sword yeah!

    • DanLink


    • jordan

      SEcond the pre order of ss

  • LOZFAN#1

    Awesomeness is right an ocarina of time replica with songbook

    • akalink

      I second this

  • jxcrust

    Master Sword replica is the best idea listed thus far

  • I’ve always wanted the Ocarina of Time replica from Songbird’s! That would be an awesome prize! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • KingOfHeart

    A gift card for gamespot seems like a good idea.
    There's so many good games and systems coming soon.

  • Secondly, (I don’t want to sound naggy or anything) but I don’t really like the idea or winning a Master Sword. Don’t forget about the younger fans whose parents wouldn’t allow a “weapon” in the house! Please don’t say something like, “They’re too young to participate in or win any contest” either. Talent isn’t prejudice and can be found everywhere! Hopefully you understand the point I’m trying to make here! (Oh, and just for the record, I’m 17. :P)

    • linkdude101

      I agree. Please don't do the MS.

    • GuitarShank

      You make a good point. What if the winner has a choice between the MS and something else? The Ocarina maybe?

    • SixMultipliedByNine

      So the shield would work out perfectly.

  • *of winning

  • Darklupus

    Win the English version of Skyward Sword when it's finally ready to be released. That or the English version of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White. I think it's as simple as that.

  • Jack

    I say either the Master Sword mentioned above or an ocarina from this page: http://stlocarina.com/choose-your-ocarina-for-zel

  • I second the MasterSword replica also, but it should have a paper saying the conest winner awarded by etc.

  • X x7

    There's a NES for sale on ebay for only 12 dollars, Maybe you could buy it and then include lots of games with it! of course you have to include our beloved Zelda titles for the NES.

    • linkdude101


    • Um, seconded to the max. I would cry tears of joy to win an NES.

  • Valdek

    a Zelda themed wii that would look epic

  • Phantom Link

    Wii Points Cards! we can buy a Zelda game from the Wii Shop Channel

    • DanLink


  • Phantom Link

    Wii Points Cards! we can buy a Zelda game from the Wii Shop Channel

  • Phantom Link

    Wii Points Cards! we can buy a Zelda game from the Wii Shop Channel

  • Phantom Link

    Ohhh….new Idea there is an accurate Link cosplay costume on Ebay for $50

  • Phantom Link

    Ohhh….new Idea there is an accurate Link cosplay costume on Ebay for $50

  • Phantom Link

    Ohhh….new Idea there is an accurate Link cosplay costume on Ebay for $50

  • Mr. M

    I am going for that Master Sword idea. That sounds sweet!

  • Jason

    lol i want another DSi Contest ๐Ÿ˜€ or DS

  • Lach Menel

    I second both the Master Sword and ocarina ideas. Both would be so much fun to win I can`t deside which is beter! Who dosnt whant a replica weapon of evil`s baine or a magical sounding interament!

  • I think it's official that the contest is going to be a Master Sword replica along with the hylain shield.

  • linkdude101

    Zelda Manga!

  • Luke

    A LoZ Ocarina replica!

  • X x7

    I want you to keep making the bank grow till you get like a million dollars and then I want you to buy a mustang and give it away.
    of course, im kidding.

  • Chainoftermina

    How about some of those "First Four Figurine" things? those, those statues? of Link? and, other Zelda characters? Those looked cool.

    • linkdude101

      Oh yeah, I forgot about those. Seconded.

  • Matt

    A kick in the pants!

    • well if that's the prize you automatically win

  • marcel

    ocarina of time with songbook would be great!

  • Shadow Hero31

    I've been reading all these comments and a bunch of them sound good and I second the Master Sword and the Ocarina, but what if you could find someone who could build like a clay or wooden model of Hyrule from Ocaria of Time!
    That would be cool, when you wake up every moring you see a model of Hyrule on your desk!!

  • TheMaverickk

    I say that the there will likely be more money raised in the Bank for a contest to give away Skyward Sword, so alternatively if there is a contest to be had why not have it related to something else.

