According to a recent article by Zentendo, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening has the best storyline ever created for a video game. Some would say that the game has a pleasant storyline enhanced by a deep ending, while many others might argue the opposite- that the game’s overall storyline was just plain and cliché since it is all based on a dream.

The storylines of the Zelda games are one of the most important factors of the series, with each game having its own unique plot elements. But if you examine the storyline of Link’s Awakening in more detail, you will find just how powerful and unique its plot elements are. The ending of Link’s Awakening leaves you with nothing more than the disappearance of all of Koholint Island, revealing that all of the preceding events were but a dream.

What do you think about this? Is the storyline of Link’s Awakening plain, boring, and unimportant to the game as a whole? Or is there something special and different about this particular story that makes it better than that of all of the other Zelda titles?

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