E3 is long over, so it’s time for a new poll – and what better subject is there to ask about than the mysterious new Zelda Wii poster? There are many theories, but unfortunately we cannot fit all of them into our poll, so we will just cover the major ones. Hit the jump for the results of the previous poll.


Previous Poll: Which part of the E3 conferences excited you the most?

1st (31.0%, 309 Votes) New Metroid
(20.0%, 203 Votes): New Mario
3rd (15.0%, 148 Votes): Other
4th (13.0%, 130 Votes): New Golden Sun
5th (9.0%, 88 Votes): Final Fantasy XIII/XIV
6th (6.0%, 59 Votes): I don’t watch E3/it was boring
  • Rikki

    Its pretty obvious… that shes the humanoid form of the Master Sword… B)

    • Harry

      Yeah but she also looks exactly like the queen of fairies, it could be that the queen of fairies is the master sword

      • I disagree. I think she looks highly different from the Queen of fairies. (The queen of fairies doesn't even have eyes.)

  • It's me mom!

    That is all.

    • Oscar

      Haha!! She's gonna tell Link what to do and what not!!

  • Nikk

    Maybe it's the prince(ss) of faries, that became the magic of the master sword.