In a stunning turn of events yesterday, Nintendo achieved perhaps a world first by releasing a game title that is several times more informative than its actual official trailer.

The title for Tingle 2 has been confirmed – Color Changing Tingle’s Love Balloon Trip. Nobody has a clue as to why Tingle is planning to change colors, but according to Nintendo the theme of the game is “woman”, so I think we can all guess why he will be taking a trip on his love balloon.

A downloadable Tingle-themed app for the DSi has also been announced, and is going to be called the “Too Much Tingle Pack.” It will be a collection of little Tingle-related tools, including a clock, a calculator and a coin toss.

In other words, it looks to be a Tingle-themed version of what those who play the Pokémon games would refer to as a Pokétch.

  • xXSacredBeastXx

    That would be an interesting idea. Having a humorous character in your handheld every time you open your system, it's an interesting concept to add to the DSiWare.

    • Except that it's 500 Nintendo points. ($5+tax.) Which is a rip-off if you ask me.

  • swizzles

    Just because it's called "Color Changing" Tingle's Love Balloon Trip doesn't mean he's going to change colors. His other game was "Freshly Picked" Tingle's Rosy Red Rupeeland. The "Freshly Picked" had practically nothing to do with him.

    Oh great, "Too Much Tingle". This will be interesting.

    • Cody

      It was a joke ;p

      • swizzles

        Heh heh, I knew that, duh. *runs away*

  • ChainofTermina

    What the hell is Nintendo doing?

    • 1. For the last time Vanpool makes these games.

      2. Japan likes Tingle.

      3. It's selfish bastards like you that won't let the rest of us play these games without importing or emulation.

      • swizzles

        Yeah, I bet they're not actually that bad to play. A lot of people who have played Rupeeland say that it's pretty fun.

      • Guest

        Oh Schnap!

      • Derek

        Thank you, I agree. I imported the first Tingle Game and it was great, much better than Phantom Hour Glass.

      • Rupees

        For some people (like me) they don't have to import, actually, because they may move around a lot or just not live in America, even though they are American.

        But I still hate the foreign games because of a very stupid reason actually (the cases aren't in english, usually)

    • Rupees

      Tingle is AWSOME! He just as AWSOME as Link! His AWSOMENESS is so AWSOME that no one has any chance of taking his AWSOMENESS away!

    • JOEjoe

      WTF is wrong with you Tingle is epic and you know it. your a douche

  • sheik001

    jojojojojo…hasta donde llega su adiccion jajaja mi correo [email protected]…Itequimas!!

  • Navi 17

    Look I dont like Tingle he creeps the hell out of me just stick to the normal awsome Zelda games! As for me im working on Majoras Mask at the moment. Freakin awsome game.

  • I just made a page about it on Zelda Any more info would help a lot. 🙂

  • lockx

    Sigh… Navi 17 I suggest you go look at the walkthroughs that are available All over the Internet… Or click on OOT on the upper bar and scroll down to help and get the walkthrough There! Or click here… Which is the gamefaqs Epona FAQ… seeing as I couldn't find the walkthrough on a quick glance through the site today. Had no time.

    As for tingle… Awesome. Trailer is ~.~ but I love the concept of tingle games. And the title… well definitely going in a New direction!

  • You know that teaser site from a few weeks ago? they're still updating it but now it's about Colour Changing Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, and not about Too Much Tingle Pack

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