We’ve been receiving complaints for a while about non-working links over in the Zelda Soundtracks section, and it’s been bugging us for a while as well. At last, all of the broken links in the section have been fixed; all of the files in all of the available soundtracks should be downloadable.

If you find any more broken links, let us know in the comments, or simply contact us. We’ll fix the broken links up right away!

Also, make sure to keep an eye out for some upcoming soundtracks – we’ve got a new, more complete Phantom Hourglass OST, as well as the oft-requested Adventure of Link, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, and Four Swords Adventures soundtracks coming soon!

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  • Thareous33

    Awesome! I’ve had my own rotten luck when downloading the Yoshis Story theme from the SSBM soundtrack. A popup kept appearing, stating that the “files” had been deleted. Now it seems they’ve been recovered, so I’m on my way to get them. Also…ZU ROCKS!!!

    • awolf

      Until recently, all links with apostrophes in the name were broken. Now it seems that most of these have been fixed, but Yoshi's Story is still broken. The SSBM soundtrack is fantastic, and I too want to complete it with the Yoshi's Story theme. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks, guys!

    • Thareous33

      Jaw Dropped… What! No Yoshi's Story theme?

      Don't worry about it, guys; somebody might not have mentioned it. However, titles 29 and 47 on the second disc to Majora's Mask are also incomplete. So are there no real fixes?

  • darthgerun

    Thank You so much!!!!!

    At last, my phantom hourglass soundtrack is complete!!!!

    You're the best!!!!

  • Quill

    Can I download all the songs at once?

    I click the "Download the songs at once: To phone" or something, but the page that comes gives me this message: "Offer unavailable"….

    Pretty good collection, guys (:

  • Thanks so much for fixing! I didn't even know you had a soundtrack section 😀