    There are a lot of great prize ideas to look into… personally I like the idea of some neat collectible stuff like this;

    Sadly though the shirts are generally out of stock in the good size range (medium that is). I think he Zelda caps would be nice, give several ones away.

    • I like the hat idea, those are really nice.

  • Instead of the master sword like everyone is saying, you should get us the skyward sword!

    • Zelda4ever

      Those are the same item. And you would know that if you kept up with skyward sword.(but still, great idea)

      • you do know that's the reason I said it right?
        I DO keep up with everything SS.

  • As mentioned, I'm all for the Ocarina idea!

    • linkdude101

      I like the ocarina too.

  • linksliltri4ce

    What about finding something more on the rare side? Like a collectible statue or something signed by Miyamoto?

    • linkdude101


  • Angry Sun

    I say Master Sword, Ocarina, or gamestop giftcard for pre ordering SS.

  • TheLink42

    I'm gonna have to say a replica of The Master Sword and the Hylian Shield, or a replica of Majora's Mask. One that you could wear.

    • linkdude101

      Ooh, Majora's Mask…

  • HylianPwnage

    WiiMotionPlus Accessory and a Pre-Order of Skyward Sword.
    That should be about $100.

  • The question is, what's the contest?

  • Magista

    I would suggest giving away a replica of the Ocarina of Time that can be found on ebay or songbirdocarinas.com!

  • You should get a whole Link cosplay set, including sword and shield and hat and things like that. I dunno if that's over $100, but if it is, it's a good idea for another contest.

  • Sean

    How bout 10000 Wii Points? Lol that would be awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • wildcat

    I'm 12 but I think my mom would let me have so so I second the Master Sword idea.

  • Muskiok

    Alright, here goes. MY TWO CENTS on everything that's been suggested so far.

    Gamestop card: probably the easiest solution. It's small and easy to ship, and we know that anyone will be satisfied with it because we're all gamers here. This also would knock out two birds with one stone (potentially), as the winner could pick the Zelda game of their choice (assuming a used one is in stock).

    Master Sword replica: Oh, dear. This could be a problem. First of all, you should all be sure of what you're getting here. This sword looks great- but that's it. I've yet to see a Master Sword replica that even came close to being functional. From what I know (you can read the reviews on the site itself if you don't believe me), this particular version, though fully sized and the best looking, has a rather poor blade (not in strength of steel, but thickness and wieldability), a very shallow attachment to the hilt (makes the sword feel 'wiggly' because the blade is not firmly attached), and incredibly imbalanced (the blade is far heavier than the hilt, making it practically impossible to use). Now, I realize that many of us are picking this option with the intention of display purposes only; in that case, it may be all right, it just would really bother me to have a sword, especially one that looks like a sword we respect so much, that doesn't work at all. Additionally, there may be some legal issues mailing a 42 inch sword around the country/world. I am not an expert in that department. Anyhow, I just thought I should warn everyone (and know that I only feel so strongly against this because I am something in the way of a swordsman myself, which is why functionality is so important to me) before you run away with this idea.

    Hylian Shield: This could be a better idea. The one from trueblade is your typical run-of-the-mill replica, meaning its quality as a shield may similar to the master sword's. However, a shield is a shield usually; it doesn't have to be as skillfully crafted as a sword to still function. Plus, if you were getting either the sword or the shield for display purposes only, the shield makes a better decoration. Now, it may be a bit smaller than what some may think when we think of the Hylian Shield. Judging by the provided dimensions, I would say that that shield is about the size of TP's Hylian Shield (though definitely not as thick or as strong, since it is not completely metal!). If we wanted a different option, we could try contacting Griffin's Leather works (the item is not regularly available on their site, but I know it exists because of the images shown at Aradani Studios Costuming), which makes a mean, beautiful, functional hylian shield out of wood and leather (so it looks slightly different (more real actually) but it functions!). However, that would probably be out of the price range, judging by how expensive the rest of Griffin's stuff is and how beautiful the item looks. So if we were to go with the shield (and I would certainly recommend it over the sword), we'd probably have to end up with the regular one available at trueblade or other places.

