Many of you know might know about Nintendo’s developer roundtables, in which last year Miyamoto announced Zelda Wii (Skyward Sword) by revealing the single piece of concept art we’ve all been swooning over for a year. Well, this year he was also present with Aonuma at the mini-conference, and has since revealed a few pieces from Skyward Sword’s storyline – as well as a bunch of other information about the game’s development process.

  • Yes, Ocarina of Time is being remade fully for 3DS. At the start of the roundtable, developers were shown a trailer running on various 3DS units around the room and told that a full remake is in progress, revamped graphics and all.
  • Item management and changing clothes have been confirmed in Skyward Sword, and are much easier and more streamlined than previous games.
  • The scene where Link dives off the cliff in the trailer is a very important point in the storyline, and the Skyward Sword is his driving force behind his traveling between lands. In addition, the sky is very important to the game.
  • Miyamoto was a huge fan of the cell-shaded art style; apparently he loved the new “impressionist” art style so much that it was approved in one step.
  • Skyward Sword is almost complete, and the graphics are currently being polished. But they still need to finish a few dungeons. Aonuma is reported saying that “if we had kept the Twilight Princess art style, we’d be done already!”

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  • Skyward Sword has a deep orchestral score. Nintendo has increased the number of music staff at Nintendo to write more songs for the game.
  • The whip that was shown in the trailer originated in Spirit Tracks, and that the same person who created that idea is handling the mechanic in Skyward Sword. The staff of Spirit Tracks is also working along with the rest of the Zelda team on Skyward Sword.
  • You can run and drink potions at the same time in Skyward Sword, whereas in other Zelda games you must stop to drink potions. This was done in order to create more seamless gameplay.
  • 1-to-1 motion was actually removed during Skyward Sword’s development due to issues with accuracy. However, seeing how the Wii Sports Resort team made such accurate Kendo fighting, the Zelda team decided to re-add 1-to-1 motion in the game and recruited the Wii Sports team to help them make it accurate.
  • The goal of Skyward Sword was to return to the basics and figure out what makes the game fun to play – the core reason for all of the gameplay mechanic changes we’ve seen so far.

This is just the surface of the roundtable . Hungry for more? You can view IGN’s full liveblog of the roundtable to get even more juicy Nintendo goodness.

  • Ashmic

    ah no news on voice acting? well i think they won't but the plot sounds off compared to the others in the series my friend mentioned "this is just like wind waker", ur born in a different world windwaker = water, skyloft = sky, and theres other similarities, are we sure her name is adelle or whatever, or is it just skyward sword lol, ugh i hope ganons in it , or time travel like the game ends close to like gerudo little ganon or some insight ha, excited tho, i suppose, i want more official art <3!

    • dean456

      well they did mention this in the blog Q&A at

      Will Zelda have orchestral music and/or voice acting? We can't do what we did in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and not move forward and do the same thing in Zelda. We have people on staff looking forward to getting to work on that.

      im not sure i havnt looked at mario galaxy 2 but if MG2 has voice acting then zelda will too

  • Dawnfire

    "Skyward Sword is almost complete, and the graphics are currently being polished. But they still need to finish a few dungeons. Aonuma is reported saying that “if we had kept the Twilight Princess art style, we’d be done already!” "


    I'm gunna go cry in my room now.

    • Salsa

      Make room for me in there; we can serenade them with the sound of our tears until we have OoT 3DS to console ourselves. D:

      (…Whose graphics will still be nicer looking than we're getting in Skyward Sword.)

    • Chainoftermina

      indeed. that one line is gonna create a mountain of angry outbursts again.

    • Bent

      I don't want baby-graphics either, I want those graphics from Twilight Princess. How could they NOT use it? It was awesome. This is just lame. Come on, Nintendo.. -.-

  • oath

    i'll join you T-T i liked the TP style art we saw in the concept art over this art style….it just looks too awkward

    • I say we give it a chance, it doesn't look unappealing to say the least… but I personally wish they kept TP's graphics too. You know we could just rally up and ask that they take another year off the release to redo the graphics they implemented.

  • Chainoftermina

    you can drink potions while running.

    well then why the heck can't he swing his damn sword while running! ah what ever at least he can sprint at all. it's good to hear about the music, the trailer's music was kinda eh. and why does Miyamoto like cel-shading so much? I mean, I guess it's okay, but, thats kinda weird. whatever. lets see what else comes out.

  • guest

    Hey i have an idea. Anyone who hates the graphics in this game lets put all your real names and addresses down in a book and we will see when the game lauches if you go buy it or not. I guarantee youll be lining up and then "blogging" about how great it is for weeks or even years after. You "fans" do this every single time. You see something new, cry about it, then it comes out, then you love it. Repeat to infinity. When are you going to learn to just STFU and wait to see if its any good or not? I mean, how many times do we have to go through this "sky is falling" garbage whenever a Zelda gets made?

