Eiji Aonuma had an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine saying that there are changes in store for the new Zelda Wii title that might ensue some surprising reactions. The Zelda producer also added that there is hope that something will be shown for next year’s E3.

Does this mean we’ll only be getting a video of what’s to come, or will we get some hands on demonstration? We’ll make sure to follow up with any news as it comes by our way.

Source: Nintendo Everything.com
  • xmastersordx

    want! (I read a similar story earlier today on Kotaku)

  • ChainofTermina

    I have a bad feeling about this

  • I wanna see what they're up to…and regardless of their experiments, I hope that they just expand this next game to be huge, but with something to do…like a big overworld with interesting things happening in it…that'd be fun…

  • Feri-san

    Oooh this is kinda exciting and mysterious c: does anyone know what month the next E3 will be? Can't wait 😀

  • Carl2197

    I would be a little concerned about these “changes” but knowing Nintendo, they’ll do something good as they have with past Zelda games.

  • Monello

    I hope this means they finally understood which game is the ultimate Zelda game and decided to just make remakes of that game over and over again. I can see it now. The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past 2! Yeay!

  • Jin

    "So we have been trying something new in terms of the structure of the Wii version of the new Zelda game this time."

    I honestly hope he means that they're trying something different then the do 3 dungeons, get sword, story event, do another 3 tot 5 dungeons, Grand Finale. And that it won't be the typical, enter dungeon, find dungeon item, fight boss with said item, barely use item again after leaving.

    Is there hope, there might just be some yes… =')

    • TheMaverickk

      You know that they have broken up this flow several times only to have people off put by it. Look at Majora's Mask, there was no Master Sword, there were only 4 very well designed dungeons, and then tonnes of mini dungeons to test the players skill.

      On top of that the Clock Town was as puzzling as the dungeons itself. Seriously one of the best Zelda's because it doesn't follow the traditional 3 dungeons get you master sword and then several dungeons get you to Ganon.

      On a side note, I don't think any Zelda game has had more dungeons then Link to the Past. Which had 3 dungeons in the light world (plus Hyrule Castle) and then had 8 dungeons in the dark world (plus Ganon's Tower). No 3D Zelda has had as many dungeons yet, if anyone ever comes close I'd be impressed.

  • Syron

    I think this is a good sign :), well, here's to next year *cheers*

  • Watties

    Won't be different.

  • Curly Q

    I agree with you TheMaverickk. I think that it should be like MM or ALTTP. The 3D Zelda games they are making now are just to easy. I want something that will challenge me, a dungeon that takes more than an hour to beat it and an epic ending that will blow me away.

  • FUJI

    I hate when people always complain about difficulty level . You should consider that there also newbies who just started to learn something about the series . Furthermore its not whether a game is hard to play that makes you playing it a long time . It depends on the contents ( amount of dungeond , mini games , side quests) . I f you still bother than play the first zelda games , such as zelda 2 ….then you will also see the game over screen more than once ! xD

    • "You should consider that there also newbies who just started to learn something about the series ."

      That's not an excuse to make it easier. We were newbies in the NES/SNES era and we just kept playing to get better. Making easy games to baby you isn't necessary and only makes it worse for those who are already good.