Leaping Tektites!

Love old school Zelda and need something to tide you over until Zelda Wii is released? 3D Dot Game Heroes, an action-adventure PS3 game, was released in the US yesterday and will be released in Europe in two days (May 14th).

While some might find it to be a mere “Zelda clone” or a “Zelda rip-off”, the developers of the cumbersomely moniker-ed game insist that it was less about taking something away from our favorite franchise and more a homage to evoke those nostalgic feelings from yesteryear.  Specifically The Legend of Zelda and A Link to the Past. Everything from the very logo and music of the game right down to the red symbols that act as a life meter at the top of the screen, which, despite being apples, are constantly referred to as “hearts” by the developers.

If that isn’t telling, just have a listen to the music while watching the trailer on youtube. If that isn’t the closest you can come without actually plagiarizing, I don’t know what is.

So what is 3D Dot Game Heroes about, anyway? The story is all in the name. Dotina, a 2D 8-bit kingdom suddenly moved into 3D, and in so doing, brought with it an ancient evil. You play as an 8-bit hero come to life in 3D (which you can customize and cause to look like even your favorite green tunic-ed lad) set out on a quest to find the six orbs which can save this enchanted kingdom. Along the way you will find bombs for blasting caves open, a boomerang, arrows, a hookshot… We swear, this is not a Zelda game!

While this game will not appeal to everyone, I can’t help thinking that all the old Zelda fans from “back in the day” will snap this up–whether or not they yet have a PS3–for a chance to relive those ancient days of the 80s, eating sugary cereal and trying to figure out where in the blue blazes the entrance to Level 7 is. Or maybe that’s just me.

Oh, ye old The Legend of Zelda, how we’ve missed you. We’re glad to see you back. Even if you are coming to us on a rival console and are doing so under a strange mouthful of a name.

The game has earned an impressive ranking of 81.89% on Game Rankings and is available now in the US and on Friday in Europe.

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  • zeldaperson

    Awesome. I'm going to be getting this ASAP

  • X x7

    This is such a rip off and Nintendo should sue!
    Even so, it seems really good and I really wish I had a PS3.

    • zeldaperson

      Sue because of what? If they tried to sue, they would lose. There is nothing illegal about this game. I will agree that the game is really similar to Zelda, but so are a lot of other games. Now if this game had the same characters as Zelda, yeah, I could see Nintendo suing, but there is nothing they can do about a game that is similar to theirs.

    • thePerfectFault

      There's nothing to sue over. You can't sue over similar plotlines and items. If you could, Rare Studios could have sued every first-person shooter this side of 1997. They could only sue if any of the names had been used that Nintendo has copyrighted.

  • Vic George

    Every non-Nintendo system should have a Zelda-type game, so there.

  • JahmaTrauma

    getting this TONIGHT!!!

  • ChainofTermina

    you know, I was just starting to consider maybe getting this game, but oh look, it's PS3 only. great. just great.

    • Quill

      Same thing happened to me when Halo was out. I dind't have an Xbox, and I had a crappy computer. Great. Jus great haha.

  • Thareous33

    I played the original from Special Edition game disk and got about half way through it. It was very aggravating as the levels increased, much the same way its sequel was. Especially when you lost your sword-beam capability. How can you defeat enemies without it? (Der, go up and slash it, hehe).

    Still, there was something attractive about the game. (Not beautiful like Zelda). It made me want to go back and play it for hours, explore until every piece of ground was covered. Typical, as the LoZ series is consistent with that feel. For that reason I would by Dot. ChainofTermina, X x7, I sympathize with you'll. I, too, would but it, were it for something like Wii or Gamecube.

  • JahmaTrauma

    hahaha in the beginnning the king says " its dangerous to venture alone. take this" and then hands him a sword. DEFINATELY HOMAGE! hahahah I Love It!

  • ZFAN

    I think Nintendo had to something to do with this game, it's just waaayy to close to the Zelda series. Even the guy on Zeldawiki.org said "that Nintendo might of worked with the company before"

    Anyways cool game!

    • Jake

      They did. For Bomberman Land Touch! Guess what else?


    • miriwms

      Yeah its almost like… LEGO Zelda!!!

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  • veeronic

    ya know I’m surprised you didn’t mention darksiders… its essentially a combination of zelda, portal, and god of war afterall.
    still I’ve not yet played either for I’ve yet to locate a ps3 to buy.
    just like when I first got the wii.

  • SchottGun

    Probably as close as we're going to get to a Lego Zelda game.

  • Awkin

    On the one hand, that looks fucking amazing. Breathtaking in all the ways Zelda is drifting further away from: The duality of 2D and 3D becoming just 3D.

    On the other hand, that looks fucking illegal and if Sony makes a penny from this it is a crime.

    On a third hand I will borrow from the second hand shop, so long as it's brining the magic to more people: I'm not fussed.

    • zeldaperson

      Sony didn't make the game.

    • Jake

      What third hand?

    • Musky Melon

      Being a lot like something isn't a crime. They'd have to use intellectual property or patents that Nintendo owns for them to sue.

  • Arctic Yoshi

    Haha, looks awesome. Been looking at this for a while. The massive, screen-filling sword your guy wields won me over. 😛

  • ALain

    Hahaha, just like Lego Harry Potter, but know with Linq (THey should have him named Linq, and Selda), hahaha.

