All the Rage

While it may look like (and has been called by some) a take on Fallout 3, the new game Rage by id Software plays and is structured much more like Zelda, according to 1UP’s new article on the game.

The setting is post-apocalyptic, mutant-ridden and very, very not-Zelda. But in 1UP’s interview, design director Mark Hooper draws a line from the dune buggy (the main character’s primary mode of transportation across the wasteland) straight to Epona.

Rage's dune buggy = Link's Epona?

Also noted is the fact that the game is structured such that each “dungeon” you visit contains a new weapon or gadget which you must use in that specific dungeon. While this concept might ruffle the feathers of the Zelda fans who consider this nod to their own favorite franchise an irksome pattern best deconstructed, it is endearing that such a specific structure would be copied from Zelda. Specifically noted is a weapon called the “wingstick” which 1UP calls “the Rage version of Link’s boomerang.”

These similarities should come as no surprise considering that John Carmack, Rage‘s  Technical Director and Lead Programer as well as co-founder of id Software, is apparently a huge Zelda fan himself. According to his colleague Mark Hooper, “John Carmack loves Zelda–he plays it a lot with his kid.”

Whether or not post-apocalyptic shooters are your thing, Rage looks like a graphically beautiful and well-designed game. And it certainly is nice to see the influence of Zelda reach out into other franchises and genres whose creators so freely admit to their inspiration.

You can read more of 1UP’s article and their interview with Mark Hooper at their site.

Source: 1UP