  • Muskiok

    Continuing now…

    Old consoles (various): An interesting idea, but I wouldn't recommend it simply because (a) it can be quite expensive and difficult to find games sometimes and (b) most of the best games (including almost all the Zelda ones) are available on the Virtual Console. The exception to this would be the Gameboy/Gameboy Advance Zelda games, but rather than getting a Gameboy, why not just get the game and play it on a DSLite?

    Wii Points Cards: Another good choice. As I mentioned above, all the major console games (save Wind Waker, which can run on the Wii anyway) like OoT, LoZ, LttP, and MM are on there. This would probably be a great second or third prize.

    Link hat/Costume: Getting this good can get expensive (the best I know of is at Aradani, and it is quite pricey). If you want just the hat though, Aradani's deluxe hat is only $50 (the standard is $25). I'd be cautious of ebay. Overall, I wouldn't recommend a whole costume because of price, but the hat is a good idea. Another second prize maybe?

    Zelda Manga: Always a good option, especially for second prizes since they come fairly cheap. If they do become an option I would suggest only giving away two or three, and letting the winner pick which ones to receive (since they may have some already).

    Zelda Themed Wii: While cool, we'd have to make that ourselves, meaning everyone who runs the contest would have to make it themselves, which means it probably won't happen. (too expensive anyways)

    Ocarina: A fine idea, since the Ocarina giveaway went over so well last time. The only problem with that is the price limitations. OoT replicas from STL or Songbird usually cost $100 on their own. If we choose an ocarina, it would probably have to have less than fourteen holes, and that's just not as glamorous as giving away a full-fledged OoT, is it? Maybe we could give away some rupee ocarina's though.

    F4F Statues: Good luck finding any of those under $100.

    Majora's Mask: If I'd seen one of those before, I would totally go for that. That would be the most awesome thing ever. Of all time.

    Zelda shirts: A great and doable idea.

    Zelda Plushies: What? Just look around on online anime stores for a while and you'll see them… What?

    A kick in the pants: I really could use one right about now.

    Thank you for reading. I regret I don't have any super-special-awesome suggestions of my own, but I hope I helped out a little.

    • DanLink

      more like a dollar than two cents! (second)

  • Elijah

    either pre-order for Skyward Sword, Gamestop gift card, or the Master Sword.

  • -J-

    A pre-ordered copy of SS with a wii motion plus… or, the master sword OR the Ocarina replica. All legit….

  • GuitarShank

    I agree with you on many of these points. My intention with the sword was primarily display (and bragging rights) as you said. It doesn’t really matter much what the decision comes down to. It’s all up to ZU staff.

    Also, nice RvB and Yugioh abridged references lol

    • Muskiok

      I'm glad someone caught them!

  • Aniday

    I can see it now:

    "Breaking news- 12 year old child stabs his friend with a Sword a Zelda Fansite sent to him. A lawsuit is being filed."

    • Thareous33

      It wasn't me, it wasn't me! XD

      • Chainoftermina

        are you 12?

        • Thareous33

          No, CoT, I'm 17, but am acting as a comic-relief to allay the tension upon which this contest has laden us. Really, I don't come here to be a goofball; I am mature enough to determine where my limit is.

          • Chainoftermina

            dude relax, I just meant that if your not 12, then of course it wasn't you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Thareous33

            Point taken now, and I didn't mean it to sound like your comment offended me. I just wanted to explain why I put down "It wasn't me!" Besides, we don't even know if the prize will be a Master Sword (though it probably will), so this couldn't quite have taken place just yet. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Skermefaten

    I’ve seen a lot of Master Swords being seconded and so forth. So I 75th that idea.

  • Adam

    Twilight Princess (GAMECUBE!) and Spirit Tracks bundle!

  • Chibidin

    I second the gift card to gamestop! Help buy Zelda SS :3

  • Luna

    Maybe we could save up just a bit more and get a 3DS for when it comes out. At some point, you're going to have to give it away.

