Thanks to a special E3 edition of Iwata Asks, we now have quite a bit of new information about the development of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

First of all, we learned that Wii MotionPlus was in and out of the new game several times during development. When it was first in, Eiji Aonuma felt it wasn’t working as well as he would have liked, so he had the Zelda Team remove it. Further in production, Miyamoto really felt that 1-to-1 sword combat was key to the new Zelda title, so he had the director of Wii Sports Resort speak with Aonuma and ask him why, if Wii Sports Resort was able to implement 1-to-1 swordplay , the new Zelda game would not follow suit? That apparently got Mr. Aonuma thinking, and he had Zelda Team return to the idea.

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We also learned that the charging of the sword by holding the Wii controller up high above your head came from a simple idea Miyamoto had back during Twilight Princess: Link holding the sword up high while riding Epona. Parallel to that it was decided that yet another button press just wouldn’t do for charging the sword in this new Zelda game, and they realized that when charging the sword, Link always holds it still, so this was a perfect way to combine the two notions: holding the sword aloft would charge it with the power of wind. Skyward Sword.

Of course, Mr. Miyamoto then hinted at the fact that “the sky” has a lot to do with this new title. In what way? We will have to wait and see.

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