Gaming marathons for charity aren’t rare, they’re always fun to watch, and they’re usually for a great cause. No, we’re not talking about helping three or four guys become sleep-deprived. We’re talking about charity – you know, that thing you always want to give to but can never find a good excuse to do so? Yeah, that one.

There are two significant marathons happening this coming June, both attempting to raise money for different charities. The first up is by The Returners, a prominent group of marathoners we’ve covered numerous times before. From June 4th at 6pm CST (7pm EST) to June 7th at the same time, they’ll be tackling the Mega Man series – all of the games from the classic through the Zero series – totaling 22 titles. All the while, all proceeds generated by the marathon will be going to the Alzheimer’s Association to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.

A bit later, starting June 19th, a Zelda marathon (appropriately named Zeldathon) will take place. A team consisting of 15-20 people will be battling their way through “as many Zelda games as they can” for 72 hours straight, vowing to always have at least three players on camera at a time. Zeldathon’s charity of choice is the American Cancer Society.

If you ask me, you should be watching and donating to both of these good causes – show them that the Zelda community cares when June rolls by!