In a stunning turn of events yesterday, Nintendo achieved perhaps a world first by releasing a game title that is several times more informative than its actual official trailer.

The title for Tingle 2 has been confirmed – Color Changing Tingle’s Love Balloon Trip. Nobody has a clue as to why Tingle is planning to change colors, but according to Nintendo the theme of the game is “woman”, so I think we can all guess why he will be taking a trip on his love balloon.

A downloadable Tingle-themed app for the DSi has also been announced, and is going to be called the “Too Much Tingle Pack.” It will be a collection of little Tingle-related tools, including a clock, a calculator and a coin toss.

In other words, it looks to be a Tingle-themed version of what those who play the Pokémon games would refer to as a Pokétch.