Speak up, boy!

Are you, or is someone you know, the perfect voice for Link or Zelda? Zeldamotion is looking for you!

The team that is creating the Triforce of the Gods Animated Series had originally intended on not using voice artists and instead showing the dialogue via text. However, due to heaps of feedback from fans wanting to hear their hero, Zeldamotion has decided to open a casting call.

Hit the jump to find out how to audition.

As their primary focus is completing the first episode, they are currently casting:

Link (character age 13-16)
Uncle (character age 35-55)
Zelda (character age 13-16)
Agahnim (character age 29-45)

To audition, they only ask that you record yourself saying a couple of lines from the trailer as the character you are auditioning for and then send that submission to mechanical.wattshop@gmail.com.

For those unfamiliar with the Triforce of the Gods Animated Series, Zeldamotion plans to adapt Akira Himekawa’s A Link to the Past manga into an episodic animated series with music by both their own studio and ZREO. You can view the gorgeous voice-less preview of the first four minutes of their first episode below.