Nintendo finished its E3 keynote a little while ago and after being bored half to death by some of the less interesting announcements, Nintendo announced not only Super Mario Galaxy 2 but also a new Metroid game called Metroid: Other M.

This game is not another Metroid Prime game and it’s not being developed by Retro Studios. Instead, this looks like a side scrolling Metroid game much like the original Metroid and the popular Super Metroid.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was also announced, starring not only Mario but finally brings back his dinosaur steed Yoshi. If you haven’t seen the trailers for these games I recommend you look them up on the Internet. You won’t regret it.

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  • Eximius

    How come none has posted anything about the new trailer?

  • Darkus Triforce

    no zelda… MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dax

    The new Metroid looks like it has 3D elements too, I thought? Esp. if Team Ninja is making it.

    I guess Nintendo really couldn't think of any new ideas for Zelda or something…? But, Mario Galaxy 2 looks like more of the same (not a bad thing, just saying).

  • James

    I guess we won't be seeing a Zelda for the Wii. I think most people, including me, count Twilight Princess as a game cube port rather then a true Wii Zelda game, maybe Nintendo sees it different.

    • ChainofTermina

      If thats true someone needs to smack their heads around a bit

    • Rayde

      I agree with you. The Wii can pull much more graphics than TP had to offer, because of the fact that it was designed around gamecube hardware. I wanna see what the graphic style would be like for a true Zelda Wii.

  • Murdok Dracul

    'I think most people, including me, count Twilight Princess as a game cube port rather then a true Wii Zelda game, maybe Nintendo sees it different.'

    Even if Nintendo do see it different, it shouldn't stop them from making another Wii game. There were 2 on N64 and 3 on Gamecube, not counting re-releases.

  • TheBattler

    The new Metroid is clearly an Action game similar to Ninja Gaiden, not a 2-D sidescroller.

  • King of Termina

    I heard something about Myamoto having a Keynote. Does anybody know more about this?

  • Edracon

    when E3 is finished they have some more announcements.

  • James

    I don't know if anyone else has this feeling, but does it seems that maybe Nintendo doesn't have a Zelda game in development? I had this feeling for a while, because every interview with Nintendo there always asked about a new Zelda and we just get "its in development" and that's it. No details at all, even if there very minor. I just get this impression that maybe by "development" they mean that they've been experimenting with ideas but haven't really gotten anywhere. If we looked back at Zelda Wind Waker, I remember Nintendo claiming that they've been in development of a Zelda Dolphin title before Majora's Mask came out. But in truth they really didn't begin work on the game till two years before Wind Waker came out. I'm just bewildered that we haven't gotten nothing for this Wii Zelda and were reaching what normally would be the end of consoles life span (although I think with the economy now we won't be seeing the announcement of new systems for a few more years).

  • D-h

    I hate Nintendo……………………
    There have been many Mario games and still not a Wii Zelda. They just thought that they could get away with a port from the gamecube. I heard a rumor that the Zelda game that Nintendo was working on was Spirit Tracks all along.

  • Don't say that!!!! It makes me worry for the future of the game I love so much. Maybe they'll realize how many disappointed fans there are and do something about it.

    They could always bring Midna back and play with that…XD -hopeful-

  • ChainofTermina

    ***************************and**********************mother**************************************DAMN IT!
    no zelda. no zelda at all! but oh, we got a "super mario galaxy 2"
    it seems to me that the first true Wii zelda title is a wee bit more important than the SEQUEL to a different Wii title.
    All that talk about Wii Motion Plus, somthing that could turn US into LINK! and they didn't even think of it!
    Myamoto didn't even show up at all!
    apparently Zelda just isn't important to Nintendo
    but hey, Nintendo sure is coming out with a dandy cluster of casuals. Golly Gee! thats what i want in my game system. I don't want Zelda, I want my Wii to read my pulse.

    …………….stupid toy company

  • ChainofTermina

    ……………………………………………..but OH MY GOD THAT METROID LOOKS AWSOME! I gotta get on the ball and finish the Prime series!

  • dan banan

    i really hope this means the game retro's working on is a zelda title..! mmmm 1st person swordplay *drool*
    though i think it's more likely the next zelda will feature toon-link. sorta like oox but linking the wii with a ds game (spirit tracks maybe?). and perhaps even multiplayer since that idea sorta failed with fsa. but now that they have the wii/ds connectivity (and they did say both wii and ds zelda teams were working closely together), it seems like a logical direction.

