GoldenEye 007, the shooter game that defined shooter games in the age of the N64, is getting its long-anticipated Wii remake – and it’s going to be out by the end of this calendar year.

The game features 16 different modes of play, including Paintball, Melee Only, You Only Live Twice, and Splitscreen Multiplayer. Look forward to this one when it comes out, folks! Trailer after the jump.

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  • trololol

    I get the horrible feeling that this game won't stand up to expectation. What made the original Goldeneye great was it had SO MUCH STUFF, from levels to modes to cheat codes. I can honestly say I have no idea how a game in this day and age could create more content (like the original) yet also have the "good graphics" of todays standards.

    Perfect Dark was the originals spiritual successor, and you'll remember how Perfect Dark Zero turned out…

  • Silver Scale

    They made it seem like it's going to be the same game. It's quite obviously totally different, and actually more like all the crappy Bond games that came *after* GoldenEye… 🙁