As the title proclaimeth, we’ve added a bunch of screenshots taken from Skyward Sword‘s official E3 trailer to our Skyward Sword screenshot gallery. The update includes 27 new shots, straight from the E3 trailer, submitted graciously to us by a fan who goes by the name HoG. Thanks, HoG!

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  • linkdude101

    Cool screenies! First!

  • Thareous33


    Once again, syncing onto Itouch…

  • Ashmic

    lol ARE YOU KIDDING ME I had to get this picture

    by Print screen and i made it into a flash animation (:D amateur animator i is)
    lol you would've made it SO MUCH EASIER lol, but hey the more work i guess, it was okay.

    but thanks for doin this, can't wait!

  • Ally

    Link doesn't look any older than on TP.