    • Giil-Miiyamoto

      Maybe you are right there`s some twitter comment about a "SECRET FOR EVERYBODY" on the RetroStudio`s twiitter page.. MAYBE THEY ARE REALLY MAKING A ZELDA GAME..!! Espero por dios que sea Verdad!!


      Reggie Fil-Aime:

      “You know, the Retro folks are hard at work. We and they wanted to do something different than Metroid, to show their chops in a different area. More to come on that. We don’t have anything to reveal about Retro at this E3 but they are hard at work.”..


      # IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY….. but just for a little more time.5:59 PM Jun 1st from web
      # Just a little bit more.2:51 PM Jun 1st from web

  • Giil-Miiyamoto

    I`m Very Disapointed, I Love Miyamoto and i Love Zelda MORE THAN ANYTHING!!…PERO QUE PEDO???NI SIQUIERA SE VIO MIYAMOTO!!! (But what the Fuck?? Miyamoto dind`t even appeared), or was saw on the show floor, IS HE WORRIED ABOUT HUMAN FLU?? or is there some kind of announcement on the last part of E3? NINTENDO HAS NO RIGHT FOR DOING THIS TO US!!! it`s too Much TIME!!! i know some Zelda games are delayed 3 years but c`mon, NO "REAL WII" ZELDA?? I`m 23 years old AND TIME GOES BY TOO FAST!! I want to see another zelda game before my grandchildren grow up…MALDITA SEA!!!! NINTENDO NO NOS DECEPCIONES….


  • Wow…I know this is a Zelda site and all, but for the love of all things good and holy, calm down! There is still plenty of time in the Wii's life to be getting a new Zelda game, first off. Second off, a quality game takes time to develop, especially if it's going to get majorly overhauled like everyone thinks (and Nintendo has hinted) it will. So the three years really isn't that bad of an amount of time. And third off, cmon: Super Mario Galaxy 2! A crazy action Metroid! Nintendo didn't leave us hanging in the dark for casuals this time around…so rejoice that something is going good for us, and suck it up and be patient for the next Zelda…it will come when it comes, and whining on the front page of a website will not make it come any faster…

  • Rikki

    Maybe they just want people to pay more attention to the DS by making a Zelda for DS and not for Wii. Im sure they're announce next Zelda for Wii next E3. Calm down, with Metroid, Mario, The Conduit, No More Heores 2, RedSteel, and Wii Sports Resort… I can wait till next E3 for next Wii Zelda.

  • That Guy

    I'm Moderately Disappointed.

    • Chesterton

      If all you care about is Zelda and not of everything else which was outstanding, then you should be.

  • James

    On IGN there was or it is still going on (not sure)a Nintendo Round Table with Myamoto. They talked very briefly about Zelda wii, that it would most likely require the Motion Plus, and the showed off Sketches of Link (which we wont see since no photography was aloud at the round table). The people at IGN describe Link as "more mature than ever before". Myamoto is quoted as saying "Think of Zelda while you're trying some of the archery and sword play in Wii Sports Resort," He also is quoted by IGN as saying "There are people who think of Zelda more as an RPG with simpler controls, so trying to figure out how to make everybody happy is something that's going to concern me"

    I don't know is this is a good thing or bad thing. It dosen't sound like they developed much and are sill in the "planning phase". I have a feeling we wount see anything till late next year and wount be able to play it for at least 2 years at most 3.

    • Chesterton

      Sounds about right. I'm down with that, considering how much Mario they gave us. I just hope they've got an idea of what direction they want to head in.

    • Zanio
      There is a the link to that article.

  • James

    I don't get why they wount allow the public to see the sketchesof link..

  • Dax

    I imagine the concept art will be leaked eventually…

  • Feri-san

    Hey ZU, what about this? Apparently Zelda wii is schedules for 2010 release.

    How reliable is this site though? I have no experience with it. I'm just surprised I haven't seen the zelda fansites I visit report about it.

  • Feri-san

    Oh never mind i had missed someone had already posted the ign link 😡 it's also reporte don 1up.

  • nanin

    Are you guys really only bitching about how there's no Zelda? Why not try discussing the games that WERE shown?

  • Z-MAN7

    I know, Nintendo actually showed off a lot of awesome games. New Metroid, Mario Galaxy 2, new Golden Sun, and Final Fantasy, etc.