  • for the person that wins the competetion wins Zelda Skyward Sword, sent straight to door the day it comes out also with some zelda merch, which there is bound to be with the game.

  • Chad

    I think you should get a wiimote (of our color choice) with wii motion plus since not many people have wii motion plus. plus it would add up to less than $100 w/o shipping and handling

  • Khao

    A Master Sword or an ocarina of time replica would be the best Zelda-themed prizes, something like a Skyward Sword pre-order would leave every person without a Wii having no reason to participate, and a gamestop gift card would exclude countries lacking gamestop, not to mention it would be a kind of boring prize, why not just give the $100 away then?

  • To add to my other post 2 pages back about the NES…
    you could but a SNES on Ebay as well for way under $100 and then give us games for each console! As said before, you have to give us all the Zelda games for those systems as well.
    And Muskiok:
    Just because the games are on Virtual Console doesn't mean that it's not cool to have an ancient console.

    • Muskiok

      I understand that. I still play Smash Bros. with my friends on the N64. I'm just saying that it isn't entirely necessary to have the console if the games are what matters. That will vary depending on the person. I still think it's a good idea, though. (and thanks for reading my stuff!)

    • Muskiok

      I certainly understand that. Heck, I still play Smash Bros. with my friends on the N64. I'm just saying the old console is unnecessary if the games are what matters. This will vary depending on the person. I still think your idea is good! (and thanks for reading my stuff!)

      • Muskiok

        Sorry for the double post…

      • Chainoftermina

        well, LA and the Oracle games aren't available on the Virtual console, are they? I thought the VC didn't have any games that were for Gameboy, or any of it's sequel-consoles.

  • Kiante

    A Master Sword (full size replica) or a pre-ordered Skyward Sword sound the best.

  • Muskiok

    Has anyone looked here? I just found this place. You sword and shield people may want to look…

    (sorry I don't know how to link directly; I am not very internet savvy)

  • Muskiok

    …or maybe I do. I didn't know it would link automatically. heh heh… silly me…

  • Those swords don't really look that great, except for the Fierce Deity one. THAT, would be cool to own.

    • Awsomeness

      Yeah the Fierce Diety once was intense…

  • Black Jack

    Skyward Sword Preorder or a master sword

  • SuperCucco

    They are at least $100.

    • Thareous33

      Did you mean llamas? Hah, yeah I would love to have Kuzco as a pet. ,8D

  • Lunchbox*

    Discontinue this current contest, jack the target price of the Bank to $350 and give away a 3DS.

  • TWeirdo

    Master Sword Replica thing?

  • Darkus Triforce

    winnder gets SS, blackwiimote (plus a wm+), nunchuck, and a ton of other accesowiis!

  • Zoi

    I second the 10000 Wii Points idea. That would be appropriate.

    • DanLink

      I Triple

  • Cody

    How about a 3DS?

    • Chainoftermina

      $100 limit, remember.

  • Alex

    How about a free copy of Skyward Sword when it comes out?

    • Skyward Sword…I bet it wouldn't be under $100

      • zeldamaster2143

        i'm sure it would because Wii games are only about $50.

        • oh….but Wii games are expensive in Hong Kong=,=

  • Master Sword idea is great!!!

  • TheHero-of-theWinds

    Don’t let a Weapon be a prize!

  • Apple_Jelly

    Get 5 DSi Point Cards, and 5 Wii Point Cards.

    Or get a $50 game for DS and a $50 game for Wii.

  • Valdek

    i see your point Aniday, some kid could go crazy and start stabbing random people, that is why you give it to someone who knows how to handle swords, and pointy thinks of the like, preferably me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • MegaLinkX

      OR put an age limit on the contest.

      • they could lie about their age.

    • The 10th Rider

      To be correct, A Master Sword for under $100 would be a fake sword. It would still be metal, but it wouldn't be folded, it wouldn't have any strength to it.

