We are approaching the month of June, and E3 is right around the corner!  As usual, we can expect leaked information as Nintendo’s keynote draws closer. Many of you probably remember the older rumors back in January that came from a Japanese website called 2chan, known for leaking correct information about other video games in the past (but of course has also been incorrect, as is the case with message boards that anyone can post in).

Here’s what was uncovered, according to 2chan (translated by Zelda Informer):

  • Link will be replacing the bow and arrow with a crossbow.
  • Game is all but finished. Putting on final touches.
  • There will be a playable demo at E3.
  • Time travel does occur and it happens through the use of a new blade, and not the master sword.
  • Link’s hometown is much bigger than in previous titles.
  • There will be several “Majora’s Mask” esque sidequests.
  • Character interaction will be more involving than in any previous title.
  • The dungeon field dungeon method is changed, and one of the changes confirms a straight dungeon to dungeon portion of the game.
  • The current name of the girl in the picture is Adelle.
  • Combat is extremely fluent and innovative. No previous Wii title can give you a good example of its unique style.
  • The game relies heavily on sword combat versus other items.
  • There will be less items, but they will be used more frequently.
  • There will be another main weapon added for an alternative combat style.
  • The game will feature significant portions of flight.

Once again, these details should only be taken as rumors, though many of them do seem to fit the information given in past interviews. There isn’t much time left for E3 2010, so keep your hopes up and wait for June 15 – when Zelda Wii is officially announced!