In an interview with Joystiq, which covered everything from Donkey Kong to Kid Icarus, Shigeru Miyamoto let it slip that Skyward Sword actually takes place in Hyrule while discussing the importance of the new MotionPlus controls:

“Even something as simple as the aiming, which is handled not necessarily with a pointer but by moving your hand around, just like you would aim an item in real life, will make it that much easier for you to feel like you’re in that world of Hyrule and experiencing the adventure that Link is, because you’re so connected to what’s going on.”

Miyamoto also went on to talk about Skyward Sword‘s unique graphical style, explaining that it was necessary in order to create exaggerated characters and enemies to help players more easily understand and use the MotionPlus controls.

That Skyward Sword takes place in Hyrule is big news, considering that we’ve been told Link is a boy born in Skyloft, a land above the clouds. Although this is only speculation, it could mean that the land beneath the clouds is, in fact, Hyrule – or will become Hyrule. Only time will tell!

Source: Joystiq
  • LikeLink

    I thought everyone had a pretty good idea that Hyrule was in the game in some form considering Link is holding the Hyrulian Shield.

  • Joe

    Wow. This is truly discouraging. Not only do I feel that any cel-shading in a Zelda game detracts from the overall immersion that I expect to experience, but it is ESPECIALLY unwelcome when it is solely included in the game to accomodate a bunch of awkward Wii-mote flailing.

    I also read in Game Informer that Miyamoto is taking concerted measures to make it easier. Why? So my cat won't get stuck on the water level? It's alright, Nintendo. I guess I can't stop you from ruining something I love as long as you can continue to line your pockets.

    Of course… only time well tell. I hope I am wrong.

    • TheMaverickk

      Seriously can we get any more melodramatic.

      Also I've been reading most the articles where miyamoto and Anouma have been talking about Skyward sword and the reasons why they wanted this visual style was so that characters and the world itself could be more creative. So that they had more creative freedom to create things… as realism is very limiting at times.

      As for difficulty, the whole reason the Wii Motion Plus is being used is to make the game more challenging, now even fights can be more challenging as you can't simply button mash away to kill the enemy. You have to strike weak points in very specific ways, and the enemies seem to switch the way you have to strike them up as well.

      In terms of the difficulty I've heard of just the rumor where they will have an easy mode and hard mode. Not sure if that's the case though… and on top of that if they do try and make the game easier it would likely be through a help system like in SMG 2.

    • James Slater

      You might want to read this (, also from Game Informer.

      Your 1st statement confuses me: Do you really think there's any connection between a game's visual style and its control scheme?

    • Phil

      When Miyamoto said they were making the game easier, he was referencing the streamline and control of the items and such, not the difficulty of the gameplay. He was talking about for example making the bow operate like a real bow thanks to Wiimotionplus and thus making it easier to handle.

  • ZoraMikau

    They said something about hyrule at the conference, and link is holding the hylian shield. At first, I thought that they only mentioned hyrule because when you think of zelda you think of hyrule. But link does have the hylian shield, so that kinda confirms it.

  • gvan

    So would this mean that Skyloft is the City in the Sky from Twilight Princess?

    • KyleLinks

      Oh my gosh! thats what i was exactly thinking! i was thinking because it takes place in "hyrule" and twilight princess had a similar map to ocarina of time, i thought Skyloft was twilight princess' City in the Sky' maybe link is and oocca or the towns people are ocanians (human versions of the oocca tribe) 😀

  • Labrynian Rebel

    What if Skyloft is Hyrule and the world below is the city in the sky O_O

    Just kidding there 😛

    • Darkus Triforce

      you just pulled a super mario galaxy on us!
      (in SMG sometimes up is down and down is up)

  • Ben

    So it's not THAT much different than a normal Zelda game…even though they're trying their best to make it different. Still looking forward to it though.

  • Thareous33

    So far everything sounds awesome! The only thing I would have them take back, if I had a choice, is the Wii Motion Plus being the only controller option. Now I, along with countless others, will have to buy one. Unless it can actually just work out with a Wiimote–if it is a Wiimote. Just a fancy name for it, perhaps.

    Nevertheless, I'll still do anything to prepare for SS!

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually if you buy most Wii remotes now they bundle in Wii motion plus. I got the new black remotes and it had a black motion plus bundled in… meaning I don't need to buy one to play the game.

      It's a nice excuse to buy another remote if you don't already have one.

    • James Slater

      Maybe there'll be Zelda + MotionPlus bundles. Alternatively, Nintendo might just use the game to launch this (, which quite a few people have speculated (speculated, mind) is a Wii Remote with MotionPlus built in.

  • Chainoftermina

    the Sky city from TP better not be in this game…..or if it is, it better have some different inhabitants…….I hate those weird ass Chicken-baby head freaks, I do not want them in this game.

    How come Link never STARTS in Hyrule anymore?

    • LoverOfLegend

      Do NOT insult TP. And just an FYI, they CREATED Hyrule, so chances are, they WILL be in the game! And they aren't freaks, they are just Ooccoa!

      • Darkus Triforce

        Ooccoo is the character, and the singular form.
        Oocca is the plural form.
        Ooccoa is just some made up term a lot of people have been using recently.

