has opened up a pre-order page for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword! Since the game was recently announced, it’s a normal thing for Amazon to start taking pre-orders as of now. For those of you feeling the need to reserve your copy of Skyward Sword, you can click this link which will direct you to Amazon’s page.

A quick caveat, however: the price and release date on the pre-order have not been confirmed, and Amazon is just displaying their own temporary information. Looking for other ways to ensure your copy of Skyward Sword? You could also reserve it at GameStop, as it’s been available for pre-order since the first announcement of the game at last year’s E3 expo.

  • RushLight

    Since the price if fifty dollars, is this a game/Motion+ bundle? I'd like to know that before I buy it.

    • RushLight

      60 dollars sorry.

    • D é r k o m a i

      I'd doubt they'd sell it with a wii Motion+, what if you already bought one? Then you'd have two, and be pissed!

      • RushLight

        Well take Red Steel 2 for example, there was the bundle that came with Motion+ for 60 dollars, then the fifty dollar one, and besides I have yet to get motion plus so if this is the bundle I want it. If not I'll have to wait.

  • Thareous33

    I'd like to know the price before I purchased this. Also, I would urge every one of you to do the same, as Silver-hero has.

  • JME

    Um okay I would urge you all to buy this game no matter WHAT the freakin price tag. It's the new Zelda for God's sake!

  • Z-MAN7

    I wonder if there will be any pre-order bonuses?

  • Slixxer

    personally I dont care how much it costs. If it means I have to beat the crap outta 100 peoples cars I WILL DO IT FOR THE GAME!!!!!!

  • ケイラはジャリッド大好き

    I assumed it would be around $60. The price is already established at GameStop, right? If not, I think it’s ludicrous to put a reserve on something when you don’t even know the price tag, regardless of how much you want the game. At least wait until it’s official. I mean, it’s not like they’re going to stop manufacturing the game a week after it’s released. There really shouldn’t be any rush. I’m just as excited about this game as the rest of you, but the smart thing to do is wait until they already know the price. At least then you know how much you’re going to be throwing down for it.

  • MLink96

    I Pre ordered it on gamestop, was that an bad idea?

  • MLink96

    I also hope it will be some bonuses ! I want some 😀

  • MLink96

    I pre ordered at Amazon! GREAT! But where do I find the boundle?? :S