What kind of Magic card to use?

Nerds everywhere, rejoice!

Now your two beloved past-times Magic: The Gathering and The Legend of Zelda have been combined into one delicious combo!

Truth be told, we have never played the popular collectible card game, but supposedly 6 million people have. And now they can visit 8-bit Hyrule in a whole new way!

gamesradar member KREATIVEassassin spent a month creating a 100-card expansion pack for Magic: The Gathering based extremely faithfully on the data from the original The Legend of Zelda.

If you’ve never played Magic: The Gathering and have always wanted to give it a shot but never had the motivation, now’s your chance! Or if you’re a long-time fan of both Zelda and Magic, count your lucky stars for KREATIVEassassin’s detailed work.

You can download all 100 cards from gamesradar here.

Source: gamesradar
  • linkdude101

    …? What in the name of Din is Magic: The Gathering?

    • It's a old card game… Look it up.

  • starwebs1

    I like Magic: The Zeldaing.

  • ZTYusei

    I used to play Magic the Gathering and used an Artifact deck… Made one of my creatures about 20/20… :3

    The Ganon one looks pretty fateful to the actual card game.

  • X x7

    I never really liked card games like this

  • Chainoftermina

    Or, or how about, "The Legend of the Gathering"? huh?, huh? Anyone? hehe, I fail.

    why were they done with the 8 bit? wouldn't make more sense to use OoT art? Or TP?

  • Askorak

    Wish they were real, I'd love to get my hands on The Triforce and Princess Zelda. Ultimate pwnage.

  • anon

    Zelda: The Gathering
    Askorak, PRINT THEM OUT!!!! on cardstock.

  • ben haddix