  • sneeky snake

    LMAO…. Lego Zelda.
    Thats quite original lol.

  • I Like Originality

    this just made me mad. I hate when ps3 does this. just like they did with modern warfare.. uqh

  • DorkLink

    Yep I'm now convinced more than ever that I'm never picking up a PS3… Sony's just a bunch of thieving jerks now. Too much hype, not enough to impress with, and now they're ripping other successful franchises off. Sony = Fail.

    • Varis

      I'd hate to point out the obvious, but… Sony's got nothing to do with the creation of this game <<; Atlus is the one creating it, not Sony. They just happen to be making it for the PS3.

    • zeldaperson

      Just thought I'd point out that Sony didn't make this game.

    • Matt

      It is a good game and nintendo should be proud that a company likes there game so much that they make one just like it. I heard about this game from zelda universe so if they dont have a problem with it why do you.?. oh yeah you dont have a ps3 ha!

    • Musky Melon

      From Software made this game not Sony.

  • Kalindria

    If I want to relive the old Zelda days, I'll go play the old Zelda games, not buy this poor excuse for one!

  • BlackPuma

    It's a clever rip-off. I'll say that much.

    I'm not entirely sure where I stand on this one. It might be a rip-off, but not every rip-off is by definition a bad game. Though, I'd rather see a new Dark Cloud then a Zelda-ish game for the PS3.

    Ah well.. it's a rip-off, but by no means a competition for the real Legend of Zelda, and thus life goes on. ;3

  • Ocelot

    That looks like the Dragon Quest/Warrior guy, too.

  • bstarter29

    I don't see the game as a rip-off. It would be a rip-off if Zelda had just been released, but LoZ is 25 years old. To make a game similar to that, in my opinion, is a sign of respect, and I, for one, am very excited to play it. It should be in my mailbox from Gamefly tomorrow. Can't wait.

    Oh, and btw, Sony nor Atlus made this game. From Software did. The folks who made Armored Core, and Demon's Souls. So, to all the folks claiming rip-off, I would think again. This is a proven studio who does not need to make a name for themselves by copying an old formula.

  • phantom

    DOWN WITH SONY!!! theymajority of their good games are rip offs and ports of other series even final fantasy started on something else

    • Anonymous

      This was made by Atlus. Learn your facts. kthx.

  • Jake

    DAMMIT ATLUS. This is the second time they tried to ruin a beautiful Nintendo Franchise for me. First Bomberman, now THIS?

  • Jake DiFebo

    O_o There's a PS3-fag among us. The anti-Sony comments are getting thumbs downs. xD You're in a Nintendo forum, so to you, my PS3-fag, I quote John Lennon: "Get back! Get Back! Get Back to where you once belonged!"

  • Rufus

    To all those saying it's a rip-off:

    This game was intended to be one. The game includes MANY references to many other games one being Final Fantasy and the others I can't really name off the top of my head since I don't have the game and have only seen clips of videos.

  • Wielder of the Sword

    I love that some people are so worked up over this. I mean, really, what sane person would be upset about having more Zelda? It's not a rip-off; they're completely aware of what they're doing. They love Zelda, and they wanted to pay homage. What better way than to make a game? I like GameSpot's quote: "If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then 3D Dot Game Heroes just whipped out the wedding ring on its first date with Zelda."

    The game is great. Haven't gotten my hands on it yet, but I did play at a friend's house, and it's a lot of fun. There are dozens of references to every major Zelda game, and it's all great parody. If you like Zelda, you'll love 3D Dot Game Heroes.

    On an unrelated note to people not owning a PS3: stop rationalizing and buy one already. Get a 360, too. Console loyalty is the reason publishers get away with awful games.

  • Wielder of the Sword


    Wait, did you just accuse Square of stealing their own first-party title? Yeah, I suppose it did start out on a Nintendo console…being that there were no other consoles at the time.

    And while we're on the subject, DAMN YOU NINTENDO! You stole Atari's idea! THEY invented Zelda TWENTY YEARS AGO! How dare you tarnish that ancient game "Adventure"!

    Hmph! [/point]

    • Czanga

      Uhh. I think you're confused. I have an Atari and Adventure is NO near Zelda.

  • Czanga

    What do you think? Of course it's a rip off. They said it was a tribute to Zelda. WHAT LIES!!! If this was a Tribute to Zelda then WHY THE HELL IS IT FOR PS3. I gotta admit it looks awesome but I am not buying it because then I am helping the company make a new game for PS3 called "Super ___ Bros." Really, ATLUS, you should of made it for Wii.

  • cdslim2

    this is such a rip off zelda it has there monsters and main weapons bombs, boomerangs (no on uses these but link) arrows etc such a rip off

  • Musky Melon

    The game is actually pretty awesome. It borrows heavily from The Legend of Zelda but there's quite a bit of Dragon Quest in this game as well. Honestly, I think if you can't get beyond the fact that it isn't on the Wii or wasn't made by Nintendo you're just missing out on a fun game for stupid reasons.

  • linkett

    Ihey, im a supporter of zelda. The game is awesome and should not be messed with. Nintendo owns the rights to it and that’s that.

  • mark

    Are you guys seeing short sales just dominate your market?

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