Thanks to one of our soon-to-be staff members, Adam Debes, the Creation of Hyrule page has received its first update since 2008: The inclusion of a “Legend of the Triforce” subsection in addition to the normal story of Din, Nayru and Farore’s creation of the land of Hyrule.

You can check it out here, or on the sidebar as always – and stay tuned for more updates coming very, very soon to a bunch of our other sections and pages!

  • Thareous33

    Updates? Do you mean for Skyward Sword as well? Man, I sure hope so!

    • No, unfortunately it's not with any recently learned info šŸ™ it's just a nice little expansion showing things that diehard fans already knew – but it's good for people who are getting introduced to Zelda!

      • Thareous33

        I thought not; that was just some wishful thinking on my part. Howbeit, it is going to be gratifying when it actually does. I am completely for these updates being for the fans. I used to frequent this site when I was younger, thirsting for every bit of information I could get. So I agree that there should be an equal amount of things for both new and old fans, alike.

  • YAY! I remember reading it a very long time ago. Thank you Jason and everyone for updating things! I love ZU.

  • X x7

    well thats just dandy.

  • Says the Lurker

    What's really sad is that I know my Hylian History better than my American history…

    • ME TOO!!!!1!!11!1!!

    • X x7

      that IS sad im sorry to say. Unless you're not American, then it doesnt matter lol

  • Valdek

    lol Says the Lurker, that is sad