Thanks to a special E3 edition of Iwata Asks, we now have quite a bit of new information about the development of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

First of all, we learned that Wii MotionPlus was in and out of the new game several times during development. When it was first in, Eiji Aonuma felt it wasn’t working as well as he would have liked, so he had the Zelda Team remove it. Further in production, Miyamoto really felt that 1-to-1 sword combat was key to the new Zelda title, so he had the director of Wii Sports Resort speak with Aonuma and ask him why, if Wii Sports Resort was able to implement 1-to-1 swordplay , the new Zelda game would not follow suit? That apparently got Mr. Aonuma thinking, and he had Zelda Team return to the idea.

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We also learned that the charging of the sword by holding the Wii controller up high above your head came from a simple idea Miyamoto had back during Twilight Princess: Link holding the sword up high while riding Epona. Parallel to that it was decided that yet another button press just wouldn’t do for charging the sword in this new Zelda game, and they realized that when charging the sword, Link always holds it still, so this was a perfect way to combine the two notions: holding the sword aloft would charge it with the power of wind. Skyward Sword.

Of course, Mr. Miyamoto then hinted at the fact that “the sky” has a lot to do with this new title. In what way? We will have to wait and see.

Stay tuned to Zelda Universe for more Skyward Sword and E3 info.

  • Chainoftermina

    um, okay, I'm all for Link being able to fly, in fact if Link could fly I would need a defibrillator and a head bandage, but I really, really hope those weird ass Occoos, er, Ocuco, Occuucos, I hope those freaky Chicken-baby-head things are NOT in this game! they did not look like a god-like race, they looked like the poultry of a God like race! if there is another "sky Race", I at least hope they're, you know, HUMANOID! with human-like legs and arms and shoulders and a torso and things like that. I can't even comprehend how those Occoos even built that floating city, they don't have hands! I was okay when it was just a weird item that let you exit the dungeon, but a society and culture of them? they don't even do anything, they just wander around waiting for Link to snatch them up and weigh them down as they try (and fail) to fly. I do not want to see them retur- RITO! oh please god let the Rito return!! the species of the sky had better be the Rito, oh please god, please god please, please PLEASE! I like the Rito WAY more than the Occoos or what ever they're called. they should have been replaced with the Rito.

    oops. how the hell did I fall into a rant? anyway, yeah, Link flying- best thing that will ever happen to Zelda in all of existence. Sky themed Species- as long as they're not in the same shape as my dinner, then that will be sweet!

  • STUFF2o

    Does anybody else think Link will meet some crazy bird-chick and be like Malon to OoT Link?

  • skyward sowrd

    what does any of this have to do with the mastersword girl?

    • ???

      Maybe she isn't the master sword, maybe she helps Link fly.

  • Bupsy

    on an interview summary on ign it says that link lives in a land in the sky and he has to go to the land below to rid the evil that is there

  • wtf

    I love that suicide fall that link did. looks so badass. But uh, i hope the final boss doesn't look weird like it did in Wind waker. when ganondorf is just a bunch of circles stacked on top of each other. Ganondorf looked cool in TP, and i hope the boss in this game looks sick.

  • zelda lover


  • moo

    Further proof that flying will play a role in this game? I hope so.

  • Cam

    Okay, I am over my disappointment with the graphics, but his pants in those pictures above… -_-
    Too much.

  • luis

    i heard that the girl in the poster is going to be a huge contribution something to do with his flying and that she is part of the sword im not sure i saw it somewhere in the internet and can only vaguely remember it and yeah i also heard that link is no longer in his old village he lives in a place called skyloft which is in well the sky and this is completely normal to them but the link hears of a land below skyloft known as well hyrule which is overun by evil so he goes in to save the day i still really wanna know more about the plot line and i really hope epona is in this game i mean i know that there may not be much use for a horse when link can fly but it'd be nice to see the old horse back and i wonder wether the princess and ilia may be in it i hope that would be awesome i hope they have another romance story. i will admit im a boit scared this hole change from the good ordon village and that it may not have the same old meanigful messages as it did in the other games bbecause it may have too many drastic changes but im sure it will stay awesome im just realllllllllly wondering what skyloft will look like i mean they cant go wrong if they build a huge sky city that would be awesome but if its like a small homely village like ordon that would also be sweeeeeet so i cant wait

    aha im rambling on and on im jst so excited about this game and really cant wait