      • Chainoftermina

        first of all, I didn't insult TP. I like that game a lot. Second, the Goddesses created Hyrule, I think the Oocca created the Hylians, although God knows how. I don't like the Oocca because they're back story is so implausible. They're chickens. They don't have hands, or torsos. they're poultry. How the hell did they create anything? How did they build that city? when Link is there, they don't do anything but wander around aimlessly. If they're so divinely Superior, then why is Link able to use them as a glider when they so obviously don't want him to, judging by the crazy way the spazz out when ever Link picks them up. They seem more similar to mindless chickens than Gods. they don't act or look like divine entities at all. they act like what they are: freaky chickens.

        • Zola

          Thank you! OMG you are so right!! Although…that isn't as mysterious as the random mansion hanging out on a cliff in snowpeak! But it's close…

        • Nathaniel

          That's what Arthur Dent thought about mice…
          (Hitchhiker's Guide)

  • Goronlove7

    "Although this is only speculation, it could mean that the land beneath the clouds is, in fact, Hyrule – or will become Hyrule. Only time will tell!"

    How is that speculation? This all seems very obvious to me.

  • Oddinator

    1. OoT 2. MM 3. WW 4. TP 5. Wind Waker + Twilight Princess = destroy Miyamoto before he destroys Zelda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TheMaverickk

      I loved all those games except for Twilight Princess…. honestly considering that I think Miyamoto's track record is pretty great.

      • Tasogare

        I agree. Miyamoto has always had a stellar record. Seems to me he would have to, considering he's the father of LoZ, along with most of Nintendo's other franchises.

    • Dark Link

      Too late now it seems

  • Nintenfan81

    I thought it being in Hyrule was kind of assumed. It's a prequel to OoT right? then that means it must be in the place that is/shall be the land of Hyrule in the ocarina.

  • wD14

    Remember in twilight princess with the sky temple? it was a city in the skies but got torn down.I believe that's what skyloft is just more younger than its twilight princess counterpart.

  • ChaseDarkness

    Maybe something happened that caused them all to turn into chickens. I mean maybe all of the true ooca whatever were the sky people who came down to hyrule. Maybe the chickens are just chickens who took over the place once the sky people went down to hyrule

  • ZeldaGamer99

    I love the fact that this game will take place in Hyrule! This could possibly be the best Zelda ever released, and it just seems right that it be set in the original land.

  • Alana

    I think they just killed zelda….

    it looks like some noob in the zelda department thought it would be a good idear to get twilight princess, wind waker and billy hatcher and put them in a blender and make this. what happened to ocarina of time and twilight princess, honestly from the day they made phantom hourglass they started killing the zelda francise.

    Finally has anyone noticed THERE ISN'T ONE MENTION OF PRINCESS ZELDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Woll

      Are you a time traveler? Because I'm pretty sure you haven't played the finished product yet but somehow you already know Zelda is ruined by this game. Weird….

    • april

      They said Zelda is going to be in it

  • go SS!!

    how can ya'll tell this game will destroy the zelda franchise when it hasn't been released yet?!!!

  • Ally

    I've heard that there where supposed to get rid of and add new ideas to this game. I have a feeling they got rid of Ganondorf, there might be a chance that Zelda is going, too. The title is called "The Legend of Zelda" for a reason, duh!

  • Ally

    One More thing.
    From the pic from up above, Link is finally out of those tights!

  • Neran

    Hold on, if it is taking place in Hyrule doesn't that mean that Zelda and Ganondorf come back? Which Zelda game that has Hyrule in it not have zelda or Ganondorf?

  • nintendo guy

    maybe it will be gannon the pig dude from the original games since it comes before oct where ganendorf first comes in as the ruler of the gerudos__

  • rueyeet

    Personally I'll play the game before determining whether it's killed the franchise, thanks. It seems that the only thing that's really changed about the Zelda series is the insistence of some fans that Nintendo should make exactly the game they want — even if those same fans want different things. Part of the fun for me is NOT being able to anticipate exactly what Nintendo is going to come up with.

  • Brian

    ENOUGH BASHING, the graphics are fine, its a prequel to OoT, so sure, no zelda this time, zelda isnt being killed, give the game a damn chance! and you call yourselves fans, sad

  • Ari

    I feel that the has great appeal graphic and control wise. So far I feel that it will turn out awesome those ways, but can't seem to stop fearing that Nintendo is going to change the plot to much. Hopefully that information will be out before its release. Who is the friend or whatever you're saving? Won't you die if hit the ground from jumping off Skyloft? And what characters will there be in the game? Epona? Zelda? And who lives on Skyloft? please comment

  • DevaNickolsom

    If you are a true fan to the franchise you know that this will rock!!!
    This could be the best Legend of Zelda ever made give it a chance. Link can run Link can wall-run/climb he can drink potion without seeing the pauze screen pop up. And Zelda and Ganondorf will be in this game they just want to keep it a secret or something we have to believe. Not to mention that Oot wil be on the 3ds Hell Yeah!!! This is the game i look forward the most cause i know Nintendo will do all their can. We haven't seen anything yet just 0,01 % of the game lets just wait and pray to the gods in skyloft Greetz my Zelda – buddies

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