Okay, there’s no other explanation, someone at Google is a Legend of Zelda fan.

Nikola Tesla’s birthday was July 10th, and Google turned their logo into a Tesla Coil to celebrate. But, embedded deep withing the image is a hidden Triforce – and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this coming from Google. Click below to see the image.

Innocent from afar...

Innocent from afar...

Look Closely, See the Triforce?!

...but look closely, see the Triforce?

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  • Business Shrub

    Wow, who told you this? Guess someone had lot's of time on their hands now that Zelda Wii won't be here sooner than 2010. I've got to get on the ball.

    • Navi 17

      Zelda wii? huh

  • Rikki

    wow there sure are a lot of triforces in google

  • goronlove7

    actualy I can see from afar pretty well

  • Just to prove it's not a fake, he official version from Google is here:


    • DekuKing

      Hate to break it to you, but it's not there. Google must have removed it. (I really hope that this Goorgle-Zelda thing isn't some joke

  • Chris

    At my old work I used to do similar thing on building services drawings and put tiny triforces in hidden places, I even edited one of the AutoCAD standards we used to always include a triforce whenever someone in office used it in their drawings.

    • Navi17

      Thats really cool!!

  • enayru

    OMG!!!!! And I believe I'm the only one that thin "i'm see triforces everywhere"

  • Azerik

    It is starting to seem rather suspicious isn't it? Maybe we should fins out who's in charge of making the new logos for Google?

    • Navi17

      Whoever it is is a total Zelda nerd just like me jk

  • ogichiichigo

    Nintendo and Google are obviously in cahoots. It's a conspiracy I tell you!!

    All joking aside, that is pretty amazing.

  • steven n

    well since Google is making an operating system u think there be some Zelda related things in it?

  • Trilyan

    google HQ.. Could he be the man behind the triforce??

  • What? You can't even see that…?
    EDIT: Okay I found where it is in the original picture, and you can clearly see it! =O

  • Trilyan

    http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread480926/… who said this was the second?

  • Luisa


  • Mr Comment

    Google making an OS? You've got to be kidding me!

  • Navi17

    Thats so totaly awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking for the triforce in the fourth of July logo but I couldnt find it. I didnt really look that hard though……

  • Navi17

    You know I bet its just some computer nerd person (lol jk) who works at google whos just CRAZY about Zelda like the rest of us. He or she is getting better at hiding those triforces though…….. it seems

  • Dude that's really freaking obvious. Any graphic designer would have instantly seen that. It's cool though 🙂

  • Yoshiyahu


  • There's actually a second triforce there, if you look at this link then look at the black outline I put on the lightening, doesn't it look like a triforce to you? It does for me

    <img src="http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/5214/tesla09.th.jpg&quot; border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at http://www.ImageShack.us&quot; /><img src="http://imageshack.us/img/butansn.png&quot; alt="QuickPost" border="0"> Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!


  • kaylee

    I know why there are hidden Triforces!!! So, apparently, Google is afraid Nintendo will sue?


  • xoxIlovelinkxox


    And i love zelda with all my heart <3


    *hopes for more google triforces* XD

    • Gary

      July 10th is my favorite day of the entire year.

  • Nessa

    There has been alot of triforces. This is like the sixth one. Awesome!

  • tehemai

    That's clearly photoshopped. The link posted above from google doesn't have a triforce.

    • Hyliandiety22

      They removed it, but they had it before

  • Kouta

    ▲ ▲

  • Dude who likes the legend of Zelda

    It probably is a fluke. but I have seen things like this before.

  • Dude who likes legend of zelda

    I just was thinking for a second how did you find such a small triforce out of that entire google sign you notice that small thing ether you have good eyes or you where looking for it on purpos ether way that is cool

  • Lol?

    Kouta: Newfags cant triforce.

  • JCpanda03

    can't wait for skyward sword! 😀

    • Trolldad

      1.This has nothing to do with Skyward Sword.
      2. Why are you posting comments on posts this old?