Many of you know might know about Nintendo’s developer roundtables, in which last year Miyamoto announced Zelda Wii (Skyward Sword) by revealing the single piece of concept art we’ve all been swooning over for a year. Well, this year he was also present with Aonuma at the mini-conference, and has since revealed a few pieces from Skyward Sword’s storyline – as well as a bunch of other information about the game’s development process.

  • Yes, Ocarina of Time is being remade fully for 3DS. At the start of the roundtable, developers were shown a trailer running on various 3DS units around the room and told that a full remake is in progress, revamped graphics and all.
  • Item management and changing clothes have been confirmed in Skyward Sword, and are much easier and more streamlined than previous games.
  • The scene where Link dives off the cliff in the trailer is a very important point in the storyline, and the Skyward Sword is his driving force behind his traveling between lands. In addition, the sky is very important to the game.
  • Miyamoto was a huge fan of the cell-shaded art style; apparently he loved the new “impressionist” art style so much that it was approved in one step.
  • Skyward Sword is almost complete, and the graphics are currently being polished. But they still need to finish a few dungeons. Aonuma is reported saying that “if we had kept the Twilight Princess art style, we’d be done already!”

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  • Skyward Sword has a deep orchestral score. Nintendo has increased the number of music staff at Nintendo to write more songs for the game.
  • The whip that was shown in the trailer originated in Spirit Tracks, and that the same person who created that idea is handling the mechanic in Skyward Sword. The staff of Spirit Tracks is also working along with the rest of the Zelda team on Skyward Sword.
  • You can run and drink potions at the same time in Skyward Sword, whereas in other Zelda games you must stop to drink potions. This was done in order to create more seamless gameplay.
  • 1-to-1 motion was actually removed during Skyward Sword’s development due to issues with accuracy. However, seeing how the Wii Sports Resort team made such accurate Kendo fighting, the Zelda team decided to re-add 1-to-1 motion in the game and recruited the Wii Sports team to help them make it accurate.
  • The goal of Skyward Sword was to return to the basics and figure out what makes the game fun to play – the core reason for all of the gameplay mechanic changes we’ve seen so far.

This is just the surface of the roundtable . Hungry for more? You can view IGN’s full liveblog of the roundtable to get even more juicy Nintendo goodness.