Gameinformer had a chance to speak with the main Zelda producer, Eiji Aonuma.  They asked him a few questions, but most importantly, they asked him to explain what Shigeru Miyamoto meant when saying that the next Zelda game is easier. Aonuma firmly replied by saying “I do not want to make Zelda easier.

Many fans worried that Nintendo had begun a trend of making Zelda games easier, and that Skyward Sword would only continue that trend. But Aonuma finally answered intently stating that the next Zelda won’t be easy. He said that Miyamoto didn’t actually mean the gameplay would be easier, but rather  the controls:

“When Mr. Miyamoto says easy, he doesn’t mean simple. He means easily — this is the difficulty of the language here. It’s accessible, and you know how to do things, if not necessarily what to do. You may have a series of puzzles to figure out, and it may be difficult to decipher the meaning, but it’s not difficult to accomplish what you need to do. – Eiji Aonuma

The new 1:1 motion controls make combat natural without having to learn many button combinations. The combat itself is not easy, but the controls are easy to learn and use – even though it took some time for Miyamoto and Aonuma to figure out how to implement the new motion controls into the game. Aonuma elaborated on the game’s difficulty:

“Easy to me does not equal fun,” Aonuma explained. “I want puzzles where people have to think about it, and when they solve the puzzle, there’s that feeling of accomplishment. That’s something that’s really valuable, that concrete feeling that when you accomplish something [in the game], it feels like you’ve done something worth doing. If the game is too easy, the accomplishments aren’t valuable.”

Many people who have played the Skyward Sword demo at E3 have stated that the combat is already more difficult than it was in Twilight Princess, so there’s no reason for concern about the new game’s (lack of) difficulty. It seems that Nintendo is working hard to make it fun and challenging enough for everyone to enjoy!

Source: GameInformer
  • ZoraMikau

    Thank god that's what he meant, everyone is BS'ing because of that on the forums.

  • Rin

    (I also like the fact how you used this picture not too long ago…)

  • Thareous33

    So long as the difficulty level with most enemies isn't too high as with TP's Darknuts, I will enjoy this a whole lot.

    • Unless theyre in groups, the darknuts are so fun to me! Everyday I play the Cave of ordeals to the end just to battle the darknuts! Its fun!!!

      • LoverOfLegend

        I agree, fighting the darknuts is my favorite!! Its just when there are more than two of them that i start getting mad -_-'

  • Skies234

    This is exactly what I wanted to hear

  • Ashmic

    i agree with rin :], theres one pic of miyo-whatever, he looked pissed and after seeing him at the zelda demo happy in the beginning i felt sad for him >;[ i hope he wasn't too pissed and is still excited

    • DUDE! Get it right! Dont disrespect Mr. Miyamoto.
      Get it right MI-YA-MOTO

  • Freaking awesome! TP combat was actually harder with common enemies than with bosses so I hope they fix that.

  • TheMaverickk

    Hopefully this calms peoples nerves… they were having a fit when they heard him say "easy" before understanding the context Miyomoto said it in. I was never concerned though… since you can tell from the demo that the game will be more challenging as you actually need to think about how you defeat your enemies.

    If the game has lots of these sorts of challenges then it's already a step up from previous 3D Zelda titles.

    • I also agree, seeing that the enemy's intelligence has increased since previous games, it seems that I might have some fun defeating some of them when I am able to play it.

  • Chainoftermina


    This entire time, they were talking about the CONTROLS?! Oh, God, that is FUNNY! Everyone here has been worrying and complaining about Nintendo "making games easier" and yet Nintendo meant the accessibility of the controls this whole time…….ah, that is a hoot……..


    You didn't know THAT! That is FUNNY!