    • LizMara

      Kind of reminds me of the Sonic Cycle. I never thought I would see the day…LOL

    • ZoraMikau

      everyone who likes zelda gets the games even if thy don't look good, to me this game looks great so far, i completly agree with most of this.

    • Dawnfire

      At what point did you decide to take people hating the choice of graphics for hating Zelda games? You actually seem to be more angry at us for not liking it than the majority of us have been at Nintendo for changing it on us.

      Dude, we're disappointed 'cause we think the visuals are ugly. "Ugly" is probably even too strong a word for some of us– for a lot of people, it comes to nothing more resounding than "eh, not what I was hoping for."

      Video games aren't LOVE EVERYTHING or HATE EVERYTHING. You can totally decide to love some things and hate others. In fact, you can do it freely and often… all at once.

      And still love the game, let alone be devoted to the franchise.

      Most of us can just multi-task like that.

      Sites like this are a forum for expressing these reactions and opinions to game news. Right now you're more about discussing disgust with people stating theirs, insinuating them to be less than fans while simultaneously accusing them of hypocrisy.

      It's just really not like that.

      • boss

        did you like the windwaker? surely you dont base your opinion on a zelda game because of graphics… The graphics are amazing lookin in my opinion, i dont know what this bullshit about it looking "kiddy" or "ugly" is about. Too many graphics hogs out there playin 360's and PS tripples. This game will be amazing. Its hard for it not to be when you have people like miyamoto and anouma working on it. Stay true and dont be such a fag just because you didnt get your own way.

  • guest


    • TheMaverickk

      It's cool in the on floor videos watching as they are able to pull off some really neat sword moves… like a vertical sword spin type thing.

      Also watching the HD trailers give a better sense of the new graphical engine.

  • Ashmic

    hey everyone has their own opinions, jesus, calm down. i freaked out over the graaphics but i mean i got over it, but you guys waste your time yelling at people stating they're opinions, isn't the point of commenting to ask questions, get your points and views across and to not get bashed for them, not like i follow what i just said but still, anyway even if ur disgusted about the game your still gonna buy it cause that makes you a loyal fan.

  • wayofthesheikah

    I shall reserve my judgment until Skyward Sword is released as to whether or not it lives up to my expectations for a Zelda game. Yes I was also disappointed that the Zelda team decided to forsake TP's art style, but hey, doesn't this sound familiar? After the Space World trailer way back in 2000 people were expecting the new Zelda for GCN to look like that. But OH NOEZ, Link looks like a little kid with bug eyes! OMG, Zelda's going down the drain! (I also thought this, sadly, as OOT spoiled me)

    Guess what? 2003 came, we got Wind Waker, which quickly became one of the best Zelda games ever. Sure it wasn't as realistic as OOT was, but it was still exceptional in its own right and worthy of the title "Zelda."

    I agree with the person above me-just because Skyward Sword isn't what we all envisioned the next Zelda to be doesn't mean we should all of a sudden start trashing it. Miyamoto, Aonuma, and the rest of Nintendo have never once given us a disastrous Zelda game before, and I don't think they're about to start now. I for one am a true Zelda fan and will be one of the first to purchase Skyward Sword when it comes out.

    …besides, doesn't anyone notice a trend here? We got OoT and MM, then we got Wind Waker. After Wind Waker's cel-shading, TP's realism. Now we get cel-shading again. Maybe the next console Zelda game will go back to realism again? =p

  • #1zeldafan

    well I think the game is live even with the graphics and the fighting style!

  • Megavideo.

    Wow link is a beast just jumping off a cliff who knows how many feet below without a parachute, and not die. That dude has got superhuman strength .

  • Ashmic

    thanks wayofthesheikah <3 XD

  • Bent

    It doesn't matter what we don't like about this Zelda game. We're prolly all going to buy it, no matter what. =P

  • Kitakee

    Hey at least they're trying something new! Personally I like this new style, it's sort of Twilight Princess mixed with Wind waker graphics wise. Along with new story, new enemies and new inventory items, what more could we ask for? Re-using the same kind of graphics over and over would become boring in the long run. Not knowing what the next installment is going to look like is all part of the appeal with anticipation, right? When it comes down to it all, graphics is not what makes a game good, and we should be thankful Nintendo hasn't jumped onto the screw-depth-soul-and-story-as-long-as-the-graphics-are-stunning wagon (like most other companies seem to do these days).

    • Thareous33

      Now I like the way this guy thinks! (If anyone else happened to catch onto this as well, kudos to ya'll too. I just like sensible reasoning and stuff that won't cause astronomical debates. Kitakee up there is being optimistic, as most strive to be, but are weighted down by the deliberations of others. I hope we can follow his example and not forget we are a simple team of gamers who merely express their opinions. So let them and do not go for their throats, best put.

      • Kitakee

        There is always going to be something that someone is bothered by. That's a fact. So instead of focusing on what we think is wrong/bad/ugly I think it's important to look at things in a wider perspective. Everything cannot always be completely "perfect", since "perfect" can mean so many different things to different people. That, is also a fact.

