The previous poll, entitled “Do you think Nintendo will give us news of the next Wii Zelda during E3 2009?”, is a bit obsolete now that E3 has actually happened, so we’re updating with a poll about your impressions of E3.

Before you ask, the new Zelda Wii isn’t on there as a choice because that wasn’t announced during the actual conferences and because we all know what everybody would pick. Hit the jump for the results of the last one:

1st (51.0%, 811 Votes): I hope so, but it’s unlikely – they only just announced a DS Zelda!
(41.0%, 647 Votes): Yes – it’s been ages since the last Wii game announcement, so it’s about time for a new one.
3rd (10.0%, 163 Votes): No way, they don’t announce anything important at E3 anymore.

All of you were sort of right (except for the 10% who chose the third option). They didn’t announce a new Zelda at the actual E3 Conference, though Miyamoto did show artwork of it to some people in private.

  • You know whats funny? The Zelda Wii art actually WAS a part of the of the E3 convention. While it was not shown at the press conference, it was indeed shown at the show itself. Miyamoto held a private press only conference (as in, not available to watch for the public) at E3 itself in which he talked about some of what he's doing, the direction of Nintendo, and addressed Wii Zelda. That is, believe it or not, part of the actual conference. In fact, it is one of the hottest news pieces to come out of the conference.

    What I am saying is don't dismiss it simply because the game wasn't talked about where us internet folks could see it. It was big news. Should we not update about Spirit Tracks demo videos, or interviews, simply because they were not shown during the conference? Should we not also include the fact that Miyamoto did a interview AT e3 and talked about Zelda Wii, noting the missing factor of the sword, and that he also talked about ST as well?

    Meh, blatently leaving something off that came out as a direct result, and part, of E3 because Nintendo chose not to feature it is rather silly.

    Anyways, carry on. It's not my site, afterall. =) And polls are silly.

    • Cody

      Well no, the main reason is that if we included it it would make a dumb poll because everyone would choose the same option. :3

  • Michael

    The game that excited me the most was Star Wars: The Old Republic. I'm still ambivalent about it because it's an MMO, but I've watched that trailer at least three times. That fight scene was at least as awesome as some of the stuff in the movies.

    Other than that, I'd have to vote for Metroid: Other M. This comic mirrors my reaction perfectly:

  • jonathan

    on another subject, just coz i couldnt find anywhere else to post…anybody else notice the kid in front of link in the official artwork has the same colouration as the master sword? and a pointy head? and the jewel from the sword? and link isnt holding the sword?

    • Welcome to 6 days ago. Join the forums to talk about it.

      • jonathan

        where? i just got back from holiday and it was the first time i saw the pic…*head slams on table*, sorry im new to this website as well…

  • I didn't vote on what the poll should be. …and only two people wanted to include NATAL. 😛