Interested in getting a Zelda-themed ocarina so that you can be like Link in Ocarina of Time? Blast Magazine recently interviewed ocarina-makers STL Ocarina about their Zelda-themed products and plans for the future. You can read the interview here.

Alongside replicas of the Ocarina of Time itself, the site also has other Zelda-themed products, such as a fully functional ocarina in the shape of a rupee, and songbooks of music from the Zelda series.

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  • ChainofTermina

    this isn't really new

  • Harry

    The interview is only one day old

    • ChainofTermina

      i meant the ocarinas

  • Moony

    I have several of the STL ocarinas, as well as the songbooks, and I ordered a rupee ocarina last night.

    Everything I have gotten from STL has been of excellent quality, even my first plastic ocarina. They also have a great tablature tool on their website that is infinitely useful for those of us who can't read music, but still want to play a new song.

  • Astarael

    I have STL's 12-hole "Zelda replica". It's a lovely little ocarina.

    Another good site I can recommend for fantastic ocarinas and service is Songbird's website:

  • Justin Basl

    I imagine having an ocarina, sitting on a hillside, playing "zelda's lullaby" from the ocarina of time. Love It!!

  • Hylianknight

    i like songbird OoT replica better.

  • Actually, Songbird Ocarina is now

    I have their OoT replica, and it plays beautifully. Worth the $99, easy.

    • Astarael

      That site's the Zelda version of his main site. You can purchase Songbird's ocarinas from either website.

  • seen

    A plastic one? If it's cheap, I'll buy it.

  • EM

    this isn’t really new