        I thank thee for the boost, although I am actually of the female sex. 😉

  • Lrak

    The graphics really remind me of the windwaker graphics…

  • ZoraMikau

    Does anyone know if we can see that trailer? Can you give me a link?

  • guest

    The thing about "opinions" is that they randomly spawn from peoples brains tainted by their own narrow judgements. Miyamoto has said, he likes to design Zeldas to be different than what the fans expect. Besides, who are you to "expect" anything? I see all these people saying "it wasnt what i expected". So you people really thought they do ANOTHER dark realistic Zelda after they just did TP? If you expected a dark Zelda then you just havent been paying attention to Nintendo or the Zelda franchise. I knew there was no way theyd do another dark one. In fact, due to the WW style graphics being on DS games now, it was obvious it would be a colorful game starring an older Link. So even people claiming "its not what i expected" were fools not to see what was coming, simply by process of elimination. So basically, if your opinion is "its not what i expected", then i have to ask you how you came to that opinion, given the facts known about Nintendo and Miyamotos known reputation over the last decade of making Zelda sequels. Yes there are opinions, and yes everyone is entitled to them. But some opinions are rooted in biased quick thoughtless judgements and others are at least somewhat informed. People are too proud to have an opinion these days and need to back off the insults of a game that isnt finished, that they never played, that is being made by some of the greatest game designers that ever were. Im not insulting anyone. Im insulting how little imagination and little tolerance some people have.

    "It wasnt what i expected"…. haha welcome to Zelda sequels.

  • starwebs1

    Now you can change Z-WII to SS!

  • LuX

    Love the Grpahics look gorgeous.

    End of comment.

  • Nakanja

    Real time… potion quaff?

    (…sorry. XD )

  • Sanity's_Theif

    This game doesn't deserve an orchestral score, TP deserved it because of it's epic look, take a look back at it's E3 trailer, the music fits the look so well

    Now for this game, it looks like WW would be the style of music most fitting unfortunately

  • Gordon

    A lot of these comments sound like people complaining about a game they haven't played. 😛

    • Ontario Man

      These ARE Zelda fans we're talking about.

  • Arkamidis


    • Ontario Man

      Except Twilight Princess's are hilariously outdated, and using them again would be stupid.

  • Thareous33


  • Thareous33

    I remember in a previous article someone preordaining that Twilight Princess is to be the last of its kind. I fear that he is right. Here we are, the day after news has been released on LoZ: Skyward Sword, and it is in cel-shaded graphics. This previous years another game, Spirit Tracks of DS was celled. And the release before that? Yep, you got it. Another Celda. I detect a pattern being woven into the series, by Nintendo. They are now making our beloved franchise into a cartoon.

    This wouldn't bother me if they would only pay attention to the preferences of the fans. I read every comment within this article and they are mainly consisting of either complaints or pleas to change it back to the old graphics. Nintendo is experimenting with us. Who can blame them? Nobody. They're just curious and wish to try out new things and see what appeals, and what doesn't. Thus far, I believe most fans are becoming fed up at being guinea pigs. I don't mind it.

    So, what is the gist of this rant? What am I getting at? Nothing really. It was just an opportunity for me to vent some of this steam I have had pent up since yesterday. Still, we are little rodents turning wheels for the heck of it. Being watched, observed, and this, in truth is the gist of it: Big Brother.

    • Thareous33

      I was just proven wrong after moving to the next article: Skyward Sword is not cel-shaded, so I apologize for claiming that. As for everything else, I merely stated all this because it appears to be happening that way. Or Mr. Miyamoto really goes with things on a whim and applies these to games. Nobody is capable of knowing the lowdown, no matter what assumptions they contrive.

  • Dan

    I wonder if they're going to have an option to have Link left or right handed. Yeah, yeah, we're only 15% of the population, but it was nice having Link as a lefty all those years.

  • veeronic

    ok please shut up now, the only problem with tww was that linked looked like the drawing of a 4 year old/ mutated bobble head doll/ 6 rectangles and a circle

    they've fixed their error, honestly I was hoping they would find a way to do it right, and it seems they have.
    in short if anyone has a problem with these graphics; your an idiot and will probably buy this game anyway.

  • Masterblade

    Ah, Project Sora working on Kid Icarus Uprising and Skyward Sword focuses on the sky! I love you Nintendo, you guys make refreshing games.

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  • The True Link

    I enjoy the back and forth between cell shaded and realism.. it is one of the few franchises in the video game market today that has the freedom to change the overall feel and look of their titles. If fable was for xbox was to change the look of their game then their entire base would disown them.. yes i prefer the more realistic zeldas, but only because i think the OoT was one of the greatest games ever made. I still wait for the day that a developer releases a game that can surpas or even live up to what that game was. but as far as cell shaded goes lets not forget that nintendo is a japanese company and they like to do things differently from time to time… thats not necessarily a bad thing