There are a few bugs people have been emailing and telling us about. Rest assured, we know about them and hope to have them fixed within a week. For more info, just read on.

Sidebars are Borked

ZU’s sidebars have been acting funny. There’s a reason for that: I made some hefty changes to ZU’s CSS (the style sheet that governs how the site looks and feels), and in the process found out that the sidebars hadn’t been arranged properly. In the new style, they simply don’t work like they used to – and now I’m reworking how they function so that they do so properly. For now, I’ve implemented a temporary fix. You can use the sidebars, they just don’t look as good as they used to.

They’ll be back up to speed very quickly, though, so don’t expect this bug to stick around for long.

Polls are Borked

This I actually haven’t recieved any emails about, but I’m bound to. I’ve just upgraded the Polls plugin, and it totally breaks the styling. Why would I choose to do this knowing it would break? I believe the old polls plugin to be the cause of a more serious issue on ZU, but more about that in a moment. To counteract that issue, I’ve upgraded the plugin regardless of how broken the style gets.

The person who originally styled it, however, won’t be around until next Wednesday. Although I’ll be trying to fix it up myself, ZU may be without polls – or with a broken polls plugin – until that time.

Game Menu Covered by Images

The glowing symbols in the header seem to have misplaced themselves and moved off to the side, so when you roll over the game menu with your mouse you get the images for the symbols! I currently have no idea why this happened, since it’s been going on for a little while now, but I’ll find a fix relatively soon – after I fix the sidebars. Shouldn’t be too much of an error.


Bonus: The Widgets.php Screen of Death

If you’ve been a regular on ZU during the last several months, you must have seen this error pop up at least once. Widgets.php has been causing all kinds of pain for ZU, and when the error pops up it takes down the entire main site. The only remedy I know of is a server reboot, which takes down the entire server for about ten or fifteen minutes.

I’ve set up a support thread on WordPress’s support forums – this fatal error has gone on for too long. I thought I’d solved it, and it came back. The folks that run ZU’s server have no clue what causes it; it leaves nothing in any error logs. So hopefully one of the smart people over at can straighten things out once and for all.

So please rest assured that I will be fixing all of these issues in due time – and thanks for being patient, everyone.

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