Nintendo today released seven brand new Spirit Tracks screenshots and five new pieces of official art, depicting everything from train-riding to phantom-controlling, and we’ve downloaded them all and put them up on our image gallery. Check out the new screenshots here, or look at the new official artwork here.

  • Ivysaurusz

    Its my birthday today, and I'm taking this new info as a gift πŸ˜€

    • Oscar

      Happy birthday!! πŸ˜€

  • Oscar

    Yay! The pics, ths storyline, the trailer!! Spirit Tracks must be epic!!

  • Hydra

    So wait, the phantom is Zelda? O_O

  • Business Shrub

    Why are Links hearts bluish green?
    And why does the train sparkle? So much we don't know yet.

    • Necrolord

      That's the trains Hp, like the boat in PH, have no idea why the sparkle, super cannon blast? lol

  • Luisa

    I really like Spirit Track's artwork πŸ™‚