  • Thareous33

    Hey guys! I was doing some brainstorming and somethiing made me look in my closet, where I saw a pair of Converse shoes. So what if we had a pair of custom Zelda Converses made and shipped to the winner? I'm not sure what we'd do about sizes, or even if it would exceed the limit, but it would be so bey-awesome!

    If not I'm sticking to the Master Sword. 8p

  • Alistair

    On STL ocarina there’s a sale in which you can buy a set of an OoT ocarina(Tenor, special edition), a rupee ocarina (Soprano), and two zelda songbooks for exactly 99.00$. Honestly, I think that that would make a great prize.

    • what would we do with the other dollar?

      • The 10th Rider

        Actually, you forgot to add in shipping, the real question is: where would they get the money for shipping?

  • Alistair

    I forgot to add the page: http://www.stlocarina.com/ztenor3s.html

  • Thareous33

    How about a pair of custom-made Zelda Converse? I'm not sure how much it's going to be or if the different sizes would interfere, but I think it would be a pretty neat prize.

  • Jack

    Expanding on my earlier idea, I think you should get the $60 Master Sword AND a $40 ocarina. That way, you can vanquish evil while playing a catchy tune!

    • Muskiok

      SHIPPING! X|

  • A reserved copy of SS. That means when ever reserving is availible, reserve one, and send it when you recieve it. This is great, too, since ZU gets it's hands on stuff quicker. <3

    That sounded wrong.

  • Keith

    Give it to me. I need a new laptop battery. kthx<3


    but on a serious note…I concur with the master sword replica idea.

  • Zelda4ever

    An interesting question you post, as it not only reveals ones desires, but shows that in one action, you have made people agree on something. Congragulations, you just surpassed every government official. I would like to be able to personally choose my gift from a list instead of limiting it down to one item.

  • Lunchbox*

    Whatever it is, don't do the master sword/shield idea. I wouldn't want to win a contest and win some useless (albeit nice looking) replica sword that I'd be scared to touch lest I somehow damage it. Especially if it's that expensive. Let it be something that will have use like Skyward Sword, Wii Points, 3DS, gift card, etc. Money is universal; some people don't like nerdy decorations (like me. Except for posters).

    An ocarina I think would be alright, though still not preferred. At least you can play music with it.

  • kaepora21

    A master sword replica would be incredible. I am completely behind this.

  • Majora

    Give it to me 0_____________0

  • Valdek

    O______________________O 0_________________________0

  • oot fan#1

    Phantom link about the wii points card not evryone has a wii so that would be kind of unfair also i second the ocarina idea

  • Alex

    old N64 OoT i'm pretty sure those are cheap nowadays

  • Falcen7

    How about the $100 dollars in cash?

  • jordan

    how about a bundle of a pre order of skyward sword and with the left over money, a wii download ticket for ocarina of time and majoras mask on the wii shop. P.S. I also thought about the person who wins not having internet on the Wii. Then get SS and a replica of the ocarina of time and song book.

  • jordan

    What about Links Clothes? I've always wanted links hat, but you should throw in the clothes too. And if it doesn't reach 100 bucks give a few of links items away too. (ex. Gale boomerang,dominion rod,fairy slingshot,etc) feel free to list more examples of the item you want if you second the vote

  • Mrtoken03

    What about the Legend of Zelda collector's edition that was on Gamecube? It was the promotional disc that included OoT, Majora's Mask, The Legend of Zelda, and Zelda II, all in one bundle disc. You can get it at Gamestop for under $100 and it plays on the Wii. This is a great way to catch up on all of the classics in one prize. Throw in a Gamecube controller to play it on and classic it up with 4 (well at least 3) of the greatest hits in Zelda history.

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  • #1zeldafan

    I second the pokemon black or white games!

  • OrderOfTheMelae

    I would like to see replicas of the spiritual stones from Ocarina of Time. Those would look REALLY GOOD in my room. But no plastic, real stones. If they're plastic, I send them back.

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  • link

    he listen it's me link now i would suggest a free 3ds that way you can play my newest game ocarina of time 3d and link's awakening

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