(Hey guys – Jason here! The folks running the Gender Wars are at it again, with the sequel to their craziness. As you all remember, last time I dominated the scene by singing the guys’ way to victory. Don’t listen to what the girls say. Anyways, Mattocks and Kasuto have a message for all interested about the next Gender Wars!)

Hello Zelda Universe. Those of you who were around last year may remember a couple months of carnage, blood, lacy things and great sorrow for men. This time was known as the ZU Gender Wars. Asia managed to lead the ladies to victory over Power Shot and the men, proving women to be the superior sex. Or so she thought…

One year later the community went to the polls, and voted to once again go to war. This year the ZUBC’s Margar will be leading the ladies to a repeat performance against the vengeful Power Shot and the men in the

The Man-Pire Strikes Back!
The games will be getting under way in early July and we want you to support your respective gender. Each team will chose representatives to compete in competitions to prove their superiority. Last year’s events included a singing competition, art work melee, and a dare challenge. If you think you can come out victorious then sign up now! For those of you who don’t participate in battle, there is also trash talking to be done, and a logo contest to try your hand at. Sign up at either the lassie’s camp or the men’s camp.

Can’t trash talk? Art not your thing? No voice for singing? Don’t want to wage war against the bane of your gender’s existence? But you still want to be part of this? Then you are in luck because we are also looking for judges to decide winner for this competition. For more information on all of this, visit the Gender Wars main thread (linked above) and fight with all your heart!

– Mattocks and Kasuto (Gender Wars Commissioners)

  • ChainofTermina

    Hi Kasuto! I remember you! you're the one who wrote those awsome Zelda fan fics!

    why are you wasting your time? I'm a guy, and as a guy I know that girls are dominant in just about everything. not very suportive of my sex, I know, but hey i'm just being realistic

    • Feere Gorone

      It's not about that–we all know that girls are better than us men– it's about the spirit of competition and stuff like that.

  • Na, it's all about us men beating the lassies, on the account of them cheating last time. Xp

    Woo, balls of honor,

  • Well, the Lassies, shall smite you.

  • Na, it's all about us men beating the lassies, on the account of them cheating last time. Xp

    Woo, balls of honor.

  • Linksta35

    Ha Guys Totally Own Girls. O.o I Don't Know What You Potheads Are On lol xD

    • ChainofTermina

      you don't have a girlfriend, do you?
      with that attitude you won't be getting one.
      and if you do, it probably won't last long

  • Well we, the Lassies, shall smite you.

  • Cody

    We actually beat them on points last time easily, but they claimed a win on a technicality. :/

  • Mattocks

    Hahaha, why do I have the feeling Cody deleted Margar's post explaining why the girls won:P?

  • Kasuto

    Uhh.. I don't write fanfics and I'm totally not a guy. >___>

    Anyways, it wasn't on technicality. It was on the fact that the judges had established that the number of battles won would determine the winning team, NOT the number of points.

    And the girls won more battles. The only two they lost were due to forfeit. Isn't that cute? We let them win. =3

    And [email protected]

  • As long as you don't tell anyone this:

    I deleted Margar's post. I was trying to edit it to make it funnter, but completely messed up. So, I deleted it on that account, and the guess-a-mation of Mattock's reasoning. 🙂


    However the girls won, the Man-Pire will show everyone who has the balls. (No pon intended.)

  • CrabHelmet(Staff)

    Actually, andi lost to me, and that wasn't a forfeit. We just didn't get the results for that particular contest until almost a month after you announced the girls had one. I wonder why…?

    • Mattocks

      The Haiku battle as a whole was best 2/3. You beat andi, but the girls won the other two haiku battles meaning they took the point.