You waited patiently while we worked and slaved over hot keyboards, and now the day has come. Zelda Universe is finally releasing the largest and most polished Spirit Tracks soundtrack there is – 143 tracks from Nintendo’s latest handheld adventure.

All tracks are ripped in VBR Quality 0 (that’s very high quality, for you non-technical folks). We want this soundtrack in the hands of everyone who loves Zelda music, so we’re making it available to all of you in several ways. First of all, you’ll have to go to the Spirit Tracks Original Soundtrack page on ZU, either through that link or through the Music section on the left sidebar. From there, you’ll have the option to…

A lot of work went into making this the most professional and polished Spirit Tracks soundtrack release out there. We’ve got to give credit where credit is due, so know that this soundtrack wouldn’t be possible without…

  • Keith A. (aka silver-hero), who contributed all of the high-quality music rips that make up the soundtrack, and gave them all lovely fade-outs when desperately needed;
  • Jason Rappaport, who organized, tagged and named all the tracks, as well as created the album artwork for the project;
  • And of course, Nintendo and the brilliant Koji Kondo, Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ota, and Manaka Tominaga who spent their days composing and rendering the music we love.

We hope that everyone who downloads this soundtrack enjoys the music of Spirit Tracks!

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