Nintendo today, at its E3 2010 press event, announced several new “bridge titles” – titles meant for casual gamers meant to “bridge” them into the realm of gaming.

The first of these titles is Mario Sports Mix, a new Mario sports game consisting of everything from volleyball to basketball. That’ll hit retail stores sometime in 2011.

What followed was the announcement of two even more casual titles – Wii Party and Just Dance 2. Wii Party is a Mario Party-style party game, but adds several new and noteworthy gameplay modes that go beyond board gaming. Just Dance 2 is, naturally, a sequel to the widely popular Just Dance, a dancing simular that utilizes the Wii Remote and nunchuk to detect dance movements.

Both of those titles will make their debut before the end of 2010, so that you and your various grandparents can all start having party-type fun in front of your TV set.