The previous poll, entitled “Do you think Nintendo will give us news of the next Wii Zelda during E3 2009?”, is a bit obsolete now that E3 has actually happened, so we’re updating with a poll about your impressions of E3.

Before you ask, the new Zelda Wii isn’t on there as a choice because that wasn’t announced during the actual conferences and because we all know what everybody would pick. Hit the jump for the results of the last one:

1st (51.0%, 811 Votes): I hope so, but it’s unlikely – they only just announced a DS Zelda!
(41.0%, 647 Votes): Yes – it’s been ages since the last Wii game announcement, so it’s about time for a new one.
3rd (10.0%, 163 Votes): No way, they don’t announce anything important at E3 anymore.

All of you were sort of right (except for the 10% who chose the third option). They didn’t announce a new Zelda at the actual E3 Conference, though Miyamoto did show artwork of it to some people in private.