As we posted the latest Official Art from Spirit Tracks, people began to wonder about the picture of the Four Sword Links running away from a Phantom. Well, Nintendo certainly didn’t want you to wonder much longer, considering they have left us videos all over the net of what to look forward to when it came to the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Feel free to read’s first impression on the multiplayer portion and after that, watch the two minute video below showing a couple of stages of Battle Mode, some Phantom Zelda gameplay photage, as well as our very first look at Tag Mode where players are able to trade treasures with each other.

We’re not done with information just yet. We’ve also got our hands on a new video showing Link in an all new fighting off some Keese and Chuchus in what looks to be in one of the very first caves Link will explore in the game and much much more (spoilers be warned)

Sources: & Nintendo (Thanks Catch for the Tip)
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